Top 10 Best Things to Do When Hanging Out with Your Friends

I haven't made a list for weeks and since I have been trying to think of making a new list idea that would be somewhat creative or nice, I decided to make a list about the best things you can do when hanging out with your best friends. We can do all sorts of fun things together in our free time such as drawing, going to parties, travelling to places we like, going out for dinner at a restaurant, etc.
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1 Watch Fireworks at Nighttime

Just imagine watching the beautiful night sky when it's nighttime and looking up to the sky whilst watching the fireworks. They look really colourful, pretty and overall just plain cool. It would especially be good if we celebrated a party at night, whilst having beautiful fireworks in the sky.

2 Eat at a Restaurant

We could go to a very nice restaurant that makes some really good food. Whilst home cooked meals happen to be more healthier and has better quality depending on how it's made or cooked, some restaurants, including some fast food restaurants make some delicious food such as pizza, tacos, breadsticks, burgers, etc.

3 Travel to Different Places

We could go to different places and travel to anywhere we want. Even though we can't do this much because of COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing at this point. Back then, it would've been fun to travel to different countries together, go to places we like such as swimming pools, holidays, restaurants, music concerts, etc. It's like going on our own adventures in a way.

A friend and I are planning our trip of a lifetime.

4 Play Video Games

It would be fun to play video games together with friends at times. You could play many multiplayer versions of games as well. Some people might play Super Mario Bros, Halo, Mario Kart, Pokémon and other games, such as Nintendo together.

I play games with my siblings. Video games and board games.

5 Celebrate Your Friend's Birthday

It depends whether your friend invites you or not and not everybody celebrates birthday parties on their birthdays. However, we can still enjoy celebrating parties by having some delicious treats such as cakes, hot dogs, ice cream and other tasty things like that, dancing at the disco with the beautiful lights and some catchy music being played, we get to open up presents and we can even have fireworks sometimes at parties.

6 Listen to Music

Music is very popular and there is a huge variety of different types of music genres. You could listen to anything type of music you want and enjoy listening to it together. People might also play the guitar whilst listening to rock or heavy metal music. You can also listen to music in order to help you relax such as classical, jazz, or blues, or you could listen to music just for the enjoyment of doing so.

7 Watch TV Together

Not everybody watches television, but I do know some people who like watching TV, particularly cartoons, movies or even anime (even though a lot of people don't like anime, I know some people who like it). We could watch many television streaming apps as well such as Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. Some friends could enjoy laughing and enjoying the television shows they like as well.

8 Watch a Movie

I remember the good old times where some people used to go to the cinema to watch a good movie on the big screen. You can still enjoy watching a movie on your television with other people as well whether it's on DVD or on a streaming television app with many television shows and movies.

9 Do Art for Other People

We could do some nice drawings or any other artistic creations together for other people even. It would be fun to do a lot of painting, drawing pictures, making your own creations with paper, clay, etc. Drawing and art can also calm you down and put you in a relaxed or happy mood.

This would be super fun. I'd love drawing some of my friends' OCs to appreciate their work.

10 Talk to Each Other

We can actually talk about all sorts of things together such as about things we like. We can talk about music, food, gaming, animation, countries, sports, etc. Friends can also say nice things about each other, even though we can sometimes make mistakes and make our friends angry at one point. But then again, nobody is perfect and as long as we stick together and spread kindness to each other, we may as well be good friends and eventually work together to make the world a better place.

So few people actually do this, which is a shame.

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11 Drink Alcohol
12 Play Board Games
13 Go to a Carnival
14 Get High
15 Bake Together
16 Make Slime
17 Makeovers
18 Go to Great Wolf Lodge and Eat Ice Cream
19 Play Outside
20 Go Fishing
21 Have a Picnic
22 Do a Painting Together
23 Do Fun Arts and Crafts
24 Write Stories

This you could certainly do too! Your friends could collaborate with you as well. I know a lot of stories on Fanfiction that serve as an example of this.

25 Create a Band
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