Best Things to Do to Deal with Negative Emotions

Anger, sadness, fear, or whatever bad emotion. I didn't originally put the items in any order but people can vote for what they consider to be the best way of helping themselves.
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1 Play games

As I said with watching movies, you sometimes need something to escape reality. You can finish stuff you've been working on in Minecraft or Animal Crossing, make the perfect Pokémon team (still working on mine. To be honest, I will never be finished), or just do some good old Mario Kart races with friends.

2 Listen to music

Music is amazing. I don't think anyone can argue with this. Music is always there for you and always will be. It will help you with anything: anxiety, depression, anger, stress, and it also will help you when you're just bored. It doesn't matter what your taste in music is. It will always help you through anything. Lyrics can be relatable, and the instruments help you get all your problems out and move on. It has always helped me, and it always will.

All things considered, some music can be counterproductive. I understand where you're coming from, but sometimes, instead of improving your mood, songs like Yesterday, (It's Hard) Letting You Go, and The Long and Winding Road, to name a few, can amplify your sadness. There are also a few songs that amplify anger and fear, but overall, I agree. Most songs are helpful.

3 Watch movies

There are quite a few movies that will get you laughing, like Wayne's World, Pee-Wee's Big Adventure, The Simpsons Movie, and Shrek. If you're not in the mood for comedy movies, there are also some movies with characters you can relate to in a certain situation. Sometimes you just need to escape reality.

4 Talk to people you trust

People give really good advice to others, and there are a lot of venting communities on the internet. It's great. I believe we should all stick together all the time because no one deserves to feel alone or unaccepted. I speak to some people like my brother and some venting communities.

This always helps me when I feel stressed out.

5 Sleep

Snuggling up in warm blankets with the fan blowing over your face is the best feeling in the world. Very relaxing, and if you get good sleep, you'll probably feel better in the morning. You're not getting any of my 117 blankets, though. They're mine.

6 Draw

There's some art called vent art, and it's actually not that bad. Sure, some of the art can be considered cringey by a few people, but who cares? You're getting your emotions out, and that's all that matters. I've seen some legitimately great vent art as well. Seeing other people's vent art might help as well. I'm not going to judge vent art, though. If it makes them feel better, then there's nothing wrong with it.

7 Drum on things

I don't know if this is one of the first things people think of when considering venting ideas, but I did this one time, and it really helped. Absolutely recommended that you do this while listening to a song with headphones. It makes you feel like you're the drummer. And if you have actual drums, that's even better. A good way to get rid of some anger.

8 Take a shower

There's just something about taking showers that never fails to make me feel better. It might be the calmness of water falling on your head while you close your eyes, envisioning a waterfall. OK, what's my deal with waterfalls? I don't understand. Eh, who cares. Once you're out of the shower, you feel completely refreshed. I love taking showers.

9 Shop

For example, you can buy art supplies, clothes, games, stuff for your game consoles (I really need to get a new stylus for my 3DS), or stuff for your room (like posters or plushies to give your room a nice atmosphere). Just buy whatever you want. It's your money.

10 Exercise

I like to walk outside. Exercising will release endorphins, which will definitely help.

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11 Be with your pet

Pets are really comforting. If you need comfort, then just play with your dog or pet your cat on your lap, and you could have your troubles float away. Sometimes seeing your little kitten playing and being happy will make you feel happy as well.

12 Box (sport)

This is the easiest way to project your anger if you have a punching bag, or a pillow as an alternative, especially if you are a person with anger issues.

13 Pray
14 Cry
15 Use an icepack
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