Leave Out All the Rest


Linkin Park at their best, one of their songs that brings feeling from inside. Definitely the Ultimate Song, I've Heard to all Linkin Park songs but this is their best.

Definitely a Number one... Undoubtedly

I can't complain if All Linkin Park songs turn out to be good
So Underrated in this list... - shouryat2b

This song should be between the top 3... Before voting for other songs please hear this song once if you have not already done so. This song does not deserve #12

Wow, love this song so much! Chester's voice is amazing as always, but something about this song makes me feel something. I could listen to this song for a very, very long time!

This is basically simply the best Linkin Park song. Nothing else to say

Everything about it is perfect and the lyrics fit amazingly.

First time I heard this song I was astounded, a few years on each time I listen I still get shivers; it takes a special song for that kind of effect.

Definitely should be number 1

BEST Linkin Park SONG EVER! I wonder why it's at 9th.. The tune, lyrics and depth is definitely better than any of the other songs. This deserves 1st place definitely. Keep voting, guys.

This song is one of THE best songs I have ever heard in my life and one thing that I know for sure is that this song surely deserves a WAY better place than this people. I say Please vote for this one. Just listen to it once and you will fall in love with the song. And as always Linkin Park rocks!

One of the best Linkin Park songs! As others have said, it sums up human emotions!

Actually, this song will live in my memory because we played it the night before my wedding in China. They took me out to take part in the midnight traditional rituals. Something I won't forget for a lifetime! - soul83

Best song that I have ever heard. Its like go on listening again and again. It should be in top 5 and not at the bottom. Does not deserve at the bottom 12. Very disappointing thing. Please listen the sample and then vote. Very touching song. Reaches deep into your heart. It is better than numb mind it.

This song I really love this song when I first hear it I can't explain how I feel it this is best Linkin Park song I've ever heard its lyrics have touched my heart Linkin Park always has been so amazing and I pray that Linkin Park will always do something very fantasying

Great song vocals at its best the tune is great it is like coming back to life hm fantastic song should be number one by a mile or by a marathon this song shows a new side to Linkin Park this song is the best song in history vote for it now or you will be doomed

This is the most amazing Linkin Park song ever, got me HOOKED onto their music. Amazing vocals, amazing guitar, and a damn catchy tune. Picks me up, and its point hits home. Meaning is true, and and instant replay song. VOTE LEAVE OUT ALL THE REST PEOPLE

This is my favorite song. There are a few I love but this is #1 for me cause the song is beautiful and is very popular. They made a great music, lyric and more for this one, it tells a story and make my mind fly away. Is fantastic. Rock on Linkin Park!

Leave out all the rest... Ooh! Such a good song. It SHOULD REALLY HAVE BEEN on the top of this list... Come on man! Such a nice song. The music is more than awesome and the base and piano are so good... Thanks very much for the song.

This is my favorite song by Linkin Park. My life motto is actually a lyric from this song "I've Never Been Perfect, But Neither Have You" This was my favorite song ever since I was a little kid. Linkin Park Fans UNITE!

The song touched my soul. Anytime, anywhere, in any situation it would be absolutely suitable to listen to. My passion about Linkin Park has started from this song and, fortunately, affected my life in the most amazing way. Linkin Park, you ROCK!

This is beautiful should be on top five!
"When you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest! "
"Forgetting all the hurts inside you've learnt to hide so well,
Pretending someone else can come and save me from myself,
I can't be who you are."

Can't believe this is so low, it should be in the top 5 at least in my opinion. I love it so much and its soothing. It helps me think when the time comes forget everything leave it behind and fly away from the pain and sorrow. LOVE this song.

Best song... It has everything in it hope, pain, love... Everything.. This is the first song I heard from Linkin Park and I have become a great fan of it and listen to all its songs just love this... Anyone can connect with it

Listen to this song after a breakup or if your mood is off and tell me if it deserves this 11th spot. This list is pure crap. In my opinion somewhere I belong and leave out all the rest are the best songs of Linkin Park

It is a soft and a heart touching song.I don't know but whenever I listen to it, it calms me down and just makes me feel happy and like satisfied this should be number 1 in my opinion and afterwards should be numb.

First time listening to it was awesome, played it over and over again, one of their best. Great lyrics, sweet video and Chester proves again that he can carry a song. Love linkin park!

I just love this song because it creates a new kind of feel every time I listen to it... It shouldn't be here in this place... Sometimes I think its even better than numb... Though I don't think most people think that way...

Awesome Lyrics and Awesome Video... I Want this song to be played in my funeral
I love Linkin Park Hope they give us songs like this forever

I just wanna cry every time I listen to that song. I think anyone can relate this song. Just listen to the lyrics "I've never been perfect so neither have you". To everyone I love, I dedicate this song to all of you.

Their most awesomest composition ever. Truly-breathtaking. Starting from the introductory music to the lyrics. Chester's vocals are simply magical and blow my mind. WHAT AM I LEAVING WHEN I AM DONE HERE?