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221 Pretend to Be

Well all of you first listen to this song
Such a damn good song should easily be in top 5

What the Hell?! Pretend To Be is beautiful! It deserves to be much higher up than this! It's songs like Pretend To Be, What We Don't Know, and Reading My Eyes that need to be more well known!

This is totally a great song. I absolutely love it. This is one of my favorite songs. And I know how it sucks that it is not on Google Play Store. But I downloaded on music downloader and I get to keep my song on my device. Best song ever. And it is beautiful. What the heck? Pretend To Be is so perfect for me to listen to it everyday and night. And I can't help myself. And I got it stuck in my head. Best song ever. I still love you LINKIN PARK! You are the best. That I ever had before in my life. 100 A+

This song deserves top spot... Great one!

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222 Jornada del Muerto

This is heavenly music!

223 Cure for the Itch V 2 Comments
224 One More Light

I wasn't even a Linkin Park fan, but somehow, Chester Bennington's death made me cry. I saw an emotional clip of him at his last show, and wondered what song he was singing in it. I found out it was this, and hearing it in the context of his suicide... it just broke me completely. Never expected it in a million years, but both times I played it there, I sobbed like a baby. This song is so tragically beautiful in every way, and it's the first time in recent memory that any music has made me cry so hard. Rest in peace, Chester, and thank you for leaving us one more masterpiece. - Simba_Lennon

This song is such a great song, and It's filled with so much emotion! And to be honest, the album really was not that bad. It's better than just releasing another Nu metal record.

The best song from their last album

Put this song on repeat when I heard of chester passing
this song is like a goodbye from chester

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225 Tinfoil
226 Battle Symphony Battle Symphony

Its like comeback song

Should be in the top 10

Great song

Put this up in new releases. This will move to top 20 in no time.

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227 Blue

I'd be blue being this low too

This diserves to be way higher.. People need to vote, its actually a pretty good song.

228 One Perfect Something
229 Stef

Literally I'm so disappointed in this list. Some fans have no taste in music (Mark the Graves is somehow BELOW Empty Spaces and Foreword) and there's no Recharged on this list (with the exception of A Light That Never Comes)

Heh if you're reading this you should know that this list gets screwed up around page 2

The best out there. I can't believe this isn't number one. The lyrics are phenominal and inspiring.

230 Good Goodbye Good Goodbye

My favourite song of Lp's new album #ONE MORE LIGHT - Babai2000

231 Heavy

Best song of 2017.Should be number 3 in the list.

A-Mazing song. Best song I've ever heard. Love it. Love IT. LOVE IT.

No it is good but still it doesn't sounds linkin park because their core is rock yet all fans will accept it Because they are the most creative band today

Hands down

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