From the Inside


An awesome energetic song! Have to listen to it! Awesome lyrics too! I'd expect a lot of votes! I don't know if this is old or new but you have to listen to it! I like this song very very very very very much... So please do not disappoint me... It's so amazing I can't even tell! So you know which song to vote for!

Just like it.. should be on top ten.

The Felling Full Words... As The Ah From Chester Voice In the Background To The Smooth Guitar And Rebellion Lines "I WONT TRUST MY SELF WITH YOU! "

This is one of the best Linkin Park song ever... However, every song is the best by Linkin Park but from the inside is just so touching. I just love this song and can listen to it infinite times. Love you Linkin Park... Break your own records. I just love this band FROM THE INSIDE.

This song is one of the best in the world. It should be in the top 3. Its simulating then screaming vocals by Chester is just extraordinary. Not to say about the drum beats. Its just awesome. And the music video is just off the hizze.

WOW! I can not believe... This song should be in top 5 it is one of their best song they have ever sung. From the inside has got such a beautiful meaning. I can totally relate it to my life. Please please please vote for it

What is the meaning of voting if this song is in the 21nd place?

This is a great song, I hate the fact that new divide so up there, this song should be in top ten, come on guys this song has the best lyrics and a pure hard rock song, lets vote and put it up

I love this song cause it makes me to shout just like chester and makes me to take everything from the inside and I want this song in "TOP TEN" ITS ONE OF THE BEST OF Linkin Park

The Felling Full Words... As The Ahhhhh From Chester Voice In the Backround To The Smooth Guitar And Rebellion Lines "I WONT TRUST MY SELF WITH YOU! " -

What? 20th? You gonna be kidding me?! This song absolutely better than Burn It Down, Lost in the Echo and Lying From You. Should be in top 10! - Nimbusman

Man. "Breaking the Habit"? "Leave Out All the Rest"? What the hell are you people smoking? Those aren't top 10, let alone top 20. From the Inside is one of their best.

I love the lyrics to this song, and even though the whole thing isn't screaming or anything, the one scream part actually fits really well!

This song was released as a single but it still didn't chart. Come on people what were you thinkin? This song is unbelievably amazing!

Are all people mad...? How can be this "Best Linkin Park song" so down the list? Just listen this song and understand it's meaning! Best lyrics of all Linkin Park songs and also awesome music with glossy smoothness! It contains all shades of self-dependence!
Come on people, vote this song...

WORLD WOULD STOP to listen to this track had they understood it. Just another song to russell up every young spirit! AMEN to that

The song may be FROM THE INSIDE... But I heard it so loud that the neighbor had to say From the outside...

Not as over play like other songs. Deserve more votes!

Definitely one of their best songs, maybe after In the End and Numb, but It should still be up there!

This song in my opinion deserves being in the top ten because is a great song please hear it.

This song blows most of their songs out of the water. Such a classic!

Come on dude don't stuck on numb or in the end, vote this song, grow up

Every Linkin Park song is amazing but this one is just so perfect


I think you fools don't know to vote

Awesome song... It should be in top 10!