Top 10 Worst Canadian Prime Ministers

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1 Justin Trudeau Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP (born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician who is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (assumed office November 4, 2015). He is the leader of the Liberal Party and the second-youngest Canadian prime minister after Joe Clark. His father, Pierre Trudeau, also served as the Prime Minister of Canada (1968-1979, 1980-1984).

Describing this imbecile has been very well articulated by many comments posted here, well done. Their is just so many very valid and important reasons that this narcissistic fully grown people kind idiot child should not be governing Canada. His endless unethical corruption scandals along with his inept unqualified incompetence in managing or accomplishing anything of substantial value are more then enough reason to oust this fool from government. But frankly it's the staggering debt accumulation he has completely unnecessarily inflicted upon Canadian citizens which has indebted this country for decades that is the most damaging. He is a shameful disgrace.

Truly a disgrace. How could anyone so unqualified and incompetent conduct themselves with such arrogance. The inquiry into weather invoking the emergency act was justified is an example. Sad there seems to be no real consequences for his continuous corruption. The division he has created among Canadian citizens is unforgivable. The massive ongoing spending of this government just keeps going despite 40 year high inflation. The federal debt a he has accumulated is more the all prior governments in history. Canada's reputation and credibility in the world has been so damaged by this narcissistic fool. Yes truly a disgrace.

This people kind idiot is just such a liar and a hypocrite. The inquiry into determining if the criteria for invoking the emergencies act against the truckers convoy was met displayed this clearly despite what his paid mainstream media tries to spin. This despicable incompetent fool of a leader literally mishandles and corrupts everything he touches. It is just true. Everywhere he goes there another fumble. A couple weeks ago it's embarrassing Canada by being told off by xi jinping. 2 days before the QUEENS funeral he's partying in England at a $6000 a night hotel disrespecting queen Elisabeth 2 and Canada. No sense of discretion. Taxes the citizens into poverty while inflation is crazy high. Largely as a result of the insane spending he continues by creating staggering debt. Unforgivable. Both him and those voting for this fool.

Worst by far in my life time. Hard to believe Canadians continue to vote for such an incompetent and completely unqualified wannabe. He truly has divided Canadians and been a major contributor in destroying credibility in his paid media. People must stop watching mainstream media and learn alternative ways to become accurately informed. I think at least 80% of media sources are varying degrees of left wing and a large % of people buy the narrative. Trudeau knows this and exploits it at every opportunity. He attempts to go after alternative media sources with his censorship bills. Name calls with every opportunity but virtually never accomplishes anything meaningful or beneficial to the citizens. He is a arrogant socialist tyrant and his actions clearly show this constantly. Must vote this creep out before he racks up more and more debt. The damage in already done. The guys gotta go.

2 Pierre Elliott Trudeau

He hated alberta and tried to nationalize the energy sector like a socialist dictator does. He created so much east/west division in Canada. He implemented the war measures act to quell the flq crisis. He ran huge deficits year after year which had massive negative consequences on subsequent governments ability to provide services and infrastructure spending due to decades of restricted government spending. Sounds a bit familiar but he was not nearly as corrupt and unqualified as today's Trudeau government.

He was an arrogant man who thought he was an elite. He admired the socialist governments of China and Cuba, a Labour Party Socialist. By the time he retired in 1984 he had grown the national debt by 700% and this severely damaged Canada's debt rating. He too hated western Canada and tried to nationalize the energy sector which obviously created east west division. He invoked the emergencies act to quell the flq crisis. A disaster that took decades to try and heal.

Pierre Trudeau created division within Canada. He racked up massive taxpayer debt. He admired socialist dictators and implemented the war measures act to deal with the flq crisis in Quebec. He was a failure but not even remotely close to the disaster of his son. He also at least had qualifications unlike his son.

He was a divisive, debt accumulating, war measures act implementing quebecer who did a sloppy job of creating and bringing our constitution back home. He loved socialist dictators. He at least had credentials and qualifications but was a disaster as well.

