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81 We Made It

Most underrated, but the best song!

I seriously don't know what this song is doing way down here. If its that bad, it should be in at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome music at least Top 20. Listen to the Remix. Awesome

The only reason for this song being here... So down... Low... Is that people hardly know about this song.. Trust me its awesome

We Made It is my favorite LP song it's only low because it's not technically a Linkin Park song, but it was released by Busta Rhymes

82 Session

The songs is just brilliant

83 Issho Ni
84 Pretend to Be

Well all of you first listen to this song
Such a damn good song should easily be in top 5

What the Hell?! Pretend To Be is beautiful! It deserves to be much higher up than this! It's songs like Pretend To Be, What We Don't Know, and Reading My Eyes that need to be more well known!

This is totally a great song. I absolutely love it. This is one of my favorite songs. And I know how it sucks that it is not on Google Play Store. But I downloaded on music downloader and I get to keep my song on my device. Best song ever. And it is beautiful. What the heck? Pretend To Be is so perfect for me to listen to it everyday and night. And I can't help myself. And I got it stuck in my head. Best song ever. I still love you LINKIN PARK! You are the best. That I ever had before in my life. 100 A+

This song deserves top spot... Great one!

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85 Wth>You

Very good remix, excellent lyrics, it fills your heart with courage

Awesome song... The best in my opinion

Literally this is so much better than the original the bridge is so touching

With You: A+ (both songs by Linkin Park and Chris Brown)

Justin Bieber's Baby: F-!

86 Dedicated

Dedicated is an amazing song that is extremely underrated. The primary reason why this song is rated this low is because few Linkin Park fans are actually aware of its existence. Its lyrics are incredible- Mike's rapping is off-the-charts; the song really depicts Linkin Park's message of the importance of artists' dedication to produce music that can provide for fans, especially offer hope to the kids who have none. The song is riveting as a result of its sheer amount of emotion. The lyricism phenomenal.

This song is only rated this low because it is not on an album, nor was it released as a single. If more fans knew it was around, it would be rated much higher. It's a great song. Much better than anything on A Thousand Suns except maybe the Catalyst.

By far the best Linkin Park song. I am still wondering why it was never released... I

What is wrong with everyone! All the crappy songs from a thousands poops and living junk is climbing to the top and pushing linking park's good songs to the bottom. Clearly their first three albums should be at the top of the list. How can burn it down be ahead of dedicated or any songs from hybrid theory or meteora. If waiting for the end gets up any farther I'm going to lose my mind.

87 She Couldn't

She Couldn't should get some more recognition and love. It truly is one of the best and meaningful songs ever made, and I don't see anybody not liking this beautiful song. - lukestheman4

Lightyears away from the mainstream popularity of songs like in the end and numb but twice as addictive! Check it out!

Amazing song and amazing voice of chester makes you feel good

Totally Mesmerizing song.. Expecially the last minute..
Wonder why they didn't include this song in the album, Otherwise it would've been much much popular

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88 Soundtrack

This is not a song, this is instruments only! No singing in it. If you mean best instrumental, I say me too!

Obviously best song ever. Come on people!

89 Broken Foot
90 Mark the Graves

This song wasn't even listed. One of the good songs so far from lp. The music is awesome. The change of pace is awesome.

What? This song gives me goosebumps each tym I listen to it

102? How? This song is AMAZING! It must go higher

214? All of you "Linkin Park fans" disgust me

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91 Part of Me

It's the best song by them come one it's so good trust me it gets me pumped up its one of there best songs ever it's a quality song it sounds a bit like backstreet boys when chester sings but the hell is it good

The best song ever, the lyrics are so powerful, and it got me through some tough times, this is the song which lead them to their signature hybrid theory sound, this was a major turning point for them, and the hidden track is epic

Such a Good song, so powerful

This song is so so good, I get chills every time I listen to it, why why WHY is it at 93?!

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92 Step Up

Unbelievable! Step up at 53 and high voltage at 54!
Guys just LISTEN to hybrid theory Ep!
They should have promoted it a lot more than they did..

Who can rock a rhyme like this? - SamArzadum

Is this a diss to limp bizkit

What the hell is dis step up in 78... It deservs 2 b top 5... Guys please vote 4 dis... It is such a beautiful song sang by Linkin Park...

93 Wish

Still is way better than the original version, once you've heard, you'll feel the dark aura Linkin Park have! LP The BEST!

This cover is the best. Please move it to #1.

Great Nine Inch Nails cover.

Chester's scream will make your blood evoparate

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94 Until It Breaks

Best Linkin Park Song on Living Things Album. Great first beginning rap, leading to slow "touching" ending. Definitely best on Living Things, although doesn't compete with Hybrid Theory still.

The part with chester is beautiful. - SammySpore

Actually I don't hate this song anymore but it's my least favorite. And the person below me has confused this song with Until Its Gone - Paree

Until it breaks better than meteora full album

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95 X-Ecutioner Style

Definitely the best rap of reanimation.

96 The Requiem

Unlike many other Linkin Park songs out there, this song is a pure work of art. The lone little girl singing lyrics from the chorus of The Catalyst only further sends the chills down your spine.

A fantastic intro, my favorite "instrumental" (this song has vocals) and the Mike's voice efect... JUST PERFECT!

97 Plc. 4 Mie Haed

One of the best song I've ever heard of Linkin Park should be at least 50

No this song should be at least 49

98 Ppr:kut

Awesome song with a good lyrics every time I hear I love it

99 Kyur4 TH Ich

Wow! This song is 98? Listen to Hybrid Theory- Cure for the Itch! This song is their best!

The original is THOUSAND TIMES better.

100 Opening
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