Top 10 Most Evil Nazis

This is a catalog of those who were part of a system that orchestrated one of the darkest periods in human history, a time marked by unprecedented cruelty and genocide. We invite you to examine the figures whose actions left a chilling echo throughout history.

The question we're posing here is, "Who are the most evil Nazis?" Undoubtedly, this is a heavy question to consider. And it’s your turn to weigh in on this, to cast your vote for the individuals you believe should hold the dubious distinction of being recognized as the most malevolent among their rank.

Each figure here was part of a systematic campaign of hatred and violence that resulted in the death and suffering of millions. These individuals made choices - horrifying, unfathomable choices - that directly contributed to one of the largest genocides in history, the Holocaust. They committed acts of inhumanity that are difficult to comprehend and are impossible to justify.

But remember, this isn't about glorifying or sensationalizing these figures or their deeds. Instead, it's about remembering the horrifying depths that humanity can sink to when led astray by ideology and hate. It's about ensuring that we never forget the victims, the atrocities committed, and the lesson history has taught us: that we must remain vigilant against such hatred and inhumanity.
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1 Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler's nefarious deeds are imprinted in the annals of history due to his central role as the leader of Nazi Germany. His extremist ideologies led to the implementation of the Holocaust, which resulted in the systematic genocide of six million Jews. He is further reviled for instigating World War II, causing the deaths of an estimated 70-85 million people, approximately 3-4% of the global population at the time. His oppressive regime led to widespread destruction, terror, and loss.

He's the reason why the Holocaust happened during World War II. Germany became a dangerous country when he became a leader, and people who spoke against him would get sent to concentration camps. He tortured millions of Jews, endangering Judaism itself. He put a lot of people in gas chambers, which were horrible and resulted in their deaths.

He's the primary reason why Germany is always stereotyped as "the most evil country in the world." He and Nathan Bedford Forrest (the monster who created the KKK) deserve to rot in hell for eternity.

2 Heinrich Himmler Heinrich Himmler, as Hitler's right-hand man and the head of the SS (Schutzstaffel), is vilified for his pivotal role in the Holocaust. He was in charge of the concentration camps, extermination camps, and Einsatzgruppen (killing squads), directly overseeing the large-scale atrocities committed against millions of innocent people. His influence and actions have cemented him as a principal architect of the Holocaust.

It makes sense that he was more evil than Hitler since he managed to kill the Jews while Hitler never even visited the concentration camps. You can tell this guy was just plain sadistic and evil.

Pfft, screw Hitler. Yeah, he wanted Jews dead, but Himmler is the prick who made Hitler's wet dream come true!

It's often thought that if he was completely in charge, the Holocaust would've caused even more deaths.

3 Josef Mengele Josef Mengele, known infamously as the 'Angel of Death,' was an SS officer and physician in Auschwitz concentration camp during the Holocaust. He conducted cruel and lethal medical experiments on prisoners without any regard for human life or ethics. His sadistic practices, which often targeted children and twins, caused untold suffering and death, making him a symbol of Nazi medical brutality.

To be honest, I fear this man more than I fear Hitler. Who in their right mind enjoys murder? And not just because he believed in anything, but because he was just plain crazy.

Mengele was a literal sadist. He is one of the few Nazis that reportedly enjoyed what he was doing, and I think we all know his role. The other Nazis were evil as all can be too, but they did it more because they believed in a cause, less because they enjoyed murder.

Mengele, on the other hand, legitimately enjoyed the screams and cryings. For this reason, he should be number one.

4 Reinhard Heydrich Reinhard Heydrich, known as the 'Butcher of Prague,' was a high-ranking German Nazi official and a main architect of the Holocaust. As the chief of the Reich Main Security Office, he was involved in the planning and execution of the Final Solution - the Nazi plan for the genocide of Jews during World War II. He also organized the infamous Wannsee Conference, which coordinated the systematic genocide, further cementing his legacy as a central figure in the enactment of the Holocaust.

Was head of the Einsatzgruppen until his assassination in 1942. The Einsatzgruppen were the Nazi death squads that the SS used to carry out mass executions in Eastern Europe. Their targets were Jews, the intellectual class of Poland, Soviet commissars, and Romani/Gypsies. It is estimated that they killed between 1.3 million and 2 million people.

