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21 Fantastic Baby (Big Bang)
22 Gee (Girls' Generation)
23 Love (CN Blue)
24 How Gee (Bigbang)

Wild and young song with easy going melody and cool too... GD the best

25 Fiction (Beast)

This song was created beautifully and has since made BEAST well known. This was therefore a song that is worthy to be one of the best songs in Korea. Many people who are not even fans will know this song.

26 Growl (Exo)

This song is never simple. Exo (forever boy band for me) PP from Myanmar.

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27 Roly Poly (T-ara)

Hands down the most unique and sensational beat ever heard from K-Pop musics.

28 Invite (Lee Seung Gi)

I love so much

29 Dream High (Eun & Chin Ho)

I love dream high...

30 Lovey Dovey (T-ara)
31 I Am the Best (2NE1)

2ne1 are the best BLACKJACKS come on VOTE FOR 2ne1

This one is amazing nothing left to say

32 Heaven (Ailee)

I love it... Its amazing just the sound of it.. Makes you sing along

33 Love at First Sight (Sung Si Kyung)
34 Sexy Love (T-ara)

I like their robot dance and their drama version. I love Tara eunjung.

35 U&I (Ailee)

The best Korea female singer

36 I Got a Boy (SNSD)
37 Before the Dawn (Infinite)

Infinite is the best for me I love them to death xo xo ^-----^

38 Mirotic (Dong Bang Shin Ki)

DBSK is a legend. Held a few world records at their peak. Classic kpop song, and for many, I bet their first :) Go DBSK! (or now JYJ and TVXQ). As a Cassie, I support both!

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39 Overdose (Exo)

Actually I don't like exo but I like this song

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40 Haru Haru (BigBang)

This song makes me cry. That's why I love it

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