Top 10 Linkin Park Songs

The Top Ten Linkin Park Songs

1 Numb

It makes me feel like WOW
The tune, The lyrics
Everything's perfect
Chester at his best
It soothes the soul
Just once I hear... I can't stop playing it again and again
Best song of Linkin Park
Linkin Park forever!

It's a very beautiful song having a very good meaning... One should listen it at least once...

There is a reason for it to be up here and the reason is that it's awesome... Just makes everything go awe...

It's an amazing song with great variations in tune. It's a song you must listen to at least once in your lifetime. If you listen to it once you wont's stop listening to it again.

2 In the End

I love this song. The lyrics are awesome and have a great meaning. My next favorite song would be "Numb" but this is the one I have listened to since it came out and will always be my favorite. I love Linkin Park so much I even bought the songs from iTunes to support them and give them money instead of ripping them off. Linkin Park forever!

This song is old but cool. I don't like very much the new CD "A Thousand Suns" from Linkin Park. Hybrid Theory is very much better.

Best Linkin Park song at the moment hopefully they will make some good album because a thousand suns was awful

2018 Year Of The linkin park new top ten song list :
1 In the End
2 Faint
3 Papercut
4 Somewhere I Belong
5 Crawling
6 Waiting for the End
7 Lost in the Echo
8 Lying From You
9 Castle of glass
10 Iridescent

3 What I've Done

Easily their best song, even with stiff competition from New Divide, Numb, and Papercut. Linkin Park takes awesome lyrics and pairs them with a haunting melody that is simply mesmerizing.

the best song by linkin park
maybe someday it would beat numb too
linkin park are singing for the new transformers movie too

this song should be no.2... chester is undoubtedly the best vocalist of the best band ever... and the drum beats are faboulous... what I've done... linkin park.. love you

Honestly, it is the best song by Linkin Park. Love it!

4 Breaking the Habit

This is one of my all time favourite songs... Love this song, love this band... The music is very empowering. Its has been so many years since this song came out, never got bored with it.

This has some of the deepest lyrics. This isn't just one of the best Linkin park songs, it's also the best song period. It haunts me every time I here it.

It deserves a better place than 6 :/ the beat is just awesome and not to mention the video please people vote for breaking the habit Linkin Park rocks

A very dark song about contemplating suicide from depression. This song is a masterpiece.
This song is the apotheosis of linkin park.

5 Faint

Just and awesome Song, have to listen to it loud no other way!

I like each song but this is the first song in my playlist so this done it

... woohh... this is my favorite LP song...
... I like the screaming part... GR... - jcdr_jga

My third favorite. It's just so good, Mike's rapping is great and Chester's screams are epic. I like the instrumental too.

6 New Divide

So awesome.. The best I ever heard, Chester had a very beautiful voice, the effects and the instrumental is blowing, LP You're the best!

Love it, awesome use of instruments, I wish they made all their songs like this really cool one for the transformers movies.

This is my favorite LP song, the instrumental and the vocals are at Linkin Park's best, this is the best song of all time. If I had to pick a best of all times song I'd pick this one, It just can't be better. I FELL IN LOVE WITH NEW DIVIDE!

This Is Obviously The Best, Chester Had The Best Voice In This And Its Just Beautiful - Oliversky

7 Crawling

the change in tempo is awesome.
even numb is second to this one.

Stomach Turning Wound Scratching This Is The Song That Lead The Way From The Beginning Hybrid Theory -

I find it REALLY sad that there is only ONE song from Hybrid Theory in the top 10 and it's not even the best one, it's just the most mainstream one. ONE STEP CLOSER, PAPERCUT, CRAWLING, POINTS OF AUTHORITY etc should be in the top 10, not all these crappy new songs. What happened to Linkin Park? Sad.

That's not true at all. Linkin Park is is as good as they've ever been. Take your nostalgia goggles off.

This song definitely deserves to be in the top ten. It's disgusting to see some many people vote in mainstream songs that aren't even that good. The only okay new song Linkin Park has produced is the Catalyst. Your telling me that Waiting for the End, In the End, and New Divide are better than Crawling, One Step Closer, and Bleed It Out. Mainstream fans think there so cool listening to bad Linkin Park songs. Meanwhile the band just keeps making more mainstream songs. It really is a shame because they probably had a few more good songs in them. But I guess they'll settle for money.

