Top Ten Users of TheTopTens Who Feel Like Family

The Top Ten
1 Britgirl

Having been friends for over a year now, I must say that she feels like an older sister.

I wish she was still around. Is she?

2 Sillykitty
3 Puga

I don't know why, but he reminds me of a collie-akita mix we had a few years back named Ally.

He is my doggy. Feels like family.

4 Victinimon
5 PositronWildhawk

Friends since the beginning. Our exchanges are truly... Interesting!

Seems like a big brother. But he's nice.

I've never done anything involved with him but he still feels like family

6 PetSounds

He's the member I'm closest with on the site and my best friend here

7 Forever_Smiling13

More like a best friend to me! She always pushes me to do my best and be myself, it's so refreshing to be around someone who is so confident!

Like my big sister! I hope I can someday make great lists like her!

She's just full of personality! And a joy to have around!

8 CartoonsGirl

Absolutely feels like my big sister. I have many older siblings on the site.

I feel like she is my older sister. She is just too kind.

9 Wolftail
10 Garythesnail

He may be part of SpongeBob family in fictional world, but in this site he is family to us (by the way, I'm the one who put it here)

The Contenders
11 Turkeyasylum
12 Keyson

He's like my counselor or mentor.

13 happyhappyjoyjoy

Thank you for adding me. You all feel like family

Certainly feels like a cousin or sister.

14 CerealGuy
15 Sevenlizards

He feels like the plant in my grabdfather's patch. They even have the same personality.

He's like a cousin or a brother to me! Keep up the good work!

16 xandermartin98
17 TwilightKitsune

I really feel bad for her. I'll stick with you girl.

18 Kevie16
19 Kiteretsunu
20 McKing1003
21 OhioStateBuckeyes
22 keycha1n

Someone I get on with very well. We talk about almost anything with a liberal expression of our passions.

23 Minecraftcrazy500

She feels like an older sister to me. That's why I want her to be my friend

24 SteelCity99
25 Oliversky
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