Top Ten Best KFC Foods

The Top Ten

1 Popcorn Chicken

The best item there

It is really nice to have and kids can enjoy it too. It has small chicken bits and is easy to chew - Hollybrewer

Best here, the ONLY thing I eat from kfc
Ya'll remember the 'SeCrEt InGrEdIant'? WELL THE SECRET INGREDIANT IS SALT
😝 - SadheartofHamiltonClan

2 3 Piece Feed

3 peices of original recipe chicken with a delicious gravy and chips so yum. Winter is a good time to get it all that warmth - Hollybrewer

3 Chicken Strips

Big juicy chicken strips want them now cause I do - Hollybrewer

4 Chips

Best chips in the world. Popcorn chicken is also amazing

So thick and fool of potatoes. Delicious - Hollybrewer

5 Chicken Nuggets

So yum better then any other - Hollybrewer

6 Boneless Hot N Spicy Box

The delicious chicken is now boneless so you can eat it without worry of chocking - Hollybrewer

7 Twister

It's finger licking good.

Best warb in the World

8 Nashville Hot Chicken


9 Georgia Gold Chicken
10 Zinger Bacon & Cheese Burger

For those who like burgers this is the best - Hollybrewer

The Contenders

11 Taster

Grilled chicken is better then fried - Hollybrewer

12 Wings
13 Double Down
14 Giant Feast

Great for a meal. If you don't want to cook but you need need a party feast choose 2 of these and it can feed most people - Hollybrewer

15 Mashed Potato
16 BLT Snack Twister

So good and yum with grilled chicken - Hollybrewer

17 Special Bowl
18 Kookies 'n Kream Krushers
19 Apple Pie
20 Chicken a la King


21 Cheesy Wedges
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