8 One Step Closer

Why does the best song from Linkin Park have only 2 percent of the votes? Where are all the real Linkin Park fans? This was the first song that they introduced to us and it is still their best song after 11 years.

LMAO. Linkin Park's best song is sitting here in 14th!? What the heck is going on!?

The heaviest most powerful song ever created. "Shut Up When I'm talking to you"

Actually Second MOST CRAZIEST!. This was the song that got me into it. Till I head the CRAZIEST OF THEM ALL! A PLACE FOR MY HEAD! NOTHING BEATS THIS! CRAZINESS TILL THE VERY END! Unlike most linking park songs where the screaming last for one section. This craziness last for 2 sections.

WOW! How is this not top of the list!? Linkin Park released THIS as their very FIRST ever single because they feel this is what they should sound like. THIS song is the REAL Linkin Park, this is their best song by far. VOTE this beast song!

9 Somewhere I Belong



Exactly has some of the greatest lyrics in Linkin Park history. - SionicRelations

Somewhere I belong is certainly somewhere it doesn't belong! I think its the best linkin park song after numb and what I've done! I think it at 8 because no ones heard it! Somewhere I belong should be top 3 at least!

This song deserves to be there right on top... Don't know what it is doing here right down
- serin

LP have foreseen what will happen on TheTopTens and wrote a song about it. They are told they aren't metal so shouldn't belong on metal-related lists, they aren't rap rock according to others... They are told not to belong anywhere. But they belong somewhere. - Alkadikce

10 Papercut

Papercut should be among top 5! I can't believe that more people vote for the Catalyst!

I'm very surprise that this song is only no. 11.
Come on people! Do vote this song.
This song is awesome as hell.

Papercut for the win!

It's the best year... No match for it! It must be @no.4 at least.. It is damn good! Starting music is awesome...

The instrumental is kinda creepy (in a good way definitely), Mike's rapping is great and Chester's singing is awesome. I also like how in the live versions Chester has the screams added in. This is my number 1 favorite Linkin Park song.

The Contenders

11 Waiting for the End

This song is so great it has different types of music in it there is classic rock and rap. It is my favorite song

Think and do different... That's what Linkin Park has shown through this epic and strong sounding song... What a great and classic song.

A thousand Suns might have been awful as a whole, but this song, along with Iridescent has certainly outclassed all of Linkin Park's other song... You can just feel the song, the lyrics are MINDBLASTING... Magical

A Thousand Suns isn't awful it's amazing if you ignore the interludes - mtndewlord

This one has a strong style of Alternative Rock genre. It's one of the best of A Thousand Suns along with Iridescent.

12 Leave Out All the Rest

How could It be 8th...
It undoubtedly deserves 1st Spot (and I Mean It)
Just Listen To It once and you can't Stop from voting it..


SO HEART TOUCHING - shouryat2b

I wish it was still 8. It should at least switch places with Waiting For the End. This song is beast. The name says it all - MusicMovieMinecraftMe

Beautiful song great lyrics no idea what its doing down here in 12th, this and given up should be a lot higher really

No idea that THIS IS AT 11. It is far more better than CATALYST. This song soothes my heart every time I listen it

A Lyrical Genius of a song that only those without a soul cannot FEEL and have echo in them long after the song is over

13 A Place for My Head

This song just gets me pumped. I always listen to it when I'm pissed or working out.

This song is amazing the lyrics, the chorus everything, how is this not higher up on the list, should at least be in the top ten and if this was on a different album such as minutes to midnight, more people would love it more

My second favorite Linkin Park song. The instrumental is pretty good, Chester has great singing and great screams, Mike is awesome at rapping and the energy is so good.

This song is old school Linkin Park at they're best! This song is amazing. If Linkin Park looked at their change then and now, theyd realize why so many people who have heard they're old stuff hate em now.

14 Lost in the Echo

The best of their new album living things... Got me the first time I heard it and since then I've been into it... Their new style is good.. And Linkin Park is back...

Epic Intro, Awesome Lyrics, Beautiful Chorus, Top Class Raps, A perfect Package to start with...

It Will Definitely reach top 10!

One of the most meaningful songs of Lp with Shinoda showing he's back and he is! - shouryat2b

Surely the best of living things. Great composition. M shinoda rocks

Come on guys this song totally rocks... Vote vote vote.. Take it to top ten... Best song from their new album 'living things'...

VOTE FOR IT! If you have not heard it listen to it NOW! Its the first song of Linkin Park's Living Things, and also the best! Mike Shidona, you rock!

