Top 10 Worst Canadian Prime Ministers

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1 Justin Trudeau Justin Pierre James Trudeau PC MP (born on Christmas Day, December 25, 1971) is a Canadian politician who is the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada (assumed office November 4, 2015). He is the leader of the Liberal Party and the second-youngest Canadian prime minister after Joe Clark. His father, Pierre Trudeau, also served as the Prime Minister of Canada (1968-1979, 1980-1984).

Justin Trudeau was at first a hopeful reprieve from Stephen Harper. However, he has turned out to be 10 times worse and even more of a totalitarian dictator. The treatment of the peaceful protesters during the Freedom Convoy says it all. He is willing to hire thugs to trample and beat up grandmothers and peaceful, unarmed protesters in order to push his WEF agenda forward. He never cared about Canadians or our rights. If he had, he would not have betrayed us in such an evil and treacherous way. He has destroyed our country economically and as we struggle to recover he slaps us with skyrocketing gas prices! There is no peace and no future with such a leader. He obviously has let his cronies like Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates take over his consciousness. There will be no mercy for him once he is found guilty of treason due to the Communist Chinese election interference. No mercy!

We've actually injured this inept government for eight long years and we actually have virtually nothing to show as a benefit to our country or we the people. It is sad how in Canada a federal government leader can be so unqualified, so arrogant, so unethical and just blatantly corrupt and there are literally now consequences, no penalty or even acceptance of fault and the voting electorate just move on and vote for it again. It is pathetic and disgraceful and the left wing nuts along with the apathetic should be ashamed. Canada had a become a joke.

What happened to Canadians to choose such incompetent, egocentric, uneducated, out of touch, spoiled rotten child? I think the worse of him is that he actually believes his own lies, like being sent by God to save the world.
The world has never been immune to be lead by such sociopaths egomaniacs, but this one is going too far in the name of "progress", "diversity", "equality" and "inclusion"; loaded words that mean so much without meaning anything. We are getting so used to and comfortable to live in much feelings without the use of reason, let alone facts based on evidence. He is not the problem, perhaps he is a symptom of what we have become.
Hopefully the younger generations have more brains than the one from mine.

Hard to actually contemplate who agrees with this crook. Who believes his lies. Who accepts this creeps lack of ethics and corruption. Who is not aware of the utter incompetence of this douche bag. Who is unaware of the inept management skills. Who accepts the complete lack of accomplishments. Who is ok with the disastrous tyrannical Covid 19 response. Who thinks it's fine that this scum bag has enriched himself and his cronies. Who likes the fact that this buffoon has more than doubled Canada's federal debt. Who is it that would actually votes for this unethical corrupt unqualified incompetent narcissistic groper. Sad Times 05/23

2 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau , often referred to by the initials PET, was a Canadian politician who served as the 15th prime minister of Canada.

Ouch, this elite was a globalist. Politically he was only concerned about Quebec and its role in the global world. He viewed the western provinces with a dismissive attitude. He was not unintelligent but was poor at achieving consensus on many issues as a result of his arrogance and disregard for counterparts. He ran massive federal debts witch took subsequent governments 30 years to get under control. He was a failure without a doubt but pales in comparison to the disaster that is his spawn scum.

This man was high class elitist who believed very highly of himself. He loved traveling the world on the taxpayers dollars as he promoted quebec. He extracted resources from the western provinces for the benefit of quebec and thus was absolutely despised west of ontario and rightly so. He was a socialist and admired communist china. He completely bungled the flq crisis and so implemented the war measures act. He created a lot of division with in canada. He increased the country's federal debt by a staggering amount causing the re-rating lower of the debt while inflation was in double digits. He married a drunken bar sl-" and spawned the disgrace our country suffers with today. Sad

In his own mind he was an entitled rich elite. However unlike his idiot son he did have both education and work experience qualifications. His elite mentality took him around the world as he hobnobbed with Hollywood actors or dictators from China or Cuba. He was a founding member (I think) of the club of Rome where the global elites would plan your future. As a government leader he invoked the war measures act to quell the flq crisis in Quebec. He ran up Canada's debt to unprecedented levels which forced a lowering of Canada's AAA debt rating forcing increased interest rates while inflation was through the roof. He created massive division in Canada by trying to nationalize the energy sector so he could subsidize Quebec energy cost. He treated the west like scum and in his last government never held a parliament seat west of Ontario. Does any of this SOUND FAMILIAR.

