Top Ten Most Irresistible Earworms of 2018

There are two kinds of earworms: those that violently drill themselves into your brain until every bit of the melody becomes painfully annoying, and those that are so infectious that you just can't get enough of them. This list is about the latter, the pleasant earworms. All genres are allowed, they just have to be stuck in your head, for whatever reason that may be.

The Top Ten

1 Kandy Krush - Kim Wilde

I've never even heard of any of these. - DarkBoi-X

Most of them either weren't hits at all or at least not in America. - Martin_Canine

I can't believe she still sounds like she did in her prime in the 80s. Wow! - Metal_Treasure

Her album is one of my favorites of this year so far. It feels as if the last 30 years never happened. What a comeback! - Martin_Canine

2 Fake Love - BTS
3 Brokkoli + Codein - Lil Lano & Trippie Boi
4 Wir 2 immer 1 - Vanessa Mai & Olexesh
5 Yallah - Juri
6 From Dreams to Nightmares - Blood On the Dance Floor
7 Better Now - Post Malone

This song is actually kind of growing on me. - allamassal

8 The Man - Lil Xan & $teven Cannon
9 Toy - Netta
10 Accelerate - Christina Aguilera, Ty Dolla $ign & 2 Chainz

A great female singer doesn't work with these two awful male rappers.

The Contenders

11 Marge Simpson - Dxddy MXCK
12 Sauce - Justin Timberlake
13 Y. Hurn wieso? - Yung Hurn
14 VVS - Ufo361 & Quavo
15 Wach - OST - Dat Adam
16 In My Feelings - Drake
17 Ganja Burns - Nicki Minaj
18 Majesty - Nicki Minaj
19 Fefe - 6ix9ine
20 GIGI (ZKITTLEZ) - Gringo
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