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101 Ladies Room

The Alive II version kicks ass. Sums up Kiss at their peak. Gene pulls off tracks like this at least twice an album. Too many great Kiss songs...

Really awesome song... You have 2 hear it at least once to really appreciate the band... One of the best...

102 The Devil is Me
103 You Love Me to Hate You
104 Not for the Innocent

2nd best from lick it up fantastic song

105 Into the Void

How is this song 130? Its such a great jam

106 Wall of Sound
107 A Million to One

The cleanest, purest, and best KISS song ever!

108 Save Your Love

Shock Me is the classic Ace song but dang, this is a fantastic song

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109 Silver Spoon
110 Flaming Youth

I was 15 when this came out. love this song

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111 Every Time I Look at You

This is an amazing song! Some of you may boo me, but I was not a Kiss fan until I heard this. This song was the one that convinced me to give my ex-husband another chance after cheating on me. Yes Ex-husband, so it obviously didn't stop. But I understand him better than ever before. To me, I will always think of hi when I hear this. (later I saw Kiss Live, needless to say, Now I am a fan! )

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112 Got to Choose

Best intro to any kiss song and the best other than maybe detroit rock city

113 Love Theme from Kiss
114 Mainline
115 Exciter
116 Hide Your Heart

Ace did it even better on his "trouble walkin'" lp even though he goofed a couple of lyrics laugh out loud

"underrated but still awesome, one of my favorite songs of theirs from an often overlooked album".

117 Killer

This is a much overlooked track from Creatures of the Night. My personal favourite from their best 80's album by far. Very Heavy and interesting. Not matched again untill Revenge in 92'. Should be higher than 'heaven's on fire' or "Tears are falling'. Give this one a vote. Definite top 30 at least.

118 Naked City

This isn't number one, but it is one of the best! Great riff!

119 When Lightning Strikes
120 Outta This World

Tommy Thayer really takes a stand here. Every instrument compliments eachother gracefully. One of the best. However, it seems like he put no effort what-so-ever into the solo.

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