Reinhard was also head of the Gestapo and SD.

The second-in-command of the Schutzstaffel (SS) and while Hitler ordered the Holocaust, and Himmler planned it, this guy actually organized it.

5 Adolf Eichmann Adolf Eichmann was a high-ranking SS officer and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust. He managed the logistics of mass deportations of Jews to ghettos and extermination camps, making him directly responsible for the deaths of millions. Eichmann's bureaucratic efficiency in the face of such profound human tragedy is a chilling testament to the banality of evil.
6 Joseph Goebbels Joseph Goebbels, as Hitler's Minister of Propaganda, played a crucial role in creating and spreading Nazi ideologies, effectively manipulating the public mindset and justifying atrocities. He masterminded the dissemination of anti-Semitic propaganda that enabled the Holocaust and maintained public support for the war. His calculated use of propaganda to shape public opinion and fuel hatred and violence makes him a symbol of the destructive power of misinformation.

I hate this guy. He was a Nazi, which makes him a bad person already. He killed millions of innocent people just because they existed.

Many evil people have the distinction of being good parents, but this guy killed his own children. The autopsy on the oldest child, Helga, who was only 12 years old, shows that she was killed with violence and really did not want to die. I hope this man rots in hell.

The only thing he did was make the Nazi propaganda.

7 Amon Goeth Amon Goeth, the commandant of the Plaszow concentration camp, was notorious for his extreme cruelty and sadistic behavior. He took pleasure in the arbitrary murder of his prisoners and is reported to have shot inmates from the balcony of his house for mere amusement. His callous disregard for human life and enjoyment of causing suffering encapsulate the horrifying brutality of the Holocaust.
8 Hermann Goering Hermann Goering, one of the most influential figures in the Nazi Party, held multiple roles, including the commander of the Luftwaffe (German Air Force) and the director of the Four Year Plan for economic self-sufficiency. He was a key player in the planning and execution of the Holocaust, setting up the Gestapo (Secret State Police) and concentration camps. His roles in escalating World War II and perpetuating the Holocaust make him one of the primary perpetrators of the Nazi atrocities.

The 16th President of the Reichstag, the Supreme Commander of the Luftwaffe, the founder of the Gestapo, and Hitler's second-in-command.

9 Oskar Dirlewanger Oskar Dirlewanger, the leader of the notorious Dirlewanger Brigade, was known for his extreme cruelty and sadism. His unit was responsible for numerous atrocities, primarily in Eastern Europe, including mass murders and brutal reprisals against civilian populations. The ferocity and inhumanity displayed by Dirlewanger and his men left a horrific legacy, making him one of the most reviled figures of the Nazi regime.

The division's actions were so bad even the Waffen SS complained. Let that sink in for a moment.

10 Ernst Kaltenbrunner Ernst Kaltenbrunner was a high-ranking SS officer who succeeded Reinhard Heydrich as the Chief of the Reich Main Security Office. He was in charge of the extermination camps in Eastern Europe, thus directly responsible for the execution of the Final Solution that resulted in the mass murder of millions of Jews. His unyielding enforcement of Hitler's genocidal orders cements his place among the leading agents of the Holocaust.

Scarface, six-foot-tall towering archetype of the perfect movie Nazi with an awesome sounding name.

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11 Ilse Koch Ilse Koch, also known as the 'Witch of Buchenwald,' was the wife of Buchenwald concentration camp Commandant Karl Koch and one of the few women to be tried for war crimes after World War II. She was notoriously sadistic, known for brutalizing prisoners and taking souvenirs from the skin of murdered inmates. Her grotesque actions and utter disregard for human dignity personify the horrific cruelty that took place in the concentration camps.
12 Rudolf Hoess Rudolf Hoess was the commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp, the deadliest of the Nazi death camps where over a million innocent lives were extinguished. Hoess exhibited a terrifyingly clinical approach to the systematic extermination of people, overseeing operations with ruthless efficiency. His pivotal role in the implementation of the Final Solution and his unrepentant attitude mark him as a consummate embodiment of the Nazi regime's inhumanity.
13 Odilo Globocnik Odilo Globocnik was an SS officer known for his grim role in orchestrating the extermination of Jews during the Holocaust. As the SS and Police Leader of the Lublin district, he oversaw the construction and operation of extermination camps in Operation Reinhard, including Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka. His direct participation in the mass murder of millions highlights his vile contributions to the Nazi machinery of genocide.

