Top 10 Most Possible Things that Could Happen Because of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus outbreak is such a disaster that will be remembered for decades, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. So, what about the future? Will it really kill millions and destroy the global economy, or can it be just a normal pandemic like the swine flu? (This list was made on 4/20)
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1 The Death of 10 Million People

1 million? Maybe. I mean, there are going to be SJWs and Karens who still won't practice social distancing for some reason. As of July 27, there have been about 656,000 deaths. If there are about 5,000 deaths per day, then we'd be 69 days (yes, 69 of all numbers) away from that milestone.

But 10 million? Absolutely not. Unless that many people are stupid enough not to practice social distancing, and with a vaccine that could easily be coming soon, it has no chance. With a death rate of under 4% (the rate is about 3.94%, to be more specific), it would have to spend over half a decade this rough to be able to kill 10 million people, and it would have to infect over 250 million people, which is pretty doubtful. Honestly, there's a low chance of even 2 million deaths. Oh, and if you're going to tell me to look at the closed cases to get more info, I did look at it, and the deaths among those were barely 6% (about 6.03%, to be more specific), so yeah, with as many as 200,000 more people recovering every day, I'm telling you it has no chance of 10 million.

2 A Vaccine Being Made in 2021

It's July 16, and yesterday I saw something about a vaccine that can make you immune. If that's true, it's a good sign, and soon the numbers should be going down. Let's just cross our fingers that this will happen.

EDIT: It's July 27 now, and I heard that the vaccine is in the final stage of testing before it's officially released, so we can only hope it's a success.

Yes, most sources agree with this. The coronavirus is such a new pandemic that we have never seen before. Despite all of the technology and millions of doctors we have, we are at the beginning of this long journey to find a cure. The problem is, how much will we lose until then?

3 An Enormous Economic Disaster for the United States

The US economy is suffering its greatest hit since the Great Depression. It has lost 6% of its total GDP, and it will get worse. Many people, like taxi drivers, don't work at all, and people in states like New York can barely buy anything except food. It's a bad time to be an American citizen.

4 Trump Loses the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election

If the elections happen in the first place, Trump is most likely to lose due to his bad decisions in fighting this pandemic. I mean, New York alone has more deaths than any other country.

He's been the worst president of all time, doing horribly at everything and proving that some humans don't deserve to live, so obviously Biden will win.

This would be a horrible thing. We need him to win.

5 The 2020 Presidential Elections Will Be Delayed

With this chaos, the elections have a great chance of being delayed to the next year. Maybe they can be done on the internet, but it won't be the same.

No! We need Trump out as soon as possible.

Just keep Mr. Trump for four more years.

6 China Becomes the World's Leading Economy

China has done a great job fighting the pandemic to the point that people now get it from outside the country. Its economy is most likely to grow, unlike the rest of the world, this summer. It is also ahead of any other country in finding a vaccine and produces more medical equipment than any other country.

It's going to happen someday. They're already in control of the production of most things.

Yeah, that's happening right now, if anything.

7 Africa Becomes the New Centre of the Pandemic

I know that Africa doesn't have that many cases, but it is so poor that if the coronavirus spreads, they won't be able to fight it. We are not even sure if it has already spread to tens of thousands or not, especially in countries like the DRC or South Sudan.

No, Trump is so bad he'll keep the US in its terrible position.

8 Government of National Accord Wins the Libyan Civil War

The war has been going on since 2014, and it looked like Haftar would win. But now, without support from oil-rich countries, his army has been defeated in the western parts of Tripoli, and he has lost hundreds of soldiers.

9 Latin America Becomes the New Centre of the Pandemic

Latin America is a poor region, just like Africa. Since all Latin American countries have many congested slum areas, there's no doubt they may even become the new epicenter of the coronavirus.

Again, Trump will make sure it stays in the US.

10 World War III

Think about it. Coronavirus has already caused World War III. Only this time, the enemy is the virus, and the heroes are not soldiers but the nursing staff and carers. The whole world is pulling together to defeat one powerful enemy. This IS World War III.

Not even close. Over 85 million people died during WWII.

If Trump and Xi are stupid enough to start it.

The Contenders
11 Anti-Vaxxers Will Be Put in Prison

I'm looking forward to about a year from now when the vaccine is finally available. Anyone who refuses to get the shot will be put in jail and forcibly injected with it.

A lot of people are saying they will not get the vaccine. I would say to make them do it.

12 Cyberpunk 2077 Being Delayed

It is the most anticipated game of the year for me, but it's so bad that people cannot go to the store to buy it now.

Just buy it on Steam, set the graphics to at least medium to run perfectly... good to go.

13 Worldwide Death Toll from Starvation in the Third World Will Exceed Coronavirus Death Toll Due to Shutdown of the West's Economy

It's already happening. Thousands of garment workers in Bangladesh are now without jobs because orders for clothing have been totally shut off. Starvation will follow shortly.

If the US and European economies have a severe downturn, there is an extreme domino effect on billions of poor people around the world.

Also, most charities will dry up, and foreign aid from the West will cease. The poor people of the world are in big trouble.

14 Donald Trump Gets Executed
15 Donald Trump Gets Re-Elected
16 A Third Coronavirus Wave
17 U.S. Goes to War with China

Depends if Trump's IQ is actually low enough to think that war is the answer.

18 Houthis Wins the Yemeni Civil War

The Houthis have controlled the capital, Sanaa, since 2014. Saudi Arabia has been backing the government, but just like Libya, without oil, they are most likely to stop support and lose.

19 Humanity Will Possibly Go Into a 2nd Dark Age