15 The Catalyst

This is one of the best song from Linkin Park (in my opinion), its very disappointing that most of you guys in nowadays don't like the "new Linkin Park" because no matter how they've changed, they're still Linkin Park...
Linkin Park FOREVER!

Awesome song guys, got to love it in the last part, the drumming and the way Chester and mike have sung it... It almost touches my heart

My favorite song forever followed by what I've done and new divide

Best song of Linkin park. This song better than Lost in the Echo.

16 Lying from You

Why the hell is this not on top? This song is amazing and is much better than songs like waiting for the end. I mean like the only reason why numb is on top is because it's the only song people know. People should get to know real Linkin Park.

what the helll
lying from you is not even in top 10
it is much much better than bleed it out and catalyst

I love this song, but I think Bleed It Out is just a little bit better. I do agree with you on Catalyst though. - Astral

Crazy good song! The chorus gets me fired up every time. "Lying my way. From. YOU! (No, no turnin' back now! )" All around good song, from the beat, to mike's rapping, to chester's vocals. The heart and soul of Linkin Park in this song!

Awesome and cool I have the song from linkin park people u don't no what your missing my favorite one is in the end and cawing and points of authority but I miss linkin park playing

17 Iridescent

Well my favourite off all LP songs. LP is my favourite band. Damn they just rock. And the last part of this song is certainly the best! - DarkRider

Good sound perfect melody excellent story.

"do you feel cold and lost in deperation
You build up hopes but failures all you've known
Remember all the sadness and frustration

This song contains inspiring lyrics. Not only with good sound composition they're also a good message composers.

Beautiful. As if you're walking through a portal, picking and choosing the most horrific, terrible, crushing points in your life and tossing them into the wind, to forever be forgotten. You have to put things behind you in order to push on. Iridescent. 'displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow' Like a rainbow, we all have our colors, per say. I like to think of this song as a way of telling some one, "You are colorful. You are worth it. Brush yourself off, get up, and make something great with what you've got."

18 Given Up

when I hear this song I suddenly feel anger and I have to take it out somehow thats why I bought my punching bag and this song gets me pumped with anger, excitement, and thrill - PePsMeX

The most epic song by linkin park, even chuck norris loves it
Should be in top 10 at least, maybe you guys haven't heard it
By the way love the 18 sec scream

Definitely deserves top 10, Catalyst should replace this

My sore throat goes away if I karaoke the middle screaming

This song is by far one of the best and really deserves to be in the top 10. Chester's vocals are astounding and the scream he produces is the best and cleanest I have heard. I absolutely love this song and could listen to it all day. Minutes to Midnight is one of the best albums Linkin Park have made and people think I am weird because when I hear this song playing, I jump up and turn the song up as loud as I can without giving myself a headache.

19 Bleed It Out

Epic! Just too good! Mike raps the hell out in this song crazy vocals by chester!

Good mix of rock and rapping and a good music video too!

The rap part in this song rocks, mike shinoda was awesome.

I can't believe that this awesome song is so far down in this list! I mean first of all it has the best riffing out of all LP-songs, a brilliantly rapping Mike Shinoda and Chester screaming at the top of his lungs. If you've ever experienced this song live you'll also learn to appreciate its diversity and the energy the band puts in this particular piece of plain rock-art.

20 From the Inside

I Love This Song Its Really Awesome. I Love The Beginning Guitar Instrumental Part. - ravicupcake

What are you people even voting for? This is Linkin Park's best song because it shows off every single one of their elements... The scratching the guitars, drums, bass, and the vocal play between chester and mike... Great lyrics too! This should be #1 Chester's screams are epic as hell too, and a well-constructed song.

great song with great meaning and a great beat/guitar/bass its just an amazing song. :-)

An awesome energetic song! Have to listen to it! Awesome lyrics too! I'd expect a lot of votes! I don't know if this is old or new but you have to listen to it! I like this song very very very very very much... So please do not disappoint me... It's so amazing I can't even tell! So you know which song to vote for!

21 Castle of Glass

Awesome song! Heard it only a couple of hours ago and already it's stuck in my head! LP ROCKS!

This song make me feel relief...
It is good as Burning in the skies and Leave out all the rest

I can Here this song a thousand times...

