TheTopTens Alien Invasion Trailer

Martinglez (Deep voice)
In a world where humanity has been wiped out, only 10 TopTenners survive and have to fight aliens that have blasters that can turn people into RUBBER DUCKS.
1- Martinglez
2- Skullkid755
3- Seventies-Music-Fan
4- Nateawesomeness
5- 2storm
6- MontyPython
7- FerrariDude64
8- bobbythebrony
9- KingFab
10- PianoQueen
If you haven't joined already, you can get a cameo in an episode.
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I'll join - Nateawesomeness

Cool - Martinglez

I'll join - 2storm

Cool - Martinglez

I'll join - bobbythebrony

Great - Martinglez