People like this do damage that take many many years to repair. He was a global embarrassment to canada contributing virtually no benefit despite being in power for so long. Created tremendous division, massive debt, loved communism and thought he was above the common people. Worst of all is that he spawned the disgrace that Canada is suffering with today. More decades of damage.

3 Stephen Harper Stephen Joseph Harper is a Canadian politician and member of Parliament who served as the 22nd prime minister of Canada, from February 6, 2006 to November 4, 2015. He was the first prime minister to come from the modern Conservative Party of Canada, which was formed by a merger of the Progressive Conservative Party and the Canadian Alliance. He likes movies and TV shows, one of his personal favorites is Breaking Bad. He has a band called the Van Cats.

Cut support for veterans, impoverished a large number of industries to support corporate takeovers, sold Canada to the Chinese, got us in bed with the WEF, and gutted the agriculture sector. If you're anti-conservative, you'll hate him for moving his party further on the axis towards racism, extortion, hypocrisy, and outdated economics that only benefit a select few donors. If you're pro-conservative, you'll hate him for being everything you dislike about Justin Trudeau, but somehow statistically worse in every regard except "total debt generated." Even in that, he still places second and out-costed us more than 36 other prime ministers combined.

His worst crimes were muzzling the free speech of Canadian scientists, and eroding hard fought for environmental protections .

Liar, thief, racist/sexist, divisive, incompetent, openly corrupt, zero regard for the People, wanted a dictatorship - he even was so arrogant and bold to claim he left a $13 billion surplus, when, in fact, he left the largest deficit in Canadian history to that date (and, with no pandemic)...

The most useless PM ever in the history of Prime Ministers. A right winged religious nutter who muzzled scientists and was a pathological serial liar to boot. Should have been locked up for treason and lots of other stuff too many to mention here. his total disregard for the S.C.O.C. was sickening.

4 Jean Chr├ętien

Funny how this one is remembered only for his corruption, self serving arrogance and a very cozy relationship with china. West of ontario was irrelevant.

The corrupt pm spend more taxpayer dollars in his home riding of Shawinigan than in the entire province of Alberta during his 10 years as PM. He enriched him tremendously. He was corrupted by China and was paid well for it. Quite typical.

CORRUPT. Loved China and their money. During his 10ish years as prime minister the federal government spent more taxpayer dollars in his home riding of Shawinigan than in the entire province of Alberta.

Another corrupt Quebec prime minister who enriched himself. He was at least fortunate to have some competent ministers working with him.

5 Brian Mulroney

Not nearly the most corrupt on this list but likely the most corrupt Conservative.

The great Free Trade! How's that going?

Total American Arse-Kisser. Gave us the 'beloved' GST and today we are still paying HST in Ontario.

Creep and criminal.

6 Paul Martin
7 Kim Campbell

Did not do anything for this country lost her seat in a landslide in q993 so shame on champbell we do not think she would be first women pm she disgraced me.

Easily, Not really her fault though she only ran for a few months.

8 Joe Clark

Served less than one year between 1979-1980.

9 William Lyon Mackenzie King

An anti-semite who's government did not allow jews fleeing Hitler into the country, in his Canada the magna carta was trampled on, communists were outlawed, Quebecs padlock laws, trusted Hitler, did not do anything about Danny Draper, led the nation with "visions" and crystal balls, ignored the Depression, and more.

He should be first but surprisingly he is not in the top ten list I mean at leased put him in third

10 R.B. Bennett

The worst. Was not a bad guy or ruthless or tyrannical just not a good politician and made everything worse during the great depression.

Government efforts during the depression just made matters worse

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11 John Turner
12 John Diefenbaker
13 Arthur Meighen

I had never even heard of this guy!

Not a clue who he is

14 Lester Pearson
15 John A. Macdonald
16 Wilfrid Laurier

Aside from the Trudeaus, Laurier likely was one of the biggest enemies of Western Canada. When the west was being settled he did everything in his power to ensure that they would never be anywhere near equal. He effectively made Western Canada a colony within a colony.

17 Alexander Mackenzie
18 Louis St. Laurent
19 Mackenzie Bowell
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