Mark my words, this will enter the top 10 very soon

22 Points of Authority

This song is really brilliant, and the one from the 1st album too... Think that people just vote for the most known and have not listened to all

I think most people who had voted here only listen to their most popular and latest songs, because seriously, this song deserves higher rank than Waiting for the End or What I've Done(at least in my opinion). And to think this is from their first album. People who want to vote should really listen to their songs throughly first before deciding which the best one.

It's the most rocking, lovely and brilliant song I've ever heard... Maybe it's the best or one of the best of Linkin Park

Why always is in the end?. This is enough. Why the best Nu-metal song on this site can be this song while it just 21 in this list? Most people vote here are new generation of Linkin Park fan, that why they didn't listen to any track from HYbrid theory

23 Shadow of the Day

I immediately loved this song when I heard it on the radio but when I found out it was linkin park I loved it even more. They're super awesome and its cool when they play it soft. Vote for this song! I know I will!

Awesome song... Absolutely beautiful.
It seems to make me fell better every time I listen too it...
Man this song could raise the dead from the ashes. I mean you can't deny the lyrics take your breath away.

Reminds you that there will always be tomorrow.

This a good song I remember when I first heard it in grade 3 in nov 2007 - trains45

24 With You

WITH YOU at 29 and catalyst at 9. Are you kidding me. This is one of the mos strongest song I've heard by lp. And it is far more better than some songs in top 10

I'm sorry but this song need to be in the top ten just hear this song is awesome ffs

just listen to the song and I'm sure it will lead to head banging

Gratest of them all, specially drums and turntables and scraching

25 Don't Stay

This is the best, my favourite... in my opinion it's better then numb or in the end. people should listen the songs first and then vote... it's the best song I have heard in my life and I am sure others will also like it...
LP rocks!

One of the best linkin park songs I ever heard. I'm really suprised this isn't in top 5 or at least in top 10. I prefer metal or hard rock and this song is perfect for my taste. :)

LP forever! vote this song! I think this is the best one ever: it must be in the top ten!

This is one of the best openers for an album ever. It's a very underrated LP song, it deserves more recognition. - EndOfSilence402

26 Pushing Me Away

Dang it should be at least within the first twenty
it has got awesome lyrics with awesome music quality
makes me feel chilly always

Come on! At least this one must be in the top 10s.
The lyrics are really good and even the beats

This is simply the worst list I've seen yet on this website. Linkin Park are one of my favourite bands and it hurts to see how badly rated some of their best songs are on here. This along with "Don't Stay", "No More Sorrow", "By Myself", "From The Inside", "Given Up", "With You", "Figure.09" etc should all be in the top 15 or top 10. Also, "One Step Closer" should be either 1st or 2nd along with "What I've Done", those 2 are the best songs, "Crawling", "Hit The Floor", "Points Of Authority" and "Papercut" should all be in the top 10 or top 5.

Very underrated song but one of their most epic sounding ones by far. Chester's voice is so haunting it gives me goosebumps. Overtime it has become my favorite.

27 The Little Things Give You Away

In my opinion, this is their best song so far.
It is absolutely beautiful..

Beautiful song makes me feel totally free and peaceful. Love you LP

Most Beautiful and Most Personally Touching Song Linkin Parks Written

This is really very very very nice song. It touched my heart.

28 Easier to Run

Hey, its really an awesome song with simply BRILLIANT lyrics,.. It deserves top 10 at the very least!

Just amazing... That's all I can say, really. It deserves at least top 10, probably number one if you ask me. If you haven't heard it then you have not heard a thing. Literally. Yeah. That's all

This song helped me forgive myself for doing some stuff that I really regretted, and things that made me feel bad. This song changed me as a person. - OPJangoFett

Voting this cause it should be way higher. Great vocals and the instrumental sounds awesome + mikes rapping which is always good.

29 Guilty All the Same

Linkin Park has truly evolved, from Nu Metal, Alternative, Rap Rock, Electronic Rock, Dubstep, to Heavy Metal (This song)! According to my reviews, this song is heavier than the last two Linkin Park albums (ATS and LT). Overall, Linkin Park is back!

I agree. I like that they've always tried to change things up instead of putting out the same thing over and over like a lot of other bands do. - 3DG20

Great riff. Good guitar. Nice rap. Epic vocals. All in all, awesome song.

Linkin Park made a stuff very different from the others songs: they invited someone to be vocal, and not a guitarist, and also shows that the members are better at their instruments than some thought, Rob plays the quick mode battery and complex, Mike plays the keyboard and is guitarist (it is very rare for him to do so), Brad does a solo at the end, different from the other songs that are in the middle, and Chester sings with a great vocal, moreover, had at least ten kinds of different riffs of guitar.

