Best Video Game High School Episodes

Video Game High School is the web series by RocketJump that has been Kickstarted into 3 successful seasons, each filled with laughs, drama, and special effects. With the series ending, there is no better time to rank the episodes that we enjoyed the most.
The Top Ten
1 S3 E3

The only episode that can be #1 is the one where everything hits the fan. Ki cheated in the election and lost her own sense of morality, Ted had the Tomowatchi killed, causing an end to his relationship with Ki, and Brian and Jenny broke up over Jenny's dreams, which eventually were destroyed after losing the big game. We also got plenty of humor in Brian's desire for sex and Shane's ways of beating Ki, perfectly blended into some of the biggest climaxes in VGHS.

2 S3 E5

A ton of it hit the fan in the conflicts of season 3, with the Napalm one rising slowly. Just when it seemed like all has been cleared out, Napalm drops a big one, and takes a risk of basing the series finale on one conflict. Besides that, we got tons of bonding between the characters to fix any loose ends, and it was still very funny with classic VGHS humor. Plus, without Napalm, this could have made a great series finale.

3 S1 E1

The pilot episode is one of the most promising pilots I've ever seen. This pilot episode set up The Law, as Brian's acceptance into VGHS, and a bit of their personalities. Also, Cheeto.

4 S2 E5

This episode is on the list because it's just funny. 1337MAS was a great way to show what goes on in VGHS outside of the characters, The Law incident was great, and don't even get me started on Rebecca Barbara.

This is definitely my favorite episode.

5 S3 E4

VGHS has always been about drama, but this episode yanked tears out of your eyes. The episode was a great mix of emotions and comedy, and the relationships between all the characters were priceless.

The only episode to have me shed a tear, other than maybe the finale.

The only episode that can shedded your tears.

6 S3 E1

The major conflicts in season 3 were all set up in the first episode. We got a first glimpse of Shane's involvement in Napalm, we saw Ki get support from the social gamers, we saw the first bad sign in Brian and Ted's relationship, and we got a look at the embarrassment Jenny would face later. In all 3 subplots, there was plenty of humor, from the social gamers' lack of equipment to Shot Bot's questions to that dying warrior.

7 S1 E7

This is the episode where Brian was kicked out of VGHS and the 2 relationships were broken up. It was definitely an interesting episode, with memorable scenes like the fight and Brian's jumping the flagpole.

8 S1 E9

The finale to the first season wasn't a big one, but it temporarily wrapped everything up nicely. There was a lack of Ted and Ki in this episode, but they did get into the classes they wanted, and Brian finally got into a real relationship with Ki and beat the Law. It was lacking, but satisfying.

9 S3 E6

This episode has not come out as of this list's release, but come on. YOU KNOW this episode is going to be great.

10 S2 E6

It wasn't much, but this episode foreshadowed several key parts of season 3. Brian broke up with Ted, Ki and Wendell actually were friends, and for the first time, Jenny's mom cared. Also, The Law became involved with Napalm for the first time. It was funny, touching, and there were plenty of cliffhangers to fund season 3.

The Contenders
11 S3 E2

By far the most creative episode. Each character has a story representative of their persona and emotional level at that time. The way each story is connected by the phrase "No One Cool Goes to Prom" is also very clever. The episode is clearly heavily inspired by Community but that is rarely a bad thing. Best story; "Barcycle Thieves" for being the most upfront representation of teenage buffoonery the show ever created. Whilst you may not (and probably shouldn't) agree with some of the things Brian and the gang got up to, it was a very human moment showing Bryan at one of his weakest moments.

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