Full-fledged List Analysis: Top Ten Most Popular Conspiracy Theories

NuMetalManiak Why not? The more the merrier...

1. 9/11 Was An Inside Job: How to trigger any American, mention 9/11 and mention that the government did it. Honestly I stopped caring a long time ago and again I must say that it was a bad thing that happened and it shouldn't happen again.
2. The NASA Moon Landing Was Faked: For the record, there wasn't much in terms of recording technology back in 1969 or whenever that took place.
3. The JFK Assassination: This one has now apparently come up again thanks to Trump leaking the information.
4. The New World Order: Thank you Ministry, for providing a song about this. Actually, no thank you. The people who thought up this theory are probably the biggest dreamers around.
5. Area 51/Roswell: This is certainly popular in a lot of pop culture areas.
6. Berenstein Bears Mandela Effect: Never heard of this one.
7. Sandy Hook Shooting Was Staged: REALLY? I don't know his motive but this is definitely a stupid one.
8. Paul McCartney Is Dead: This one's a classic. He's still alive too.
9. Illuminati: Attracts the biggest idiots around.
10. The Loch Ness Monster: This is a fun one. Oh wait, I thought we were talking about a roller coaster.
11. Courtney Love Killed Kurt Cobain: Jealousy? She was married to him.
12. Global Warming Hoax: I can't recall who started this one. Must've been around the time Al Gore was running.
13. AIDS Is a Manmade Disease: No.
14. All of Hollywood's celebrities are Illuminati puppets: There are more "puppets" of the illuminati on the Internet.
15. Michael Jackson Faked His Death: If he did, would he still be making more albums? This goes to other artists people still delude are alive.
16. Aliens Built the Pyramids: Because you conspiracy theorists didn't live years ago and didn't witness HOW they were built, you immediately assume aliens based on this stupid TV show you probably watch.
17. H.A.A.R.P.: A secret weapon to control the weather? That would be cool, but completely impractical.
18. 2012 Conspiracy: Was done to death numerous times. Yet the people of earth are still alive.
19. Elvis Is Still Alive: This coincides with #8. Again, read what I said for #15.
20. Krusty Krab Unfair: Very specific to a cartoon this one is.
21. Azaria Chamberlain Disappearance: Whoever that is.
22. Tupac Faked His Death: Again, read #15.
23. Obama Isn't American Born: He was born in Hawaii, which is a part of America. Heck, they'd make this theory if he was born in Guam or something.
24. Holocaust Did Not Happen: ryanrimmel is correct here.
25. George Washington Wasn't the First U.S.President: Some say it was a guy named John Hanson, elected as President of the United States IN CONGRESS ASSEMBLED
26. Reptilians: Some people have seen too much sci-fi.
27. Baader-Meinhoff-Ensslin were not murdered in Stammheim-Prison: Who the heck is this?
28. The Murdered Princess Diana: You people care too much about celebrities.
29. Osama Bin Laden Died Of Kidney Failure In December of 2001: Well explain the mission that got him killed in 2011.
30. Redheads are Aliens: It's bad enough that you say they don't have souls.
31. Hollow Earth: Personally, I'm surprised flat earth hasn't been mentioned yet.
32. Loomynarty: Technically, this is already on the list, it's just mocking the name.
33. King Arthur and Jesus Are the Same Person: That would make Arthur a Jew then, and he'd have been born in AD or something.
34. Count of St. Germain has lived for thousands of years: Too bad I know absolutely nothing about the Count of St. Germain.
35. Israel is funding ISIS: Surprised you didn't say Palestine.
36. Alien Lizards Rule Our Country: Again with the reptiles.
37. Harambe Was An Inside Job: Harambe was not as important as 9/11.
38. We are a Simulation: Define "We".
39. The World Is Controlled by Britain: Yeah, they did control most of the world at one point, THROUGH INVASION. And they try to backlash at us for invasion and all that. This is why I hate most British people.
40. Jesuit Theory: This became a thing because of some woman on the internet.
41. Mao Was a Pedophile: That guy was more of a genocide-happy leader than a pedophile if you ask me.
42. Xixi Slept With British Soldier: And who is Xixi and why should everyone care?
43. Fabian Society: Nope, don't know this one.
44. INGSOC: For those that don't know, this is from 1984. Some people honestly think that this Orwell novel should be brought to life. Don't be like them.
45. Jews Control the World: This conspiracy theory was brought to you in part by anti-Semites on the internet.
46. America Is Becoming a Police State: Common knowledge at this point. Britain was worse still.
47. 9/11 No Plane Theory: This can not be serious.
48. Eminem Is Dead: Still alive. You people care too much about celebrities.
49. Flat Earth Theory: One of the stupidest GROWING theories ever. Been disproven so many times throughout history, why must it return.
50. Hitler is alive today: Oh, another theory started by a woman. Also he would've died by old age if he managed to live long enough. Also this is #1 on the Top Ten Stupidest Conspiracy Theories list.
51. Boston Bombings were an inside job: Everything is an inside job to a dumb conspiracy theorist.
52. The Cuil Theory: Pseudoscience, a.k.a. stuff no one cares about.
53. The Whole World Is a Hologram: I can feel things, you know.
54. Saddam Hussein Owned a Stargate Portal: Again, too much scifi. It's like a drug to you people.
55. Project MKUltra: Sounds like a Mortal Kombat mod.
56. Samadhi Caves: Does this even count?
57. Jesus and Mary Magdalene Were Married and Had Children: Even religion brings up dumb theories.
58. Mark Chapman Was Hired by the U.S. Government to Kill John Lennon: Government tends to have bad people, but I never think they would be bad enough to do something like this.
59. Crop Circles Are Created by Aliens: Well what about those that want to make fun looking lawns seen from the sky. Ultimately, WHO CARES?
60. Paris Hilton is Psychic: More brain-dead-ness.
61. The Mayans predicted the end of the world: Well, they didn't.

As usual, if you are a common person, you won't believe these things. I just gave my thoughts to 61 really dumb conspiracy theories. What's next?


Give the post an A. But I think the Illuminati was more of a meme than a conspiracy people actually believed in. - Skullkid755

It pretty much is a meme. Loomynarty too. - NuMetalManiak

On #16, when you mention this certain T.V. show, are you talking about Stargate? - visitor

I was referencing Giorgio Tsoukalos. - NuMetalManiak

About #39...I'm a Brit...just letting y'all know.. - TwilightKitsune