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It's the month of October as I write this list. Which also means this is the month of the Halloween season! I'm probably putting too much effort into something as broad as a list about Halloween decorations, but hey, if we can have a list about Christmas decorations, why not one for Halloween? Whether you fondly remember the many decorations ranging from jack-o-lanterns to hanging props of bats and ghosts that you saw as a kid while trick-or-treating or you're an adult who passionately decorates your household every Halloween to show off and attract trick-or-treaters or win a popularity contest, there's a lot of great Halloween decorations out there that are either the standard minimum or truly the ones that stand out in BOO-TIFUL detail! (gets booed by the audience) Anyways, feel free to vote and add to this list for what you believe are the best Halloween decorations.
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1 Jack-O-Lanterns

The number 1 item on this list is as predictable as any WatchMojo Top 10 list. But, that's not to say this staple Halloween decoration doesn't deserve this spot. It's pretty simple, really. Get a pumpkin, carve out the top, remove all the gooey insides of the pumpkin (now that's scary), and begin carving the face of your own liking. Considering there's a lot of creative freedom when it comes to carving jack-o-lanterns yourself, the sky is the limit as to what kinds of faces you can carve on pumpkins. Happy faces, scary faces, you can even carve something like a caricature of a real life celebrity or a fictional character or something non-facial as a Halloween symbol like ghosts and bats. In addition to traditional jack-o-lanterns, you can also buy an electric jack-o-lantern or just paint and decorate a pumpkin. Not as fun as making a jack-o-lantern, but the former should be less time-consuming and the latter can be just as fun as the good old tradition itself.

2 Bats

And now we approach the vile vermin of the brooding and darkening air of Hallow's Eve. These mischievous bloodsuckers are a common staple of both outdoor Halloween decor at the midst of one's doorsteps and Halloween parties! From hanging props to paper cut-outs, these vampiric acrobats are at least 90/10 guaranteed to reign best in the air where they rule. But wait, there's more! You could probably even buy an animatronic one that flies around automatically by battery or electrical power! Either way, bats are here to stay as All Hallow's Eve says!

3 Ghosts

Paper cut-outs, sock-puppets, or even human-sized model hanging props are what the ghouls and ghosts of the haunting dead can appear as at any grim and ghoulish residence's domain. That, and... Maybe a sponge who lives under the sea with his entire brain exposed. Bedsheet ghosts are a classic and simple Halloween costume, but hanging ghosts flying in the air in the dusk of darkness are a thing too. And sometimes, ghosts don't have to be generically white-colored for decor. Decor like them can have a fashion sense too, so docking them with some blood stains and whatnot should spook things up a bit. Give it a try!

4 Black Cats

What better way to put out Halloween decorations than the mascot of Friday the 13th and misfortune? Honestly, it makes me feel bad cats are misrepresented as evil feline creatures, but on the bright side, you got to love the prominence of the black cat on Halloween. It isn't just a hot co- "YEOW! What did I do? " Anyways, let's cut to the chase here. Set them as statues, large stickers, paper cut-outs, etc. Shouldn't be too hard, right? And perhaps if you're a cat lover, perhaps this might be one decoration to consider having as your main decor theme.

5 Fog Machines

If the wicked witch's cauldron is what you wish to mimic, look no further than fog machines. Granted, these may cost a lot of money, but if you can afford it, expect to have a high chance of winning a Halloween decoration contest. Because who doesn't like the special effects of the fog machine that best reflects and imitates the style of the scary and spooky feel of Halloween night? On a side note, a FOG BUBBLE MACHINE would be even better! I've seen one up close before and I can guarantee you that these fog machines truly deliver with their shady fog fright and frivolous nature.

6 Skeletons

Spooky scary skeletons! Send shivers down your spine! Shrieking skulls will shock your soul! Seal your doom tonight… Now if we can just have a skeleton caricature holding a popcorn ball in his hand for a little girl to pick up with delight under the supervision of her scary godmother. Shoehorned homages aside, skeletons are just as important to Halloween decor as ghosts, bats, and any other second-rate decor that isn't the first-rate jack-o-lantern. Both a popular symbol of Halloween and also the Day of the Dead in Mexico, skeletons are ideal for the spooky scary decor you need to send shivers down everyone's spines! That, or at least a few skulls or limb bones will do. Grim be jamming out like a spooky skeleton this Halloween season.

7 Tombstones

"All lies on a plate of illusion, yet the girl rests in this case... 'Phantom Maiden'!... I can't get enough of this." - Carmilla (Fate/Grand Order). Okay, so that line of dialogue might fit more along the lines of coffins, but I feel that it's at least relevant to this item in question. Halloween has the dead, the living dead, the undead, The Walking Dead, and now, the pillow of the dead. In other words, the tombstone is to the pillow as the coffin is to the bed. Given zombies are prominent themes on Halloween, tombstones would best shine in a cemetery-themed front yard, where those who pass it must traverse legions of tombstones and avoid disturbing the testing dead...

8 Spider Webs

These cobwebs of horror will surely lure in your trick-or-treating prey! Spider webs are indeed fine by-products of the titular 8-legged king of creepy crawlies. You can either get them as life-like drapes of string or maybe just the generic styrofoam cobwebs. But in any case, these fabrications of the arachnid are fit for any outdoor or indoor Halloween decor. So these will be sure to attract both deliciously jovial trick-o-treaters and haunting party guests! Just be sure not to fall for those Skittles bait webs by that large talking spider from that Skittles commercial or there won't be any tasting the rainbow this Hallow's Eve!

9 Vampires

Loved out people with vampire fangs.

I just watched Seraph of the end..all these vampires are in over my head

10 Coffins

This and tombstones should go along together well. Coffins at the very least are very competent second-rate Halloween decorations since you can do something like- oh, wait, Lucretia took the words right out of my mouth. Eh, got to thank her for the idea of what creative liberty can be taken with these coffins. Real names, bone and body part props, and how about Halloween puns as well and maybe some cutesy or grimly decorative lining and patterns along the boundaries of the coffin itself? Why not throw in a fake body corpse or a vampire or zombie mannequin? Either way, you might want to consider taking all these ideas into mind if you're thinking about using coffins for your All Hallow's Eve house getup.

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11 Animated Halloween Decor

I remember one time while I was trick-or-treating in the past that as I walked up to the doorsteps of one house, an miniature animatronic skeleton in a cage suddenly started screaming out of nowhere and scared the living caramel out of me! Wow, I don't think I've ever been more spooked out by any other Halloween decoration than that one, let alone in its own niche! In the time we live now, there's bound to be more technically complex and intricate masterpieces of animated Halloween decor like that one! Perhaps a talking door ring button like one that I came across at Harris Teeter? Or maybe dancing Halloween figures and skeletons? And I thought jack-o-lanterns were the only ones with unlimited creativity! Tell me what kinds are there that you all know of!

12 Halloween Inflatables

What could possibly be better than a jack-o-lantern? An inflatable jack-o-lantern! And not just those kinds of Halloween inflatables! These inflatables can also range from ghosts to witches to Frankenstein's Monster and so on! While these may not put the fright in frightening, these kinds of decorations both light up the night and are a good sight! In addition, these go-well with kid-friendly Halloween decor, so they're all the more visually appealing if you aim to decorate for the trick-o-treaters.

13 Reaper
14 Zombies
15 Grim Reaper
16 Witches
17 Door Knocker
18 Lights
19 Mummies
20 Clowns
21 Puppets
22 Spiders
23 Horror Icons
24 Crows
25 Creepy Teddy Bears
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