Amazing music, amazing vocals, amazing rap!
It will go all the way up In top 20, that's for sure!

30 No More Sorrow

This is an awesome song with an even more awesome intro... I just think enough people haven't listen to it that's why it isn't as high... More people should really listen to this song.

This song has the greatest intro ever, every time I hear it I get chills down my spin. You gotta love it

Such a good song with some great lyrics how can this song be placed at such a position. It really deserves to be on top of the list because it contains some great lyrics and awesome composition.

I first discovered this song after playing guitar hero. I absolutely love this song. - Not_A_Weeaboo

31 Powerless

Deep and beautiful like the ocean this song once again proves the genius that is Linkin Park. Consoling and emotional; this one should be a soon fan favorite.

So emotional. Just an epic work of art. Will never beat Numb, but this has to be one of Linkin Park's most emotional songs ever made

I've been listening to LP since HT came out and honestly this song is one of the best songs that they ever made. It touches the soul and heart! It isn't as emotional as Numb maybe, but it touched a part of every heart!

It's the best song I have ever heard... ! I say that it should be the 1st

32 Krwlng

This and the reanimated version of pushing me away are the best songs by Linkin Park easily. Hybrid theory, reanimation and meteora are far better than both of their new albums.

If you have never heard this song you have to listen to it. I never heard it until I saw it on this list and it was an unexpected surprise. Easy listening.

Most songs off of Reanimation aren't as good the originals. This is one of the few exceptions.

Honestly, hybrid theory ep, hybrid theory and reanimation are their best records from the old days. They have great rhythms great anthems and some of the best lyrics. Meteora aged better production wise but thematically and lyrically it's the same song structure and some of the most juvenile lyrics that sound like a 13 year old emo kid cries too. Hybrid theory at least had some impressive rhymes and themes like papercut and forgotten. Their newer music is so much more complex in terms of lyrics melodies and structure. They are more mature and have actually unlike other bands that are 40 talking how they wanna kill themselves or something. Now yes new lp is perfect though. Mikes rapping was so much more technically complex in terms of rhyme patterns from 1997 to 2002 such as high voltage dedicated and one papercut it's going down etc. then any of the newest raps yet his flow has increased immensely. If you want sad lyrics that indulge in first world relationship issues then sure... ...more

33 A Line In the Sand

This song is 100 % one of the best songs related to war... but look at the ranking... Its not fair

The best song of hunting party... And one of the heaviest lp tracks!

A long and very good song at the same time! Great atmosphere and awesome guitar play!

Best ever rock song by linkin park. Awesome drumming and marvellous guitar play. After 50 years, this song will come under the category of legendary songs. Unmatchable, Unbeatable from Linkin Park. PLEASE VOTE FOR THIS AMAZING SONG.

34 Nobody's Listening

Man this song is so good its really underrated it is the one which should be at least in the top 10. It's reason is that it is really unknown by the people so hear this song vote and get this to the top 10

How is it THIS low? Nobody's listening to the Linkin Park songs that deserve recognition, only the mainstream ones like Numb and In The End. This and "With You" deserve to have more recognition.

It's probably unbelievable that's this made the list. But I just love the beat, rapping, and chorus

I have never related to lyrics so much, and the instrumental is phenomenal!

35 Blackout

What the hell it is not their within the top 20 please please please vote this song

this song has a really great screamy voice of chester and really superb music...

It comes in FIFA 11 so I heard it there

My number 1 Linkin Park song. Such a great example of all the sounds this band is capable. Synth at the end is so great and very indistinct.

36 Hit the Floor

You guys are all deaf. This is such an intense song, on the level of one step closer - just the meteora version

How is this not in the top 10!? This song has the best bit of guitar play from Linkin Park in all their songs! The lyrics are really cool and the rhythm is very unique. Definitely one of the best songs! - 8gerrard8

The best song, should be number 1, blah blah drama... But as they say, WHAT GOES UP HAS ALWAYS GOT TO FALL-ONE MINUTE YOU'RE ON TOP! THE NEXT YOU'RE NOT, WATCH IT DROP! :P

This song's great the opening riff gets me pumped every time. I love the way the rap and screaming flows with the instrumental in this song. Gotta be top 10

37 Forgotten

This song is a perfect combination of rock and rap, god knows what it's doing all the way down here. - Giusti97

Love the chorus and beat

Why can't Linkin Park just go back to their hybrid theory music? I love all their music but hybrid theory is the best album along with minutes to midnight. Plus this is one of their best songs.


