Most Traumatizing Things that Can Happen to a Person

What I meant by "traumatised" and "mentally shook" is the things that happened on your life that has rather haunt you and left a burden in your mind. A mental darkness affected by the bad things in life. If some of my items are rather exaggerated, just letting you know that I'm a mentally frail man and I'm rather sensitive when it comes to damn mental pain.
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1 Being raped

It's rather one of the most horrific and the most traumatizing thing any person could go through. Being violated wrongfully can make the person have PTSD and it's very difficult for the person to cope and get over it. You have to be this inhumane to say that it's a temporary phase and that they'll "get over it". It's simply not that easy to forget about it. Rape is a very serious matter and it's shameful because nobody deserves to be a victim of this.

2 Being bullied

I mostly experienced to elementary school all the way to High School. That's one of the main reasons why my mental health is so screwed up, and believe me it could torment a man for life. More and more bullying prolongs the torment of man and I'm afraid my torments have being prolonged. Bullies are merely sandbags who have no lives but ones pointless purpose is to torment others for their sadistic satisfaction. I'm never the same.

I've never been like seriously bullied. I'm like that one guy everyone likes. There's been moments though where it almost got bad (especially in middle school). Nothing serious though, I can't really complain. I do feel for people that have been bullied before.

3 Going through a divorce

Either it's an adult going through a divorce or a child whose parents are going through a divorce, it's one of the most painful experiences a young child could go through and an adult too. It shatters the young hopes and dreams of that child and it will remain them broken as they couldn't be fixed. But for some adults, they aren't much affected by it (maybe) and they don't care if they married many times.

4 Losing your best friend

Kindergarten: I had a best friend, she moved to Italy at the end of the year.
1st grade: I had another best friend, she also moved at the end of the year.
2nd grade: Another best friend, this time she didn't leave me and we still talk to each other.
3rd grade onwards: No best friend.

I had a very good friend back in first grade, and I swear, she was the sweetest girl you would ever meet. I had just finished the school year, and I learned that she had passed away because her heart stopped. I'm eleven now, and it still haunts me to this day. The worst part was that I had not learned about love, and I unknowingly had crush on her. It was truly a traumatic experience.

5 The loss of a sibling

Bereavement is a very tough stage and it's one of the most touching and the saddest type of mourning any person can go through. Of course I would be deeply emotional and rather angered if my brothers died. When I was very young, my mother cried because her sister died from breast cancer. I didn't understand the depth of emotions and rather some emotions that doesn't have a lot of depth back then. Now I do and I sense emotions and I'm rather emotionally sensitive all the time.

Yet if a sibling of mine (say for instance my cousin) was killed senselessly by another, then I greatly think it's the great time to be vigilant and get vengeance upon them mercilessly. Nobody screws with my family!

6 Being betrayed

I've experienced this lots of times and it's what I considered to be the most painful process a man could go through. It is also one of the parts that makes me into a cynic and I've grown more cynical as I experience more of this and whenever I heavily distrust some of my friends.

Besides that one time in 8th grade that I talked about earlier, I've never felt betrayed. The sad thing is that guy doesn't even understand how he hurt me.

7 The loss of your parents

Either your Mom or dad or both, it traumatises you still of how their lives have been cut short too soon and unfortunate the circumstances are. It could be even worse if abusive stepparents or foster parents play a role in your lives where they will prolong your torment instead of assuaging it.

When my mom dies I am going to lose it. I just hope everyone's parents live till their old and gray. Sadly that's not always the case.

8 Losing a friend

Either because they died or they kicked you out of there lives, they're both painful to bear and cope with. Of course, dealing with the death of a good friend of yours is more painful than losing a friend who doesn't want you any near his/her life. Trust me, I've been through many losses of friends in a way that they don't want me in their lives and it's agonizing to go through so many...

9 Being falsely accused and punished for what you haven't done

Unfortunately I have experienced this several times. For example, I have been accused and punished for things my sister did instead of me at home. It seems I have always been a vulnerable person for this. I'm not getting too personal whenever it comes to TheTopTens or BAND experiences like this. I can't even recall being falsely accused of something I haven't done on there but it probably happened. The worst thing is when a good friend did this. They are no longer friends but distrustful and deceitful people

10 Losing a child

No parent should have to bury their child. The absolute worst thing that can happen in my opinion.

I couldn't even imagine how the parent would feel.

No parent should outlive their own child. Period.

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11 Seeing someone you love die

I saw my cat die, it was horrible.

12 Being broken up by your girlfriend or boyfriend
13 Having your town bombed with nuclear weapons
14 Being hated by a community
15 Being emotionally numb
16 Be forgotten
17 Being paralyzed
18 Witnessing a tragedy

In the summer of fifth grade, i whitnessed a roller coaster accident. 1 person died and 9 where injured. I was so shoken up. I still cant look at an amusment park without feeling sick to my stomach

After watching "9/11 as events unfold", witnessing a tragedy wouldn't make me safe at all.

A terrorist attack, particularly bad car crash etc.

19 Being kidnapped
20 Being starved as a child
21 Fighting in a war
22 To be dismembered
23 Being spanked
24 Being forced to watch a murder
25 Being molested
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