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DMT is a very interesting drug. It might not be for everyone but if you like psychs then you must try this. People say about breaking through? I've smoked it about 8 times and never broke through. Amazing experience but I was still in the real world, just out of this world visuals. The colours in stuff are intensified x10. You can't believe your brain is seeing what it's seeing. I then had it in a capsule at a party which also very nice experience like having a strong LSD only it last about 5/6 hours unlike tabs which can be up to 12! But when I toke a capsule another time I was breaking through I think? I kept coming in and out of reality and was getting overwhelmed by my own thoughts. Going into like a dream world I was making up in thoughts. This wasn't like me. I felt like breaking through was for people who dreamed a lot or weak minded people that couldn't handle drugs, as I've had loads of psychs in my life and never left reality? This time, I did, and I was re-enacting ...more

The first time I smoked DMT, I had no idea what it was because a stranger handed me a bowl and told me to try this awesome stuff he had. Being me, I did, and less than a moment passed before I was warping through the trees into space for untold eons before coming back to see a swirling rainbow sky, where dead birds fell to the ground before turning into cats and running away. Later trips I did correctly, and the visuals I had made every other trip I've had seem almost not worth recounting.

If you smoke dmt correctly out of a freebase pipe with 100mg of crystal dmt and hold it for 20 seconds you will have an experience close to what a monk would have when he finally reaches enlightenment, being here you are scared happy curious and limited all at the same time. Dmt done correctly with respect for the "drug" is a pure out of body experience leaving you perfectly ok with what's going on around you. But the question really is "Do you smoke dmt again after breaking through". That's up to you but I found what I was looking for and I am content with it.

DMT is no recreational drug. I started off with smoking it 60mg-100mg and inhaling hurt like hell, I then modified a glass vapor genie and vaped it... No kidding sub 25mg vaped has given me many breakthroughs. The heat from smoking it destroys/weakens the molecule. Also with vaping you only need 1 hit, Not 3 like smoking. Everything starts to change while I was still half way through inhaling. Forgot I ever existed as a human, time ceased to assist and felt though I was just awareness. I had a few trips that felt similar to 5-Meo-DMT but unfortunately for me from the 100+ experiences I have had with it, most were hell, swearing to myself that I would never touch the stuff again. The bad trips were something I would not wish on my worst enemy. If it was so bad why did I keep going back? Because I forced myself, thinking the bad trips are the ones that we can take the most from, to become a better person. It strips away your ego, allowing you see the real you without your ego making ...more

2 Magic Mushrooms

First time that I did it it was carelessly just trying to have fun and it changed my life. So when you hallucinate and you get worried, stop worrying, breathe, and let the trip happen. The more you go against the trip the more likely you are to have paranoia and that leads to a bad trip. But if you are prepared mentally, it can be amazing and it makes you look at the world from a whole new perspective. When I had a good trip it was amazing, Everything in your sight is vivid, and it's something you should do at least once in your life if you're up for it. And even if you do have a bad trip, it's okay. Bad trips are very beneficial and it can help you work towards fixing your flaws. If you're gonna take them for your first time, take no more than 1.5 grams.

You just feel entirely connected to and aware of nature. The concept of death loses it's threatening aura and the connectivity of the cosmos is readily observed. If the effects aren't doing it for you just take a few hits of weed and things should take a turn for the awesome. I would recommend shrooms as a first trip choice over acid if it weren't for the fact that it's hard to tell how strong they are. There are dozens of species and a billion variables that go into determining what your mushrooms will do to you, and for someone not well versed in psychedelics there is a good chance of taking too much.

I did them with my bestie, it was the first time for me the second for her, she had done it about two days before so her trip wasn't as strong. Oh boy, this is probably the best experience I've ever had in my life, the colors, the sounds, the shapes. I started sitting on the couch and ended up on the floor. It was as if I was flying through tunnels or wormholes across the universe from one place to another, things happened really fast... I cried for most of the trip but not for sadness, I was so happy with everything I was learning and seeing and experiencing... Will definitely try them again. I also want to try DMT.

My first time: I took 7.5 gm of Psylocybin Hollandia and after two hours of lame visuals, I got relentless and took another 7.5 gm along with multiple hits of marijuana. And Walla I felt the first crazy kick. Holly Mother of Jesus there was visuals along with any form audible stimuli. Within an hour things went so deep, I realized my life's meaning. It went for 5 more hours and trust me that 5 hours made me who I am. There was a house party going on in my house at the time and my worst moment was when one dude put on a arab music with 'Yalla Yalla'...Crap my trip took a lil dent...but nevertheless it was Bazoomba...