Seriously, why is this song 46th?!? - PatrickStar3

38 Burning in the Skies

this one is the best from a thousand suns. Surely deserves a better place

This is an amazing song, why is it so underrated! Surely deserves to be way higher in the list

Amazing song with a great music definitely deserves to be within top 10 at least its definitely better than waiting for then end

Always when I listen to this song, I am nearly crying, because I understand what they want to they. It feels like the song is written just for me. I don't understand why it isn't higher in the list. It isn't just Linkin Park's best song, it is the best song in the world. It's unbelievable that it has only 0.9% of the votes, because all the songs that are higher aren't as good as this song.

39 One More Light

I wasn't even a Linkin Park fan, but somehow, Chester Bennington's death made me cry. I saw an emotional clip of him at his last show, and wondered what song he was singing in it. I found out it was this, and hearing it in the context of his suicide... it just broke me completely. Never expected it in a million years, but both times I played it there, I sobbed like a baby. This song is so tragically beautiful in every way, and it's the first time in recent memory that any music has made me cry so hard. Rest in peace, Chester, and thank you for leaving us one more masterpiece. - Simba_Lennon

This needs to be at the top and stay there. This song shows what kind of band Linkin Park is. For the good of this band, Rank this up! - KRX

This is easily their most important song, even if it's not their most popular.

The acoustics and emotion in this song make it one of the top songs. It's not just about the power of the vocals sometimes, it's the emotion that is given off that makes you connect with the artist.

I know it's impossible to feel whatever Chester felt, but damn. This song really hits deep.

40 My December

34th Really! This song is just so soothing, I listen to it when I am down and out and this song always relaxes me... Just listen to it, It has a nice ring to it and the best part is that Chester's voice in this just sounds so tranquil!

so underrated! okay, its not traditional lp, but its good!

The only true song that really gets to everyone's soul. The daunting voice and the piano work is so original and will never make a song as emotional as that one, just like Evanescence with Immortal

This is one of their best... So soothing... Deserves top 10, 15 at the very least. Don't know why this is so very much underrated.

41 High Voltage

Really awesome song... God knows whats it doing here...

Great rap song... Mike Shinoda at his best...

Not good song it all time

Lol. The dude who is said this song is nonsensical is really clueless about hip hop. This song is braggadocious battle rap with complex rhyme schemes and patterns that obviously flew way over your head. You didn't catch the witty punchlines or metaphors either. Lol. Oh well man I guess multi syllabic rhyme patterns are too complex for you to comprehend eh?

42 Runaway

One of the best by Linkin Park. Chester vocals are just rocking in this song. This songs surely deserves a more better place than this, at least in top 20...

Why is this song 41? It should be in the top 20! Chester's screams are perfect, and Mike's rapping is perfect! The chorus and everything else about this song is awesome! This song is way better than numb or the catalyst! Seriously people!? This song makes you want to do some head-banging!

This song is BEAST live! Love LP so much :)should be top ten just listen to the song and I'm sure it will lead to head banging

Such an underrated song

43 P5hng Me a*wy

This song should be higher, it's sad how underrated it is, I love the chorus to this song "why I stay, when you just push away, no matter what you see, you're still so blind to me..." very powerful. - Vortexeo

Awesome.. This song is so low on ranking just because it's not heard enough by people

Brilliant, I just love the added lyrics, it gives it a deeper meaning. Reanimation was really underrated. - OPJangoFett

When I look into your eyes there's nothing there to see, nothing but my own mistakes staring back at me!

44 The Messenger

It sends a message worth listening to. You can really hear the heartbreak in his voice and should be higher on the list than it is. Just beautiful.

This song opens your soul while you're listening it... It is really emotionally strong... The messenger should be on the top of this list...

If you listen it, quietly, you listen the words of the messenger...

I love this song because its different to a lot of other Linkin Park stuff and I like change occasionally. This is just a great song the guitar is good the piano is good´┐Ż AND CHESTER'S JUST AMAZING!

How isn't this top 20 This song Chester absolutely Was on his Game for this song there are many great Vocal Performances In this music lovin World and This song Chester's Vocals was Stunning/ Amazing / Tear Wrenching This in my mind is by haps The Greatest Vocal surrounded Song I've ever Heard! - Curti2594

45 Roads Untraveled

Best from Living Things!

