Top 10 Things We're All Doing While Under Coronavirus Lockdown

It's funny how with all of our perceived differences, people remain so similar. A massive shared experience like the 2020 lockdown brings to light the things we have in common.

This list is for the specific things we find ourselves doing as a result of being under lockdown that others are doing as well. It's not for the big, obvious, or vague things like "staying at home" or "playing video games".

Vote for what you are also doing during the lockdown or add more of the things you find yourself doing each day that you suspect others are doing as well.
The Top Ten
1 Spending hours on the internet on our tiny phones while sitting in front of our computers

Haha, that's me. I'm on the computer but then I'll just switch to my phone.

No I'm not! I watch TV while playing VR while on my phone while using computer.

2 Asking ourselves, "Am I hungry or bored?"

Get up from the couch. Open the pantry and stare. Open the fridge and stare. Return to the couch empty handed. Repeat every 30 minutes.

The question that sums up my sister, these days.

I honestly don't know the difference anymore...

3 Thinking of all the home projects we could be doing, and not doing them

All this time and all these potential chores, and yet they remain unfinished. Hard to reconcile all those times we didn't clean the garage, didn't organize our closets, and didn't repaint the walls when we now have more time than we ever wanted and no desire to use it productively.

I bought this Crystal Growing kit and I still have yet to do it. I should probably be doing that instead of commenting about it on a website.

I always want to draw, play board games, fix my cabinets, and etc. during my spare time, but I can't because of my irresistible internet addiction! DX

So relatable!

4 Desperately trying to bring the old productive schedule back (to avoid failing exams) but ending up wasting the whole day due to excessive procrastination

As a long time procrastinator, this is so true and relatable!

I'm starting exams this year...I'm worried...

5 Changing out of our night time pajamas into our daytime pajamas

Nowhere to be, no one to see. Comfort trumps all.

6 Debating between continuing to sport an overgrown hairstyle and risking cutting our own hair

I would tend to opt for the former I already do that actually.

I already cut my hair during quarantine...

Overgrown for me, cos some people in zoom meetings are a bit of a no no

7 Trying desperately and frustratedly to get work done in the home environment

I know that my productivity will never be what it is when I'm at work, but nevertheless I get through thrice the normal amount of coffee and bang my head on my desk as a result of my usual work ethic.

8 Exploring the dark recesses of the Netflix library

Tiger King, Ozark, and the other popular shows delving into the darker side of humanity are a good start, but how many episodes are you in to I Am a Killer or the deeper cuts like Forensic Files?

9 Video chatting with friends and family

UGH person above me if you haven't 'wore your day pajamas yet you are not in the quarintine spirit.

10 Pushing the lower limits of how much toilet paper is required to get the job done

It's all good when a new package of toilet paper is always waiting for you at the local store, but when people start hoarding like the apocalypse is near, people's fear of running out of toiletries actually makes it happen. A classic self-fulfilling prophecy.

Prophecy come true, there is a very real chance that you could have to move on to plan B when it comes to keeping your derriere clean if you are too careless with your supply. No longer are we spinning the roll and collecting the bounty. Now, reeling off the perfect amount of toilet paper is much more measured and scientific. Experimentation and research now dictates how many squares is required.

The Contenders
11 Teaching yourself to cook things previously unknown to you
12 Only worrying about our appearance from the waist up because that's all that will be seen in video conferencing

Coronavirus Chic: carefully styled hair, clean shaven or made up face, work appropriate shirt or blouse, boxer shorts or flannel pants, and house slippers.

13 Dusting off old board games, jigsaw puzzles, and coloring books

When you've watched all the TV you can handle, burned yourself out on video games, and don't feel like doing any more household chores, then maybe it's time to return to the classics. Many of us in our youth didn't have all the electronics kids have today, but we got by. Now is a great time to relive those days.

14 Social distancing

We did NOT abide by the social distancing playbook for my parents' anniversary. We had the whole family (except one of my cousins) over for little cupcakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes

The sad thing is that not many people are social distancing.

15 Pretending to pay attention while video conferencing

Whenever I'm in online class, I go on YouTube and watch videos while in the class so that they think I'm paying attention.

16 Binge watching movie series

Watched almost all the Mission Impossible movies, but started with Fallout instead of the first Mission Impossible, and worked backwards from there.

It's not movies for me but I did just start watching Criminal Minds. It's on most of the time, which is good because it's always on. My favs are Morgen & Reid. Morgen is sexy and Reid is so smart and funny.

Once you start you can't stop, when you have a lot of time there is nothing else to do than binge watch.

17 Wearing the same clothes everyday

I've been wearing my favourite pink shirt for 3 days in a row.

I did wear the same pajama for 3 months.

18 Learning to play an instrument
19 Accumulating money that you would otherwise be wasting

I'm saving a fortune on bus fares. Think I'll treat myself to some toilet paper. Oh, forgot, I can't...

Through not socializing I am saving loads of money plus managing to get them odd jobs done!

20 Making lists on TheTopTens about things we’re all doing while in lockdown
21 Inventing new cocktails using whatever alcohol is remaining in the house

In today's Iron Bartender challenge our contestants will be provided with the dregs of a novelty flavored pack of vodka mini bottles received as a gift two Christmases ago, a can of diet soda, and some freezer burned ice cream. Let's see what they can come up with.

Weirdest drink you've ever made- GO!

22 Binge watching shows you hate
23 Eating everything in the fridge

This is my life's purpose, quarantine, or not.

24 Having a fashion show indoors
25 Reading George Orwell's 1984

Conservative always like to sight works of literature written by socialists for some reason.

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