Waiting for the End


Brilliantly paced, awesome tune, Chester hits amazingly high notes, it has a lot of quality in it and this should have a place in the top 5 in my opinion. I think What I've Done should be 3, this should be at 4 and Faint at 5. Breaking the Habit should be at 6 and New Divide is not that catchy so it should be at 7 only. The rest of the list is great. Iridescent should be at least at 15. I never came to like Catalyst that much. To all those who think this is overrated, after you get bored by other songs, give it multiple listens. Listen to the layers this song keeps adding on, closely. It's perfectly paced, just like In Pieces. Yes, this is not as hard as other songs on this list, but it really takes you to a new dimension. Well, this was my honest opinion. I respect all your opinions so I don't really care which song is on top. But one thing's for sure - I really love Linkin Park's songs!

Thank you for reading it all! - ben10kenobi

This one has a strong style of Alternative Rock genre. It's one of the best of A Thousand Suns along with Iridescent.

The best song it must be on the top

This song is just simply amazing. Along with The Catalyst, Iridescent and The Messenger in A Thousand Suns, this song has a lot of meaning and it gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it.

Once I hated LP. I thought mixing metal with rap was a sin and after all, I thought they had no melody and no real music. This song changed my mind completely. So beautiful, so sweet, so magical. My top 5 of LP would be:
1. Waiting for the End
2. In the End
3. What I've Done
4. Faint
5. Numb

4%?! This song deserves to be at the top. It's melody is incredible and if you're listening to it on an ipod or something and you put both headphones in your ears, it's almost surreal.

ZOMG this song is... Beyond fancy adjectives and epic descriptions. It appeals to me so much because it is so sad and at the same time inspiring, because it doesn't throw the point straight into your face, because doesn't have what one would call a catchy rhythm, yet it hypnotizes you to the very depths of your soul. It gives me such a great basis for my imagination. I watch the clip of it every time at night in the dark with the -10*C wind gushing into the room... Saying it's awesome would just not be enough.

I love this song, but I see a lot of people who hate A Thousand Suns hate this song too because it's off that album. I personally like that Linkin Park decided to experiment a bit, because doing the same old thing gets boring. Admit it, if they made another album that was exactly the same as Meteora, Minutes To Midnight, and Hybrid Theory, you would hate it. But because it isn't the same, you hate it. Be honest, most people were going to hate this album regardless of what they did with it.
I just so happen to LOVE IT!

Even after hearing the current top 10 tracks if you listen to this one you'll say "ABSOLUTELY NO COMPETITION". Leaving out the other Linkin Park creations, there is nothing else like it (in the positive sense).

A Thousand Suns is a great album by Linkin Park. The whole album has a special meaning, uplifting emotions, artistic and energetic. I would suggest listening the whole album. Even though everyone thinks that anything automatically new is terrible, I think it's one of their greatest albums.

I've never heard a better song. I could talk about this song for hours, but I'll spare my fingers the trouble. Point is this is the best song they ever have and probably ever will put out. So much energy, emotion, and depth that truly make this song memorable and great.

The lyrics of this song are a deep reflexion. What do we do with our lives? Why we always think we couldn't do it better? Maybe "A Thousand Suns" is the worst disc for Linkin Park, bur "Waiting For End" is, possibly, one of their best songs in terms of lyrics.

This song deserves to be in the top 3, possibly even number 1. Hats off to Chester and Mike Shinoda for this masterpiece. - rahulsas

Powerful and great song. Definitely do not agree with everyone else that Thousand Suns was crap, actually it is my favorite. The closing of this song is just so awesome and powerful. Much better than Numb and all the other stuff above this.

This is definitely the best in my opinion. I love all of their albums, but this one just takes the top spot for me. It shows more of Chester's vocal skills, Rob's drumming, and the rest of the bands skills. It is a little calmer, but it still ROCKS!

When you hear mike rap in this song it just sounds awesome and how how chester takes over is amazing and how mike just makes the song when he completes rapping the second time definitely their best song and needs to be number 1

I think waiting for the end is Linkin Park's best song ever I like the style of the music and the music video is genius I swear I could watch it 1,000,000,000 times again and again I also think their new style is a way better fit to their sound

Amazing. Really unique and emotional. I feel this song different to the others from LP. You can get into the lyrics and the music so well. It's like the explanation of life itself; a combination of sadness and peace.

Really shows how well he can really sing, not only is it very uplifting with a great harmony, it also has great lyrics that I can really understand and relate to, I love this song, plus it's not just a rap, he sings in it.

1 of my personal favorite Linkin Park songs ever! The song is put together perfectly and you get the best of Mike Shinoda as well as Chester Bennington singing. It is truly a song to remember.

A thousand suns Is not only the best Linkin Park album but the best album I've ever heard and this song is just so amazingly good even though it's 6th (which is still pretty good) I feel it deserves better

In my opinion, this is the best song EVER by them.. It contains all types of music.. From rap to rock to EVERYTHING! This is technically a very different song with thousand shades of awesomeness!

Best song by Linkin Park by far! Such powerful lyrics and a very catchy chorus. The first time I heard it off Pandora I had to look it up right away on YouTube and couldn't stop listening to it!

This song deserves to be in the top ten most definitely this song is amazing! If you dislike this song listen to it al the way through a couple times because I didn't like it at first either.

People voting for other songs... Just don't understand the MAGIC and sheer BRILLIANCE of Linkin Park in this song... No.7 is just not the place for this epic masterpiece...