Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Joined In 2014

As we are now in the penultimate month of 2014, I'd like to recognize a few of the wonderful ladies and gents who are new to TheTopTens' community. I hope I speak on behalf of all longtime TopTenners when I ask you to stick around.
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1 Kiteretsunu

Looking back, it's amazing how ironic his first list was. See "Worst Types of Friends You Can Make". Since that rather poorly-received entry, he's settled in well and has lately climbed to #11 on the "Top 10 Users of TheTopTens" list. Well-deserved.

I love his lists and profile pic, plus he makes funny comments sometimes! I didn't know he was new though. I thought he was an older member!

A very funny user. His lists are interesting.

2 turkeyasylum

He joined in 2014 and is already a popular user. Keep up the good work Turkey!

I'm flattered to be on this list!

3 Wolftail

Must admit, I didn't think it was going to go well after her initial blogs and comments. But she's become a valuable user.

4 Beatlesboy9

Now that I think of it, he might have joined late last year. Our earliest correspondence is from January, however, so I'm putting him on here. Very cool, laid-back guy with impeccable taste in music.

Thanks a lot for putting me on the list and the compliment. It really means a lot Spencer.

5 Pug/Puga

When he first joined, I thought he was just another novelty poster who'd soon disappear. Couldn't have been more wrong.

He's the best out of here. His lists & comments are great!

6 NerdyPweeps

Classy girl who seems far more intelligent than the average 12-year-old. Always nice to see her name on a list.

7 happyhappyjoyjoy

Rain seems to have returned lately, which is a good thing. She's a lovely person whose contributions to the site are always worth reading.

8 funnyuser

It's fine, thanks for adding me though!

This surprises me but I like her!

9 SevenLizards

He is actually really nice! We have quite a bit in common.

10 Gemcloben
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11 EpicJake

I'll vote because he seems quite cool.

12 Garythesnail

He is very underrated and is like a brother to me! I love him so much!

13 Cazaam

I think we owe our custom profile pictures to him.

14 CoolCat999
15 Blue_Deveraux

She made great lists earlier in the year. Though I doubt she'll return, I've got my fingers crossed.

16 ArchAces

He is really great and he kinda deserve some fame, you know what I mean?

This guy is a legend. Just so full of character.

Very smart guy. And is very mature too.

17 Missbritain
18 IronSabbathPriest

Smart and cool guy, good music taste.

Thank you for putting me on the list.

He is very underrated. A good guy

19 HezarioSeth

Positively zany! Easily the most prolific and random listmaker during my time. Another missed face.

20 CerealGuy
21 PatrickStar
22 Mumbizz01

Thank you very much to whoever added me.

23 RalphBob
24 andre56

Yeah. I agree. He does get hated too much. I think he's awesome.

He deserves much less hate than he gets.

25 alexcousins

Thanks to whoever put me on here. I appreciate it!

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