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221 Forget
222 The Summoning
223 This Is War
224 Drawbar

My favorite song ever, just listen to the music makes me tear up even without singing

Dude! This is the best instrumental song ever by Linkin Park personally...

WHY IS THIS #60 what

225 War

The best song of hunting party. Has a great punk taste of music. The guitar work is awesome. So give it a try.

Amazing song, should be higher.

What a song! Linkin Park at their fiercest

, why is this song so low?! This is probably one of the best songs from the hunting party! I was expecting it in the top 60s below guilty all the same and rebellion, and 213 place! Inexplicable. Do listen to it, you won't be disappointed.

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226 Luna
227 Warm Spell
228 You Become a Part of Me
229 Let Down

It's not by Linkin Park but it's by chester.. Its actually a pretty good song by dead by sunrise

I know its not lp but... it's a beautifull song. One of the bests of death by sunrise

230 Heavy

Best song of 2017.Should be number 3 in the list.

A-Mazing song. Best song I've ever heard. Love it. Love IT. LOVE IT.

No it is good but still it doesn't sounds linkin park because their core is rock yet all fans will accept it Because they are the most creative band today

Undoubtly the best song in the One More Light album

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231 Battle Symphony Battle Symphony

Its like comeback song

Should be in the top 10

Great song

Should be on the top of the list!

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232 Good Goodbye Good Goodbye

My favourite song of Lp's new album #ONE MORE LIGHT - Babai2000

My favorite song in #onemorelight it should be in the top 10!

Should be atleat top 25 or 30 I love it so much

233 One More Light

I wasn't even a Linkin Park fan, but somehow, Chester Bennington's death made me cry. I saw an emotional clip of him at his last show, and wondered what song he was singing in it. I found out it was this, and hearing it in the context of his suicide... it just broke me completely. Never expected it in a million years, but both times I played it there, I sobbed like a baby. This song is so tragically beautiful in every way, and it's the first time in recent memory that any music has made me cry so hard. Rest in peace, Chester, and thank you for leaving us one more masterpiece. - Simba_Lennon

This song is such a great song, and It's filled with so much emotion! And to be honest, the album really was not that bad. It's better than just releasing another Nu metal record.

The best song from their last album

How is it in last?

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