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Skullkid755 I recently completed the main story for the LoZ OOT 3D, for the 3ds. And, it's my new favorite for the series. Story wise, Majora's mask wins, but I finished this one first because it was more fun and less stressful. Not saying MM 3D is bad, just stressful during some moments especially win it's day 3 and you're halfway through a dungeon. Well, now I am gonna review the game.

The story is pretty great. At the start, it's nothing serious, but then it sh*t goes down, and the world turns to sh*t, and you have to fix it. I already knew a lot about the 2nd half because of the internet, but I still enjoyed the plot. It has a good amount of twists that can be predicted but aren't obvious. Plus it has a good backstory. But the "Get some stuff to save the world" plot is used a lot in Zelda (Not sure about BotW cause I don't know the plot) so gonna give it a 9/10. Great, but clich├ęd.

The characters, are pretty good. Navi isn't as bad as people say, she's actually useful if you need help (at least when fighting an enemy that Navi knows about, she's not very helpful at all with puzzles). The villagers (a good amount) aren't that great though. Some of them walk around and you can talk to them... that's about it. Maybe a hint or too but otherwise the NPC's that aren't used in the main story don't do anything contributive besides bringing life to the world of the game. They aren't bad, just mediocre. So for characters 7/10, ranges from great to mediocre.

The soundtrack well... it's amazing. The songs are memorable and catchy, I even have the OST on Spotify!!! And I want to learn Gerudo Valley's theme on guitar. The main highlights are Saria's Song, Zelda's Lullaby, and Gerudo Valley. And another great thing, you can play a great amount of the songs on the ocarina in the game. You just have to learn them by playing. I give the OST of the game a 10/10. It gives the game atmosphere, is memorable, and I want to learn one of the songs. Plus you can play them in-game.

And finally, what all games are about... graphics nah I'm just kidding. You know what I'll do the graphics quickly. I like the art style of it. It's also a great improvement over the original N64 version's graphics. It's not HD quality, but it showed off the 3ds's graphics early in it's lifespan (which is close to ending cause of the new Nintendo device the Switch and the 3ds's age). Not one of the top 5 best looking 3ds games though, those are below this sentence in quotation marks. So I give the graphics a 9/10.
"Resident Evil Revelations
Metal Gear Solid 3d
Kid Icarus Uprising
Fire Emblem Awakening
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate"

And here's the real finally, what all developers of games should put first for people to enjoy their game... the gameplay. And this game is very fun to play. The dungeons have interesting designs, the items do different jobs, the puzzles are fun to solve and moderately challenging. There are some side quests in the games world to do between dungeons or after the main story is completed. Plus the combat is great, the bosses require some sort of strategy to kill and you'll have to use skill. And the smaller and more common enemies are also fun to fight. You can kill them with arrows, bombs, sword & or shield, and more. I give the gameplay a 10/10.

Well, the scores add up equal a 45/10, and 45 divided by 5 is 9, so this game gets a 9 out of 10. For enjoyment, 10/10, but a few flaws decreased the average. I liked doing this review, and I hope you liked viewing it. Tell me your opinions in the comments and goodbye.


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