So this new Linkin Park song...

And a good day to you, TopTenners. I've been listening to Linkin Park for quite awhile. All the way back since I really started to care for music actually. It is safe to say the band was one of the reasons I got into music. Nowadays, I really don't listen to them all that much with only listening to a few songs here and there. However, I still can get excited for a new release, even though I'm not the biggest fan anymore. I think the biggest reason is because their known to differentiate their sound in every album. In fact, I prefer their newer stuff over their nu-metal days because they ARE different. And so, of course, when they started teasing new music, I got excited for this upcoming single. But as the days went on the excitement soon died pretty fast.

The New Song
The song is called Heavy and it's anything but. I don't know how to say this but Linkin Park went full out pop with this track. Being a fan of some pop stuff, I wasn't as outraged like some fans but I wasn't blind to it like some others. This song is VERY underwhelming. For a pop song it's ok, I guess. It has a very basic chord structure, with some decent (decent for Linkin Park at least) lyricism and the featured singer Kiiara was pretty good. As for the song itself, it comes across way to flat and generic. It is quite the short song, barely reaching 3 minutes. Not too short for Linkin Park, they're song lengths generally range between 2 minutes to 6 minutes. However, the song really did not carry a lot of weight and satisfaction. It felt overproduced and at some points lifeless. When at the final climax of the song, it was way to predictable and disappointing. I kept saying while listening, "Alright when's the exciting part going to come" but after 2:50 seconds I was left unsatisfied for the most part. They're were some good elements, like I said, Kiiara added a nice touch to the emotion and lyrically it was alright. Definitely much more personal than their latest albums. But not edgy, like some of their older works.

Their new album will be called One More Light. An interesting album name if you ask me. Definitely sounds more spiritual than their latest album names. It is supposedly coming out in May. So we most likely will have another single released before then. I will check that one out too and hopefully it won't be as disappointing.

Overall, this new Linkin Park single is kind of a let down. Compared to The Hunting Party's lead single which definitely was much more satisfying. I don't know what the route this new album will go but I plan on checking it out when it comes out. My expectations are low as of right now, but hopefully if they release more singles I might not be so skeptical. Yet again this is Linkin Park so their isn't much of a bar to reach nowadays. They kind of do what they want now.

My score for this song is a flat 4/10 (Unsatisfying for the most part.)

What do you think of this new single by Linkin Park. Were you like me and didn't quite like what you heard or does it actually click with you. If you haven't checked it out yet, and you like the band, their new single was released today and it's own their Youtube channel.


I understand where you're coming from. I do hope there are some heavy songs on the new album. - visitor

But this song is about not wanting things to be heavy! - ProPanda

Yeah, THIS SONG, not the whole album. That's not even what the song is about. - visitor

It wasn't the greatest song but its not Linkin Parks Worst either ill give it a 6/10 - christangrant

I really don't like the song at all. Worst of the year so far for me. - SwagFlicks

Linkin Park's pretty much not metal anymore. The haters will have a field day with this one. - NuMetalManiak


Among their worst. - ProPanda

It feels a bit too overproduced and it doesn't really appeal to me that much. I like the chill vibe and kiiara's vocals. Little disappointed but sometimes I enjoy it. - wrests

6/10 Honestly this song isn't as bad as people say it is Burn It Down is a hell lot worse. - visitor

I actually justified the existence of Burn It Down (which I hate for the record) when I (off-site) compared it to the pretentious atrocity that is Dancing On My Down by Calum Scott. I guess it's funny that like a week after I say that Linkin Park makes a song that forces me to yet again justify the existence of Burn It Down.

1/10 - WonkeyDude98

Its Alright, Not As Bad As Others Say - VideoGamefan5

I know this comment is a year late, but I thought it was an okay song. I did think it sounded a little bland, but definitely not as bad as people say. - 3DG20

People keep saying Linkin Park aren't rock anymore. Well that's false because LP are a band who experiment with many genres so they're just experimenting with this album.

Overall: 5 or below out of 10
Quite dissapointing - TheDarkOne_221b