Top 10 Reasons People Get Tattoos

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1 Stupidity

That's why I have a watermelon tattoo. Sometimes, I am stupid.

Yes, right. Tattoos are like the worst thing ever. What I can say is that when you want to remove them, you need a laser. Then you're left with a scar on your skin, and it will never fully disappear. That's the worst thing about tattoos and piercings.

They don't understand the impact on their bodies.

2 Lack of Self-esteem

I don't even know what to say, to be honest. There are so many different reasons, but from personal experience, this is the one I resonate with the most. (P.S. I don't have a tattoo.)

3 To Look Hot

Tattoos are in, both culturally and generationally. People want to align themselves with what the culture finds attractive.

4 To Look Big and Bad
5 As a Tribute to Something

I believe any tattoo is a great tattoo if it stands for something and has a meaningful story behind it.

The only tattoo worth getting is one that means something to you, like a cause you stand for.

I have a tiger tattooed on my chest in memory of my dad.

6 To Look Cool

For a while, they might think that. Life is long.

7 Self Expression

There seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding this list, and I'm not sure why. Many people may get tattoos that seem unwise or simply to appear tough. However, the majority of individuals who get tattoos do so to express what's important to them or to reflect their thoughts and behaviors. For me, it's not about showing off to others. And for those who argue it's all for show, then why do people buy certain clothes or wear makeup? To show off, I suppose.

Some people might hang art on their walls, but we carry ours with us wherever we go to share our stories with others. I don't believe a tattoo becomes part of the soul, but I do think it can serve as a window into one's mind and as a shield against those who can't see beyond the skin.

8 To Rebel
9 Peer Pressure
10 Boredom
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11 Cover Up Scars

Amputees or people with scars often get tattoos to cover up their scars and wounds.

12 Claim Authority Over the Skin That They Are In

That's the underlying theme among the diverse reasons people get tattoos. Ultimately, it's about choice. They choose to claim authority over the skin they are in.

13 To Destroy Their Relationship with God
14 For Fun
15 Insecurity
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