Top 10 Reasons Why Donald Trump is Awful

Ok, I really dislike Trump and here are my reasons as to why. And to any of you Trump supporters reading this, I am not a SJW. I am left leaning and I may hate Trump, but I also hate SJWs too.
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1 He is racist

He must pay those Black people to stand behind him at his rallies, or he's drugged them because anyone that isn't white to support this individual must be as brain-dead as he is.

This, as well as his views on society, countries, climate change, and everything else on this list, are the primary reasons why I don't like him as a president.

Sadly, lots of people are following his example, and racism is getting worse in the US thanks to him.

2 He made fun of a disabled person

How did he become president again? Sure, he's better than Hillary Clinton, but that doesn't say much.

That's just upsetting to the person targeted.

You mean he made fun of himself?

3 His policies are stupid

He almost ran as a Progressive Democrat, and then he instills his utterly ignorant, unscientific, redneck policies that only someone like Sarah Palin would run on. This man really is a dumb southerner, even more stupid than Bush.

I agree that we need to crack down on undocumented immigrants, but:

1. Why separate families? That's just cruel.
2. About the wall, people can just use a boat, which renders the wall useless.
3. Why would Mexico pay for that wall?

I detest his immigration policy. It's so cruel and inhumane.

4 He is sexist

Yes, he is. He said 61 sexist things about women, and his views about women are so horrible!

His views on women are horrible.

5 He banned transgender individuals from serving in the military

Non-binaries or people with transgender identities don't deserve to be banned from America. He was even about to ban TikTok, which is kind of addicting. Joe Biden is smarter.

He should just be thankful that there are people willing to fight for the country.

As long as you are fighting for our freedom and protection, I don't care what you are.

6 He believes climate change is a hoax

Climate change is real, not a hoax. Donald Trump is such a liar! So, I agree, mega massive ultra big time!

Yeah, climate change is real. It's just that some people think science is a hoax.

Despite the evidence, he's reducing renewable energy initiatives.

7 He encouraged his supporters to raid the Capitol

Yes, there's proof of this all around the Internet too. He delivered a speech (and if you don't believe me, search it up for yourself) to his supporters telling them to do exactly what happened, and this happened all because he lost the election.

Even if you think that he was cheated out of being president, planning a raid on a federal building is still terrorism. I cannot think of any possible way to deny any of that. Oh yes, and after the raid, he just told his people to "go home in peace" instead of expressing any sort of regret on how violent any of it was or condemning them for anything they did. What a great President he must be.

8 He appointed Ajit Pai as chairman of the FCC, which endangered the internet

I don't know anything about Ajit Pai, but if Trump supported him, he must be a freak, racist, liar, and misogynist.

He appointed Ajit Pai as the chairman, and Ajit Pai wanted to dismantle net neutrality.

I'm going to miss the internet. It's almost gone.

9 He broke his promise

He said he would try not to attack other countries, but he attacked Syria twice.

He promised me that I would get rich. He didn't keep that promise.

Which one? Because he's broken quite a few.

10 He is careless with his words

This is the biggest thing I don't like about him. He doesn't think before he says anything and ends up saying a lot of regrettable things.

I am mostly indifferent about Trump, but I think the way he handles foreign affairs is awful. He just says the wrong things and ends up offending people.

At least half of his tweets would not have been posted if he'd taken a moment to really think about what he was saying.

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11 He downplayed the Coronavirus

I know there were still "covidiots" or whatever we like to call those anti-maskers or people who refuse to social distance and all that, but a president acting like a pandemic is literally nothing is way more terrible than all of that. Trump was the leader of the United States. He was someone whom people look up to, and if he argued that the virus was literally nothing, then chances are people are more inclined to listen to his nonsense.

He downplayed the Coronavirus 31 times, as far as I can tell, so I agree, mega ultra big time!

12 He defended authoritarian rulers in Russia, North Korea, the Philippines, Egypt, and China
13 He endorsed Roy Moore

Roy Moore is a child molester who shouldn't have even run for governor. Thankfully, he lost.

He had to. Roy Moore is a Republican.

A rapist should not be tolerated.

14 He is narcissistic

He's always acting as if he's a god and thinks he won't lose any of his followers even if he shot a random person. But then again, maybe he could be correct because if he butchered kittens and puppies, his supporters would still cheer for him like the ignorant fools most of them are.

He thinks he's better than everyone else and is always looking in the mirror.

15 He blocked Syrian refugees from entering the U.S
16 He declared a national emergency to fund his wall
17 He attacked Iran without justification
18 He ignores gun violence
19 Despite being in his 70s, he behaves like a 5-year-old

Very true. Thanks to whoever added this.

My boy is woke with this statement.

20 He insults America's veterans

He should realize the reason he's rich and president is because soldiers went to fight in wars and died. Does he thank them, or does he not?

POTUS more like pompous ass.

He should be grateful they risk their lives and leave their loved ones to protect America.

21 He exhibits Islamophobia
22 He referred to Haiti and El Salvador as "sh*thole" countries
23 He complained about sending money to Puerto Rico while thousands were dying in Hurricane Maria

This should be ranked higher than him having a dead cat on his head.

24 He's ugly
25 He referred to white supremacists as "very fine people"

White supremacists harm black children. (I'm referring to the KKK)

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