Absolutely hands down LSD my favorite hallucinogenic so far... I would say DMT is, although DMT is not even comparable to a psychedelic drug... In my opinion DMT should be in it's own classification, completely different. Anyways I've done LSD 15 times, I love it... I highly suggest it for new timers (as long as they choose the correct dose and test the LSD). It was an eye opener for me and my life in a dark time. I was extremely suicidal at the time, I was considering committing suicide after the trip (pre-planned before the trip) But that night I took the tab, I was blown away by the amazement of life and it's beauty. I realized every single humans importance, including myself... the colors I saw were purple green and blue it would repeat in a circle and letters and numbers on my phone would wiggle and dance. the air was wavy and objects were breathing. I felt amazing, I felt pure euphoria and happiness. anyways after my first trip I did it 14 more times, and I plan to continue... ...more

LSD was single handedly the most important and significant experience of my entire life. It created a shift in the way I move through life in a way that's extremely difficult to put into words. It's also near impossible to compare it to anything unless you have ever tried a psychedelic.

I know it is a bold statement, but I truly think most humans beings would benefit significantly from the responsible use of LSD. One trip is all that is needed to create lifelong changes in who you are. It helps you step back from your societal conditioning and see our planet through an objective lens. The long list of positive benefits to LSD, in my life, have been permanent. For most people, their understanding of psychedelics only comes through the media and Hollywood's caricature of them, neither of which even come close to exemplifying the benefits of psychedelics. If I could describe LSD in one word it would be: beautiful. Not scary, freaky, or as frightening as most people would think. ...more

The first time I tripped was on 25i witch sent me into a loop, not bad but it felt like I was literally going insane, in the best kind of way of course. And one time I did a vile of lsa, which is super mild, hardly even felt a high off it, but a little molly topped that off, only time I've done either of those. But I've done lsd many a time, its just great, its like putting a whole new mindset in your head, its incredible and the visuals are breathtaking at higher doses, all though I perfer small doses myself, 1 or 2 hits always does me just right, and I'm still able to function somewhat normally. But L is a double edged blade, on the one side it got this almost sharp feel to it, I wouldn't go as far as to say harsh but almost, and after a 12 hour trip it gets exhausting. I would definitely like to try shrooms or mescaline, because I'm told the trips are much more gentle.

I had the best trip ever. Two hit's and it was most powerful, most pleasurable, and scariest drug I have ever taken! It beats DMT, Shrooms, you name it, LSD is AWESOME. But... USER BEWARE! Some LSD is forged by the devil himself. It is so powerful, I actually thought (and saw) snakes were slithering up my ass. Not to mention the giant toads trying to eat me. Scariest, yet best drug ever! Not sure why this is not #1...

4 Ayahuasca

I just got out of a 5-day ayahuasca retreat in the sacred valley of Peru. It was the most intense experience of my life. My demons left my body or were sucked out by the shaman (literally through my belly button and head). I saw other universes and experienced them deeply. I now know my purpose in life. Ayahuasca isn't a drug. It's a medicine. It needs to be respected and practiced in the safest environment possible. I tripped for 8 hours straight and experienced complete ego death and was reborn on the 3rd night. It was so intense and challenging and incredibly hard on the body and mind. However, it was so beautiful. I received reassurance about my life and place on the earth.

Beautiful experience. I drank the plant in ceremony with a shaman couple from Puerto Rico and Colombia. I surrendered to the plant, and followed her lead. I asked her to show me what she needed to show me. Once I was "in", I visited the feminine side of myself through my ancestors. I connected with my mother, grandmother, and great-great grandmother. I was reminded to get in touch and honor the lineage that I chose to incarnate into when I decided to experience this reality. It is a big part of me, more than I can imagine. When I love and honor the women from who I come from, I am connecting with a part of myself. I was shown a lot of images, colors, patterns, and had many moments of deja vu when certain pictures flashed themselves. I dove into my subconscious and unleashed somethings that were hidden deep down. I released some childhood trauma, that I didn't realize was deeply affecting me in my adulthood. It was like 5 years of therapy in about 6-7 hours. After ayahuasca, ...more

The worst substance to have a trip. It has hallucinogenic properties but I recomend other substances to have a trip than this one. Before it kick in you feel nausea and abdominal cramps. When the euphoria comes its unpleasant effects of sickness become supportable but this doesn't stop non-stop vommiting. It has great euphoric visual effects but it has also too many unpleasant effects at the same time.

