Top Ten Worst Things About Baby Boomers

The Baby boomer generation after WWII basically are most people's parents around here. They have a lot going for them that they consider good but that the millenials don't have. I identify as a millenial because much of what I remember growing up was at its peak in the 2000s, but the stuff my parents keep repeating to me about their past lifes is getting really annoying. What's the worst?
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1 The richest of boomers have ruined the economy

This one might need some explaining, but here we go. The richest of the boomers ran some successful businesses and governments pretty well, but because of their wanting of more and more, it led to ruin around 2008 with the recession. This in particular caused a housing bubble. Then they think that the children they have will have it easy in the job market SPEAKING OF WHICH...

2 They are incessantly stubborn to work with

Also pertains to the success stories as above. All they know for sure is their successes, and wanting the younger generations to have that success is not a reality they can see. The thing to note about THIS item though, is how a millenial and a baby boomer will probably get along in any given workplace. Yes. working with someone older than me but obviously a baby boomer, they have some sort of obvious time with the company they've been in, but also have a stubborn attitude on how things are always done. "My way or the high way" if you will.

3 They think that millennials should be as successful as they are

In reality, the boomers are just lucky bastards. They didn't have to deal with expensive education, housing, or even food, not to mention the job market was expansive, something that is extremely restricted in today's society. They use the excuses they had growing up to encourage their own children to be as successful as them, yet that doesn't seem as possible as they would like to think.

4 They are responsible for creating the millennial attitude

If you ever wonder why millenials are usually rebellious teenagers at heart, it's because of the stubborn mules who tried to parent them the ways they wanted to be raised. Again, this ties in with other items because guess what, the economy collapsed because of successful boomer industries, and millennials are only starting their careers at that time the recession basically began. Or not even have proper careers in the first place because what is left? So the millennials act entitled because the boomer parents were somehow more entitled.

5 They push their children into debt

Well done, boomers, you push your poor children to go to college, yet AT THE SAME TIME your fellow boomer peers are the ones who end up making the colleges so expensive that affording it is a major problem. All because you wanted them to have the same success you got.

6 Their "when I was your age" or "back in my day" mentality

How many of you are tired of this? Even if a boomer isn't your parent (or even A parent) they always act like the good old days were better, before all the technology which was DESIGNED to make things easier took place.

My mother isn't a baby boomer but she has this mentality too...

7 The vast majority of boomers are racist, sexist, or homophobic

They grew up when this stuff was socially acceptable. They dare challenge people in this day and age and they get burned.

8 They screwed over an entire generation in politics

They screwed over an entire generation in jobs and careers. I would have loved a job with Ma Bell...then they automated. Good luck getting job advice from them--what's theirs is theirs, and YOU'RE SCREWED!

What this means: well a number of things. Boomers are usually who's running all the current governments in the world, but what's bad is that they often refuse to compromise in any efforts of good change. This item also applies to boomer voters, who still make up a fantastically large amount of voters. More boomers voted for Trump and more boomers actually voted for Brexit.

9 They leave the younger generations to fix problems they caused

An example would be a boomer-run industry that has actually harmed the planet's environment. Since this was an excessive generation, they are the most to blame, with some boomer-run companies being largely responsible for pollutants and environmental damage. And now with some millennials landing some jobs, they are the ones who actually have to clean up the messes the boomers have caused!

10 They want younger generations to babysit them
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11 They will soon die
12 They’re entitled
13 They are arrogant
14 They treat millennials like they are ten years old

Although I am just on the fringe of being a boomer I am annoyed at their unwillingness to hand the reins over. Our country is broke and in desperate need of new policies and procedures. Get those old goats out and put some young people in with fresh concepts that will fix what they broke.

They keep calling millennials "kids", even if they are in their 20s.

if a millennial is ever president & prime minister of any sovereignty they would have to clap back against crossgenerational/generational apathy/inconsideration, generations going against other generations will set off atomic nuclear holocausts throughout all over the world, nobody ever wants any nuclear atomic holocaust to happen/occur, to make the world safer & easier is to invest more in gerontology, natural scientists & artificial intelligent scientists can solve the complications of ageing/aging in regards to gerontology. the lack of funds/money going towards gerontology isn't enough & if more go towards gerontology research there would be less national terrorism occurring in the world, gerontology should be fully understood by now due to the presence of artificial intelligence, unchecked ageing/aging correlation patterns risks life in this world in horrifying scenarios that is being risked by those elected in/into political power & refuse to retire due to ones level of cognitive capacity, retirement should be shrunk downed & downgraded to those that doesn't benefit humanity in any capacity, if self image regardless of generation is the life source of money & economics why do we keep ending up in wars no one shouldn't be involved in? toxic entitlement dissolves existing systems & those systems are being considered economically unsalvagable due to how dangerously entitled everyone individually & collectively is risking the future of wars that'll end life as we know it. ones stupidity & ones superiority are the only two economic issues keeping the world from barely keeping itself alive & together in this period of history, everything is great yes currently but due to chronic generational apathy would make homelands go up against itself for reasons that shouldn't be considered problems to begin with & those individuals who caused those world economic destroying problems should have their voting rights revoked for refusing to understand/understanding the side of... more

15 They are ruining Social Security
16 They called Ok Boomer an ageism slur

It kinda is in hindsight.

17 They are senile
18 They expect millennials to go to work every day

Whoever added this thanks. although this conflicts with another added item "They need to step aside and stop treating millennials like they are still ten years old." they actually do this more often once you reach at least 16. the moment you are there they tell you "get a job so you gain money" and are obsessed with the idea of getting money it's creepy and makes you think they want you to get money so they can get money.

19 They are ruining the environment

Baby Boomers are considered to be the greediest generation, and its time make the environment better.

20 They are smartasses
21 They spank their kids
22 They have no empathy
23 They blame video games for violence

I never ran around robbing banks and killing cops after playing Roblox: Jailbreak. I never shot and stabbed people after playing Halo and Call of Duty. I never killed people and default danced or did Take the L on them after playing Fortnite.

I am 15 and play Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, Halo 5, and Minecraft. I have no criminal record.

Saying video games cause violence is like saying spoons cause obesity.

24 They call Gen Z a Millennial
25 They can't accept their age

Yes I agree. They ruined all for millennials and another future generations. I can't wait when they will all extinct like Dinosaurs they are.

Because they try to fool themselves by dressing like it's 1966...and their bodies are NOT fit!

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