What?! Odilo Globocnik should be higher. He liquidated the Warsaw, Bialystok, and other ghettos in Poland and was in charge of the death camps.

14 Franz Stangl Franz Stangl, as the commandant of Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps, was directly involved in the systematic murder of hundreds of thousands of people during the Holocaust. His ruthless administration of these death factories underscores the chilling efficiency with which the Nazi regime carried out genocide.
15 Irma Grese Irma Grese, dubbed the 'Hyena of Auschwitz,' was a concentration camp guard known for her brutality and sadism. She was infamous for her cruelty towards inmates, often involving physical violence and psychological torture. Despite her young age, her atrocious actions stand as a stark reminder of the horrors that unfolded within the concentration camps, and she remains one of the most notorious female figures in Nazi history.
16 Julius Streicher Julius Streicher, the founder and publisher of the anti-Semitic newspaper 'Der Stürmer,' was a prominent propagandist for the Nazi regime. His publications, notorious for their obscene caricatures and vitriolic rhetoric against Jews, significantly contributed to the atmosphere of hatred that facilitated the Holocaust. Streicher's insidious influence through propaganda exemplifies the destructive power of hate speech and misinformation.
17 Klaus Barbie Klaus Barbie, the 'Butcher of Lyon,' was an SS officer and Gestapo member who was notorious for the relentless pursuit and brutal torture of members of the French Resistance and Jews during World War II. His ruthless tactics resulted in thousands of deaths and immense suffering. Barbie's horrific war crimes and the terror he inflicted remain a stark embodiment of the ruthlessness of the Nazi regime.
18 Joachim Peiper Joachim Peiper was a Waffen-SS commander known for his leadership role in the Malmedy massacre during the Battle of the Bulge, where his unit murdered 84 American prisoners of war. His disregard for the laws of war and willingness to commit atrocities in pursuit of military objectives made him one of the more reviled figures among the SS commanders.
19 Gustav Wagner Gustav Wagner, an SS officer, was notorious for his sadistic brutality as the deputy commandant of Sobibor extermination camp. Known among the prisoners as 'The Wolf,' his cruelty and inhumanity were emblematic of the horrors perpetrated in Nazi death camps.
20 Rudolf Hess Rudolf Hess, as Hitler's Deputy Führer, was a significant player in the Nazi regime. He played a pivotal role in the formulation and propagation of many Nazi policies. Though he flew solo to Scotland in a misguided peace mission in 1941 and spent the rest of the war in prison, his influence in the early years of the regime and his staunch commitment to its ideologies confirm his complicity in its evil acts.
21 Wilhelm Keitel Wilhelm Keitel, serving as the head of the German Armed Forces High Command, was a top military officer who helped facilitate Hitler's aggressive expansionist strategies. His dutiful execution of orders, irrespective of their breach of international law, makes him a key figure in the Nazi military machine.
22 Baldur von Schirach Baldur von Schirach, as the leader of the Hitler Youth, played a significant role in the indoctrination of young Germans with Nazi ideologies. His efforts helped shape a generation of devoted followers, facilitating the regime's pursuit of its destructive policies.
23 Hans Frank Hans Frank, appointed by Hitler as Governor-General of Occupied Poland, enforced policies of exploitation, oppression, and extermination against Polish Jews and non-Jews alike. His administration oversaw ghettos and death camps, resulting in countless deaths and atrocities.
24 Alfred Jodl Alfred Jodl, a top military officer, played a key role in planning and executing Hitler's aggressive expansionist policies, leading to World War II and its associated atrocities. As Chief of the Operations Staff of the Armed Forces High Command, his actions significantly enabled the functioning of the Nazi war machine.
25 Karl Hermann Frank Karl Hermann Frank, a high-ranking SS officer and Nazi official in Czechoslovakia, was involved in brutal reprisals against Czech resistance that resulted in the murder of thousands of civilians. His repressive measures exemplify the Nazi regime's callous disregard for human life.
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