Ayahuasca combined with both DMT and 5-MEO-DMT is the most intense experience I ever had in my life. Took it yesterday and tripped VERY VERY HARD for almost 7 hours. Experienced Multiple orgasms, Euphoria, and felt like a completely different person after. felt way more intesnse than high doses of DMT or 5-MEO-DMT alone. this should be #1 as this is the best life changing trip.

5 Salvia Divinorum

Salvia is weak as. My friend bought a half ounce for 60 and he started tripping hard only past a quarter. Do not expect this to taste good either. Not that it tastes bad, more just very unique. But even if you were to smoke enough to the point where it had you tripping, it would be quite similar to taking a couple microtabs. No visuals, you just feel wired. Mixing it with weed is ideal because it creeps up on you along with the weed high and gives it the extra boost it clearly is missing when smoked by itself.

As soon as I had blown out the smoke from two hits or pure salvia, a weird gravitational pull was imposed on my body that dragged me towards the giant been bag in my friend's room. The T.V. was playing a strange video on YouTube that was supposed to emulate an acid trip, and I was convinced that I had seen the video before. As I was laying on the bean bag, my body was partially in the world we know and partially being sucked into the T.V., which caused me to live through the video that I had been watching. I then remember believing that I had woken up on the bed in my bedroom, and the is was all just a cruel trick being played on me by my parents. As my "parents" were standing over me, there faces turned into my friends, and I was left feeling like I had not control over my body whatsoever. I had to scream at my friends to turn off the video, and when they didn't after I had been yelling for what seemed like 2 hours, I got out of the bean bag and picked up the lamp and threatened my ...more

Not really powerful as an hallucinogenic but powerful for its dissociation effects. A loss of the feeling of depht and lenght is common. This can be to some amusing while to others scary. It has not great euphoriant effects ( it can even be called non-euphoriant and only a subjective " feel good " experience depending if you like the experience of dissociation or not. ). Trippy? Not really!

Even though its most intense effects are short lived, one will need quite a lot of time for his mind to comprehend all things he/she was experiencing during tripping. Salvia will leave you wondering about your own existence.


DXM is Dextromethorphan ( brandname Romilar ) and is a non-narcotic cough syrup. It's related to the natural opiates codeïne, morphine and thebaine. Those molecules are all Levo substances and lose their addictive and narcotic properties as a dextro- enantiomer. It can cause very mild hallucinations at very high doses together with drowsiness, nausea and respiratory depression. It's only used to cut with other potent drugs to enhance their effects. Saying that this molecule is an hallucinogenic drug is ridiculous. It's even no scheduled as a controlled substance and is a over the counter antitussive. Most of the comments I read here about DXM is crap ( I'm sure they even didn't try it ). To put this on number 5 on this list above mescaline, LSD and many others is even more ridiculous.

I've tried others. DXM is the most powerful, dissociative hallucinogen available. Pcp cowers in DXM's shadow. Ya I've had cool trips on lsd, but it was boring. With dxm, you have a body high (which may consist of mental alteration of gravity perception), a mental high, (I've had too many too count, but some are fearful. One time I was so far gone into that dimension I believed earth had just become hell and demons were rising from the ground), and of course a visual higj consisting of, of dose dependent, vivid hallucinations. There are three types of trips one could have. In broad daylight, bound to lead to a more psychedelic experience, one in dim light possibly with different figures or furniture that will become severely distorted, anf pitch black. A pitch black trip is almost complete dissociation. Your hallucinations consist if short and lomh term memories, anf of course interests and hobbies or other things of great importance in your mind. And, my God, does it enhance the HELL ...more

Yeah I remember I was tripping like crazy on this and I saw baby birds right next to me chirping and chirping. I also say a rat which I later discovered that it didn't really exist. And also there was a cat staring at me for the longest time and I would hear voices and see flashbacks of my sister laughing. Very Crazy.

Be super careful abusing this stuff. Don't forget to check for the other inactive ingredients and if there are any then you should look elsewhere. Vick is great because most of their recipes only include DXM and not the stuff that makes you vomit or pass out immediately.

