Top Ten Most Important Habits People Should Practice

Building a mindset comprising of good habits or at least one good habit, and replacing bad habits can be generally difficult for most people; most bad habits such as addiction tend to please most of the majority, making it hard to resist temptations of these habits. Replacing bad habits and mastering these good habits are known to increase life quality in effective ways, explained in the folowing ten prime examples of good habits stated below the list.
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1 Reading

From books, newspapers, to any kind of literature fiction or non-fiction of any genre. As most people knows, reading can expand your knowledge, giving you some new ideas or anything never known before in your lifetime. Reading information related articles on a digital device is optional, but it's more effective when habitually done on real books as they tend to be more reliable sources than compared to the internet.

Of course! It's fun, easy, productive, and much more detailed than a movie!

Not only books and newspaper. Articles too.

2 Exercising Daily

People often love to slack off on their beds and couches daily; however, exercising can be a good habit to practice daily, strictly. Be it lifting weights, push-ups, stretching, or even a light walk; don't overwork too hard though, it doesn't need to be that way. Not only exercise simply strengthens muscle/loses you weight; exercising elevates energy, relieves negative emotion, grows motivation, improve brain function; many other benefits are gained from exercising. Even around 20-30 minutes of light exercise can make a significant impact to your overall health.

3 Healthy Eating

Junk foods are often addicting, but sacrifices your overall wellness. It is relatively common to see people have strong bad eating habits. Avoiding junk food cravings can be a real challenge for many people unfortunately. Fruits are a good start to healthy eating; start with a healthy balanced diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, and good protein sources everyday. Eating a healthy meal daily can improve wellness and overall lifestyle quality, while significantly decreasing the risks of certain cancers and illness. Once you crave about potato chips or anything junk, replace it with eating fruits and that should be your new healthier obsession.

I'm going on a diet

4 Studying

Goes specifically to students. Studying is one of the most important things in life generally. For the vast majority, it's very hard for students to constantly get motivated in studying; for those who can't keep up, maintaining optimism and looking up motivational sources may help you into working your studies. A good reminder is to don't exert yourself too much, and take occasional breaks as possible in order to study effectively.

5 Good Manners

These are important habits most people don't seem to have nowadays. It's not just the common general politeness and the "Thank you" or "Please" manners. Manners can range from table manners, listening, selflessness, eye contact, genuine compliments/apologies, taking criticism with grace, etc. Which many people tend to not have. Practicing good manners of any kind will make you be more approachable to other people.

Basic. Is it hard to say 'Thank You'? I don't know why some people don't practise it.

Always good to have selflessness and being genuine with polite words

6 Inspiration Seeking

It's easy for our motivations to quickly drain while doing a certain task or goal, specifically if it takes hardwork or a long time to accomplish, or both. Looking up various inspirational quotes or listening to inspirational music are examples of great sources of motivation as a starter. It's best to look these up daily and consistently to maintain good productivity.

This is same as optimism

Similar to optimism?

7 Optimism

It's known that general pessimism and depression are getting more common throughout the world; specifically on the US. Negative thought thinking and general concerns do seem to be a bad habit in most people nowadays. For the majority, it's hard to maintain strong optimism in a constantly competitive shifting world; through failures, conflicts, let-downs in general; once you master the habit of optimism, you may notice life quality may be improved significantly this way.

8 Tooth Brushing

Many people tend to brush teeth once a day. Most people and dentists recommend brushing twice to ensure no cavities are laying around; no more or no less. Brushing thrice is optional, but it's not ideal daily. Flossing can be another good addition to dental hygiene habits.

9 Journaling

Developing a consistent habit of journaling (writing a personal journal of your life experiences) can be a good way to express your thoughts, to track and reflect what you've done in life, what events/experiences you've been involved in. It can be also be a great motivator of revising past events you've been involved in your lifetime; to helping you clearly see your sense of purpose and to pursue your future goals in life.

Nothing wrong with writing down your experiences, even if there's nobody to see them

10 Listening
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11 Meditation

Spiritual person or not. Practicing mindful meditation can have a positive impact on your life quality; relieves stress, boosts memory, creates ideas, and lowers bad addiction cravings possibly. Meditation is most effective when done with consistency on a daily routine.

This need to be #1

12 Washing Hands

Now more than ever.

13 Planning
14 Social Distancing
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