I love all Linkin Park - No discrimination here:) LP for the win!

This song should be in the top ten.

I nearly cried and shouted the song when I heard it at the end of the Need For Speed movie

46 Hands Held High

EPIC SONG By Linkin Park...
The Unique Rapping Style Of Mike Shinoda Brings it on...
DEFINITELY Top 10 Material...

If there's a song in This List That is HIGHLY UNDERRATED, It is This...

Personally I've listened to 100s of LP songs and I Proudly Say That


Top 10 Acc to me would be :

1. Leave Out All The Rest
2. Numb
3. In The End
4. New Divide
5. Waiting for The End
7. Somewhere I Belong
8. Breaking The Habit
9. From The Inside
10. Papercut
- shouryat2b

Hands held high is my favorite song it has lots of meaning especially when they say 'My dad's got a lot of fear inside ik but enough pride to not let that show my brother had a little red book with a quote he wrote inside when the poor are left it's the rich that laugh and cry' this song has so much meaning it should be at least in the top 10

This is the most heartfelt rap I've ever heard. Seriously. Rap gets me pumped, but I never really feel it, and I don't think I ever will again. Mike Shinoda has a ton of talent, as well as Chester, and it really works here. But Shinoda... Who else raps to piano?

This song rings true in the lyrics as well. Linkin Park always get me with their lyrics, their not meaningless like those of so many other artists.

That's pure genius right there. Can't we at least get this song to top 15, something better than 48th?

This song is EPIC beautiful. The rap coupled with the intense chorus compose everything perfectly.

47 When They Come for Me

This song is really different from any other of Linkin Park's songs, but I believe that's part of what makes it great. It's also very catchy and it has a good beat.

Drums and chorus are just amazing... Also the music is way much layered if you hear it again and again every time you will notice something hidden... And the ending part just gives me chills... A bit persian but awesome... The most diverse songs of all time... Never heard anything like this

How one can stop himself from voting this song after hearing it?
This song is totally outstanding with some nasty words.. And at the last punch line from chester and mike just blows something through the veins..

Always the best Linkin Park song. Possibly the most creative and awesome song they've ever made.

48 Talking to Myself

47... I've lost my faith in humanity that the best Linkin Park song only fighting against Battle Symphony is here.

I love this song, it's so meaningful, I don't know why people hate on the new songs, they're just a different type of feeling, but it's a great as the other songs

Cried while listening to this song. Absolutely heartbroken. RIP CHESTER

Respect this song if you are terribly sad about his death...

49 In Pieces

Yeah, this ain't a famous song... But it is better than the famous ones. Numb, in the end, etc. Are nothing in front of this song. In pieces is an amazing song! Get it into the top 15 please!

What is wrong with everyone!
Such a touching song
It should be in the top tens at least
Get it changed guys...

This according to me must be in top five! One of the best song ever.. Touched me so deep took days to get out of it.. Made me clear through the mind!

I agree with one of the other commenters, I prefer this over a song like Numb, Numb isn't even that great like I don't know why the general fan base of LP favours Numb. Everybody is forgetting some of the true masterpieces that LP created. I'm talking about Bleed It Out, Given Up, No More Sorrow, the whole Minutes To Midnight album was just absolute gold and has some of the most relatable and emotionally connective songs that I know. Valentines Day, In Pieces, Hands Held High. I mean I just can't fathom why Numb is number one, it's good yeah, but there are so many that are better. A solid half of Hybrid theory, majority of Minutes To Midnight, even most of Reanimation's songs knock the socks of of Numb. So come on people, can I get a signal boost on some of these songs down here in the twenties and thirties. SIGNAL BOOST PEOPLE COME ON

50 Until It's Gone

This was the definitive linkin park experience. It gave me back a feel of "Numb" and it turned out unlike anything I thought it was going to be prior to its release. Perfect vocals, captivating beat, amazing drums and guitar solos. This was a 10 out of 5 stars for me!

Simply Awesome! The lyrics, the video, the vocals are great! Chester did a very good job. I like the little screaming at the last. This is what called rock!

The melodic lyrics are awesome, and the solo is good too! Loved the scream at the end.

THIS SONG AT 48?!?! AND GUILTY ALL THE SAME AT 38?!?!?! TERRIBLE! These songs need to be higher up along with rebellion and final masquerade!

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