7 Mescaline

Mescaline san Pedro or trycocerious bregessi the female of San Pedro cacti. Is reported to have the highest mescaline yield compared to any other member of the san Pedro family. I know because I tried Peruvian torch and san Pedro. (Mescaline san Pedro) is vary under rated. I've tried psilocybin mushrooms more times then I can count. LSD like 10 times also 25i nbome. Mescaline was the last psyche I've tried recently. Very Very gently does the trip come on. Almost sedating while coming up. The euphoria is close to pure mdma. The trip will come on around your second hour at the most. Peaking around 4th hour. The visuals are very subtle and complex depending on the dose. Duration of the trip 10-15 hrs. Best taken early in the day. Low lightning plus music will intensifies The visuals. brew 12-14inches of san Pedro or Achuma the female. Brew the cacti at least 4-6hrs freeze the cuttings overnight thaw. Then blend also adding ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 1000mg for every 12inch. This will pull ...more

I agree it was a peaceful, yet exhilarating high for me. No disturbing visuals and a huge awareness, empathy and love for my surroundings and my girlfriend. In my case, lasted 10 hours with a quiet downside. Twice. No ill effects. We are talking 1971 in San Francisco. I only smoked grass occasionally. If I could be sure I could get the same substance in the same concentration, I would enjoy today at 70.

In the right setting, this experience is indescribable. I have tried all the other classic psychs and with each one I was amazed, but mescaline was profound in a way that far exceeds what you can understand without trying it. At the right dose, this transcends what any other psychedelic drug can show you.

Mescaline was the wonder drug for me. Grass was nice, Hash was better, pills didn't appeal to me, and Cocaine was OK but I'd never buy it and Mushrooms put me to sleep. Wasn't "ready" for LSD…but then along came Mescaline in the shape of a lovely women and a magical Northwest summer followed. It began with being taken to "Fantasia" which I had avoided till then…. It was wonderful, and ended several months later in Stanley Park in Vancouver Park, B.C. Colors, Music, illusions…worth the risk and frankly there wasn't one.


Ecstasy is a derivative of methamphetamine. It's full name is methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It has stimulant properties with minimal effects or alteration of memory and orientation. Their use does not result in frank hallucinations. Only on very high doses it can give visual hallucinations but this goes together with overagitation, panic attacks and other unpleasant effects. Therefore, ecstasy can't be called a hallucinogenic drug like LSD or some Tryptamines. Many ecstasy on the market sold as ecstacy aren't always the true molecule MDMA. If you have hallucinations with ecstacy it's for sure that you have taken an other molecule sold falsely as ecstacy.

You can hallucinate somewhat strongly on E, but you must dose heavily with very pure stuff and requires good bud to set it off. I take heavy doses, and I had some very pure molly. 1.25 g taken in hour segments over 4 hours with smoking bud after the dosing sent me into a plane of pure joy. The hallucination is not as strong as a peak on LSD, but very similar to the visuals. I checked the mirror as I always do when I trip, and I definitely was unable to recognize my face, and as I stared the fragments of my face began to disassociate and morph into an actual kaleidoscope of patterns and colors. throughout the night, everything became flat and glowed with prismatic rifts and pulses, but the flat pieces still existed in 3D, so its was like watching a play with flat paper dolls that emitted rainbow prisms. All of this was of course accompanied by the best body high I have been able to achieve. The pleasure was so intense that it almost became painful it felt so good, and was unrelenting. ...more

Yes you do hallucinate on Ecstasy - you know how lights seem so much brighter? That's hallucinating.
I have.5g yesterday and was seeing Blue and Red and Green dots all over a wall. The clouds had a waving motion much like the sea, and shadows were so defined, little cracks looked like they went miles into the wall.
Admittedly I did have way too much, and would have preferred a less intense roll, but I hallucinated a lot more on Molly than I did on 4g of shrooms.

Was never a true fan of xtc, however its sister molly, which to some degree is the same thing is good. I cannot write my background but I will put it out this way, I have tried the purist and best forms of xtc and molly, and if used right can make things a little trippy(not hallucinate), however that effect can cause streams of light rays and slight vision blur(not harsh or even bad like alcohol, however it is hard to explain, very light).

9 Salvia

Salvia kicks in like a shotgun and is extremely powerful. It tends to be too rough of a trip for most people, and is therefore not everyone's favorite. Personally, I've never had a bad trip on the stuff, but I can understand the apprehension.

Try it once to experience it, but this drug sucks. Horribly uncomfortable and not much positive effects or realizations. Just a mind-blowing, delirious trip. At a high dose, ego-death is near guaranteed.

Salvia is one of the most powerful drugs on the planet. Because you can buy it at shops and online don't underestermate this drug. I didn't get a nice feeling off it. It felt like I had gravity pulling me backwards? Very visual if you get higher doses of it. I surpose I'm glad I'v tried it the only upside to it is it only lasts about 10 mins.

I've read trip reports and a lot of it sounds weird and terrifying. I wouldn't want try this stuff.

