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1 Running Man

Still the funniest korean variety show I've watched. But sadly, there's a rumor that their last episode will be aired in February due to some recent controversies involving two the members and the staffs.

I can't stop running man

Running Man is still the best and funniest Korean Variety Show I've ever seen. Hoping they will last longer. They made a thousand people laughed. I LOVE RUNNING MAN!

Running Man is the most well known korean variety show outside KOREA.

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2 Knowing Bros

Really a hilarious show. One of my favourite Korean Variety shows of all time. I think Kim Heechul is just the star of the show because he is so savage and makes me laugh overtime he opens his mouth.

This show is hilarious. The cast has basically new filter (especially in the earlier episodes) so their savage/sassy remarks will surely make anyone laugh. I would ten out of ten recommend

Its because they are unique, they just play their character and sit in their desk and just playing with words. I think this show its opportunities for knowing the guest talent.

This show is really funny, even though Kim Youngcheol is not funny โœŒ ๐Ÿ˜†. I love all the cast of Knowing bros.

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3 1 Night 2 Days

I'm surprised the variety show with the highest rating out of all of these isn't number 1 on this list. This show was able to become a legend without the focus on guests or celebrities at all (although some of our casts are drop dead gorgeous; ex: Kim Junho) and I love the fact that it was the chemistry between the casts and pure comedy that they produce that enabled the show to do so well. This is honestly the most hilarious variety show, no doubt. So, if you're looking to laugh until your stomach hurts, this is honestly the show for you

My absolute favorite. Like really. Korean things like idol, drama etc. Was actually introduced to me by this variety show. I absolutely love it, like literally.

A new side of two days have been shown to me in this show. I never thought that possibilities can be done within this short hour.

Don't watch this show, 2 Days 1 noght is a great show that you will start to loss interest to other variety show. Any avid 2D1N fans is the living proof. 2 days 1 Night jjang

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4 Strong Heart


5 Infinite Challenge

Nation-Variety Show

Dae bak

6 Weekly Idol

I got hooked on some of the kpop groups because of this show. The episodes featuring Big Bang were the reason why I became a VIP. *insert heart emoji* The Doni-Coni duo is iconic because both of them bring out the fun and embarrassing sides of the guests. Haha. The various funny segments also make this show a must-watch.

<3 <3 <3 especially the random play dance part! ๐Ÿ‘

7 New Journey to the West

The cast is amazing and it is so funny! Would recommend!

Most favorite variety show! can't wait for next seasons!

Love love love all the cast. super funny all of them


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8 Family Outing

This is the dumbest list I have ever seen

Best place their show in this show

nice one

1st season was the best. every episode was hilarious.

9 Sister's Slam Dunk

Best variety show that I've ever seen, I wish sisters slam dunk still can going till season 20

I love the show so much!

My favourite show ever!

The funniest variety show Iโ€™ve ever seen. I love the cast so much.

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10 Law of the Jungle

It's really funny seeing the idols try to survive in the jungles.

My favorite variety show

It's a great show that I can watch not even caring who the people are โค

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11 We Got Married

This variety show shows cuteness and gives you "feels" while watching your favorite celebrities swoon over one another.

I really love WE GOT MARRIED

12 Return of Superman

Kids their are so cute and it's a great show

13 Happy Together

This is one of ny favorite shows.

14 Roommate

You really feel really close to all these people. Really funny and fun that makes your day. Everyone have their own different personality

Hilarious with a twist, its home-like ambiance and amazing regulars are awesomely funny.

Season 2 the best.. I hope there is roommate season 3

Roomate jjang! Season 2 was deabak! I am glad that I watched this variety show because it have variety of feeling in it. They are just like one big happy family.. I miss them!

15 Master in the House/All the Butlers

I laugh in every ep

Learning and fun... All four members staying with their new master for two days and need to learn and do their master routine activities๐Ÿ˜‰ all of them are enjoying their part and really love it๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

16 Come to Play
17 Lipstick Prince
18 Ask Us Anything

Amazing variety show. It always make my day. Ps super funny

19 Busted!
20 Night Goblin
21 Intimate Note
22 I Can See Your Voice

What's better than a battle of guessing who can really sing just by looking at their appearance. A lot of twist

23 Heart Signal

Super cute and fun to watch dating show! Random people come and they live together for a month and it's up to you guys to figure out the rest


24 Real Man

A fierce show showing toughness and dauntlessness of our favorite regulars, with an amazing twist.

25 I Live Alone

I really like the way hoster handle situations. And I live 3 idiots. Especially the crazy Henry

26 Invincible Youth

Invincible Youth season 1 was just AMAZING. Lots of characters and pretty fresh girls.. So much fun

27 Master Key

I always laugh watching this show! it's really entertaining and there's some really interesting twist plots too. I love this show so much!

28 Grandpas Over Flowers
29 Golden Tambourine
30 The Genius
31 The Boss is Watching
32 3 Meals A Day

Seriously? I never thought living in the countryside can be this hard and hilarious.

It is a really good show though

33 3 Meals A Day: Fishing Village
34 Star Golden Bell

Really sad this show doesn't exist anymore, this show was everything and had all the right comedians

35 Hello Counselor

The hosts and the people, who come on the show are so funny and entertaining.

Absolutely love this show.

Watching the host solve the problems of the guests is so overwelming. They are not just solving problems but they are also funny. The conbination of the cast is just perfect. It's like your favorite dessert that you'll never get tired

36 King of Mask Singer
37 Guesthouse Daughters

"super funny show''

38 Cool Kiz on the Block
39 Love Catcher

* Love or Money?
- This program brings together people who are looking for love or money.
- They have to find the right person who makes the same choice to win.
- But their preferences are their secrets.
- They have to match the right person to win the contest.
- Let's see who can find the right person?

40 Love Catcher

* Love or Money?
- This program brings together people who are looking for love or money.
- They have to find the right person who makes the same choice to win.
- But their preferences are their secrets.
- They have to match the right person to win the contest.
- Let's see who can find the right person?

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