Top Tens Talent Show Sign Ups Over

Skullkid755 The sign ups for this post are over, and I'll make it in a few days. If you signed up, I'll message you the post and after about 15 votes will make a results post. Hope you will enjoy, and see you all later.


Yay! For some reason, I am always the last person to sign up for things. - visitor

Okay - bobbythebrony

Ja. Sorry Bobby but sometimes I like to use your word - FerrariDude64

Not really my word since it's a European word. I was just the only user to use it on a regular basis - bobbythebrony

Well your from Europe right? - FerrariDude64

Why do you not just reply to each other's comments instead of starting a new comment? - visitor

No I'm Cherokee and from America - bobbythebrony

YEAH - 2storm