10 5-MeO-DMT

By far the most intense psychedelic on the planet, in my experience. With one toke administered by an extraordinarily experienced modern medicine man, I experienced multiple tantric orgasms for 20 minutes straight while doing yogic backbends. The orgasmic feeling in my chest endured intensely for 3 days afterwards, and more subtlety, although completely visceral and palpable, for about two weeks. (I am still able to enter that space without any touching, just through concentration of energy.) After the orgasms subsided, I experienced pure bliss. Soundlessness, complete stillness. The entire experience endured for about an hour. It changed my life, for the better.

5-MeO-DMT is by far #1
DMT is the Spirit Molecule, where you can see a lot of visuals, the palaces, the spirits, interact with this spiritual universe.
5-MeO-DMT is the God Molecule, you become one with the universe, an explosion, enlightenment, more than visuals it is a true connection with the "everything"
you may feel that you die, that you can't breath, you just have to let it go and not to struggle. And after that you'll feel the best of sensations ever.
5-Meo is a Gift.

Officially the strongest psychedelic on earth. Should be number 1.

I agree that it should be far above in this list.

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11 Xanax
12 2C-B

I did this together with my girlfriend a few days ago. She never tried any psychedelic, only I tried them. I took 2 pills, she took 1. After a half hour we felt super floaty and the furniture in my room started shapeshifting. I started playing piano and I felt the music through my body. Then I looked at my hands and they were growing larger and larger, now was the moment where it really started to kick in.

My sister was home, and I didn't think she would come and bother us, but she randomly came in my room with a viking dress she made by herself for a school project. I thought it was so cool! I told her how awesome her dress was and I took a picture of it for her. Even though it was a brown dress, it was so bright to me! I didn't feel awkward while talking to her, and I don't think I sounded weird to her when I was talking to her because she didn't ask me anything weird. She didn't notice anything! ;)

I turned back when she left the room and I saw my girlfriend sitting ...more

I had 2ci pills They were blue. But by far the strongest and most visual tablets I'v ever had. A lot stronger than 2cbs I'd say but as always depends on what batch your on doesn't it. These pills made me and my mate chatting about the world and different planets. It felt like 5 mins but was probably hours lol. We had 2 each. Towards the middle of the trip about 3hours in the fire place had flashing lights in it a bit like a traffic light or a cheap disco spinning ball that protects light. This only happened when we seen the fire out the corner of our eyes? When we looked directly at the fireplace it's slowly faded away. Quality drug just not for the faint hearted, there not like having an xtc.

I snorted this once. He said that the entire world seemed as though it was similar to watching a 3D movie without the 3D glasses on. I loved it. It was the best visual experience I had from any of the things I had tried before

Definitely best experience you can get, especially for the price.

13 Peyote

Just watch Beavis and Butt-head Do America and you'll agree with this one.

Peyote is mescaline! Is already at number six!

I found my spirt animal

14 Adderall

What are you talking about? Adderall is a mixture of dextro and levo amphetamine. It has only stimulant properties and because of the levoamphetamine in it no hallucinogenic properties at all.

15 1P-LSD

I was looking for LSD but I could not find any so I had to settle for 1p-lsd. One blotter just made me talk a lot and a bit excited, I only took one cus a friend was holding onto the rest and wouldn't let me take more, long story short, I wanna go on an adventure to the unknown, we do, he ends up having a bad trip (on one blotter '-_-) so I take him home, take the rest of the blotters and I HAD A BLAST! I was alone for the first part just walking around but the way I was seeing things, questioning things etc. Music never sounded so emotional!

16 Cannabis (Marijuana/THC)

Yes believe it or not folks cannabis can be considered a psychedelic. I don't know about other people but when I smoked it everything had something out of the ordinary that I would never had known or heard till I was "high". Movies, music, and even life itself had something new to it. And I must say if you've never experienced this for yourself.. Well then you must be smoking some pretty weak or maybe your just to ignorant to even pay attention to things that deep. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And for that fact of the matter.. I just happen to believe that cannabis is a psychedelic medication. I mean after all it is mind altering.

Marijuana was my first drug. I have never experienced any visible hallucinations but my hearing, breathing, and touch were affected. It honestly depends on how much you smoke (or how high quality the strand is) I don't remember how high the strand I smoked was but it made my hearing..."sensitive". When I played music, it dround out the background noise and it felt like I was going into space, I didn't acknowledge my friend sitting next to me, I was alone. I felt light and that's when I knew I was tripping. It was amazing. It was like music was just invented or discovered.

Can't go wrong with the green. But it it really is good for people to try before they jump to strong hallucinogens like LSD, