Top Ten Reasons Why Boys Should Not Be Afraid to Wear Makeup

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1 Boys can look better with makeup on

I'm a girl and I think guys look SO good with makeup on, but I think they're better with small stuff like eye liner than eye shadow over their whole eye lid, just saying.

Like Billie Joe Armstrong or Gerard Way, I think that they look better with makeup on. But I don't focus on looks on musicians(they're musicians so I don't care about looks, this's just an example).

I've seen many boys with eyeliner on in my school because my group of friends tried dressing up as girls once and we got addicted.

2 It's self enhancement

I kind of agree with this list but honestly I would say I don't really want to wear it anyway and I imagine most boys wouldn't want to anyway rather than being exactly scared to wear it.

I'm a straight boy and I wear eyeliner, I wear it because I like to because I feel I look better with it on.

3 Boys are not trying to be girls by wearing makeup

And girls with short hair are not trying to be boys. There are makeup specifically designed for us boys.

Just because I wear eyeliner doesn't mean I'm trying to be a girl.

4 Makeup isn't made for girls

I never thought of it, but it's true. I've never seen anything saying "for women only" or anything of that nature...It's just, for whatever reason, always been assumed that it was for females. But, look at Jeffree Star, he looks fantastic with makeup on, does he not?

I'm going to halfway disagree with this one. I think makeup was/is originally made for girls, but guys can still wear it and look great.

By saying Makeup is only for girls is like saying baggy jeans are only made for boys(which is not true). Personal care product are for everyone.

Eh, it's aimed towards girls though so I half disagree.

5 Boys don't look that strange with makeup on

It's dependent on what type of makeup they put on, but you're not going to look hideous as soon as makeup touches your face.

6 It's simply our choice

I wear eyeliner because I want to, so does other boys. No one can rule me for it.

7 It's about ''personal care''

If you don't want people to see your pimples just cover it up.

8 ''Boys can't wear make up'' is not a rule

No one is ruling you for it, you have right to wear it.

9 There's nothing wrong with boys wearing makeup

I don't think anything is wrong with boys wearing makeup. My crush wears it and he looks really cute. It's time we brought down all the gender bias. Yes, boys can wear skirts and Yes, girls can run a house!

What do girls think about this? Do you think there's anything wrong with boys wearing makeup?

10 Some boys may feel happy about wearing makeup

It's what we like, If boys like me want to wear eyeliner it doesn't bother anyone.

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11 It is okay for boys to do things that are perceived as traditionally feminine
12 It doesn’t make them gay
13 There is no technical reason boys can't wear makeup
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