3 Stephen Harper Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian politician and member of Parliament who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015. He was the first prime minister to come from the modern Conservative Party of Canada, which was formed by a merger of the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance. He likes movies and TV shows, one of his personal favorites is Breaking Bad. He has a band called the Van Cats.

Cut support for veterans, impoverished a large number of indunstries to support corporate take overs, sold Canada to the Chinese, got us in bed with the WEF, gutted the agriculture sector. If your anti-conservative you'll hate him for moving his party further on the axis towards racism, extortion, hypocrasy, and outdated economics that only benefit a select few donors; if your pro-conservative you'll hate him for being everything you dislike about Justin Trudeau but some how statistically worse in every regard except "total debt generated" and in that he still places 2nd and out costed us more then 36 other prime ministers COMBINED

His worst crimes were muzzling the free speech of Canadian scientists, and eroding hard fought for environmental protections .

Liar, thief, racist/sexist, divisive, incompetent, openly corrupt, zero regard for the People, wanted a dictatorship - he even was so arrogant and bold to claim he left a $13 billion surplus, when, in fact, he left the largest deficit in Canadian history to that date (and, with no pandemic)...

The most useless PM ever in the history of Prime Ministers. A right winged religious nutter who muzzled scientists and was a pathological serial liar to boot. Should have been locked up for treason and lots of other stuff too many to mention here. his total disregard for the S.C.O.C. was sickening.

4 Jean Chr├ętien

Corruption comes to mind, spent millions and millions of tax dollars on his home riding. Completely ignored the west. Was a China lover and profited. Sidewinder report is worth a little research.

He enriched himself and his riding. Was in bed with the Chinese and is still corrupt. Encourages Canada to accept spent nuclear waist from foreign countries.

Another very corrupt Quebec pm that enriched himself, his home riding and many of his corporate and government friends. He was deeply imbedded with China.

Another Quebec pm. As pm he spent more federal tax payer dollars during his time as pm on his home riding of Shawinigan then was spent in the entire province of Alberta. Canada was fortunate that Chretien had Paul Martin as his finance minister who along with Mulroney and Harper (30 years) where finally able the get Canada's debt under control from the spending disaster of Pierre Trudeau. Another Quebec parasite. Let's not forget the sidewinder report.

5 Brian Mulroney

Not nearly the most corrupt on this list but likely the most corrupt Conservative.

The great Free Trade! How's that going?

Total American Arse-Kisser. Gave us the 'beloved' GST and today we are still paying HST in Ontario.

Creep and criminal.

6 Paul Martin
7 Kim Campbell

Did not do anything for this country lost her seat in a landslide in q993 so shame on champbell we do not think she would be first women pm she disgraced me.

Easily, Not really her fault though she only ran for a few months.

8 Joe Clark

Served less than one year between 1979-1980.

9 R.B. Bennett

The worst. Was not a bad guy or ruthless or tyrannical just not a good politician and made everything worse during the great depression.

10 William Lyon Mackenzie King

An anti-semite who's government did not allow jews fleeing Hitler into the country, in his Canada the magna carta was trampled on, communists were outlawed, Quebecs padlock laws, trusted Hitler, did not do anything about Danny Draper, led the nation with "visions" and crystal balls, ignored the Depression, and more.

He should be first but surprisingly he is not in the top ten list I mean at leased put him in third

The Contenders
11 John Turner
12 John Diefenbaker
13 Arthur Meighen

I had never even heard of this guy!

14 John A. Macdonald
15 Lester Pearson
16 Alexander Mackenzie
17 Wilfrid Laurier

Aside from the Trudeaus, Laurier likely was one of the biggest enemies of Western Canada. When the west was being settled he did everything in his power to ensure that they would never be anywhere near equal. He effectively made Western Canada a colony within a colony.

18 Louis St. Laurent
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