Top 10 Reasons People Get Tattoos

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1 Stupidity

That's why I have a watermelon tattoo. I am stupid sometimes.

Yeah right, tattoos are like the worst thing ever and What I can say that when you want to get it off you need a laser it removes then you get a scar in your skin and that It will never come off that's the worst job tattoos and piercings.

They don't know what they're doing to their bodies.

Speaks for itself... For most people.

2 Lack of Self-esteem

I don't even know what to say, to be honest here... but there are so many different reasons but this was the one that I can agree the most from personal experience (ps I don't have a tattoo)

3 To Look Hot

Tattoos are culturally and generationally in. People want to align themselves with norms the culture finds attractive.

4 To Look Big and Bad

No they look stupid.

5 As a Tribute to Something

I believe any tattoo is a great tattoo if it stands for something, and has a good meaning behind it.

The only tattoo worth getting is one that means something to you, like a cause you stand for.

I have a tiger tatted on my chest because my dad died.

That what tattoos are for.

6 To Look Cool

For awhile they might think that. It's a long life.

7 Self Expression

A lot of hate on this list and not sure why. A lot of people do get stupid tattoos or just want to look tough, but most of people who get tats are trying to express whats important to them or how they think/behave. Its not even for other people for me. And for those who say its just to show off then why do people buy certain clothes or wear makeup? To show off I guess

Some might hang art on walls, but us, we carry it with us where ever we go to tell others our story. I don't think a tattoo becomes part of the soul, but I do feel that it may act as a window through which one can see the mind and as a shield which protects us from those who cannot see past skin.

I love watermelons so I tattooed it.

8 To Rebel
9 Peer Pressure
10 Boredom

All of these reasons are most likely coming from a person with no tattoos. Maybe you should learn to have an open mind about tattoos and not just think these things, yes these can be some reasons but most of the time they aren't! Maybe the person is getting the tattoo because they like it SO WHAT? BE OPEN MINDED that's ALL I ASK!

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11 Cover Up Scars

Amputees or people with scars will often get tattoos to cover up their scars and wounds.

12 Claim Authority Over the Skin That They Are In

That's the thread running through all the divers reasons that people do, ultimately though it's just because they can, they choose to, and they claim authority over the skin that they are in.

13 To Destroy Their Relationship with God

This is stupid. This isn't even a reason.

14 For Fun
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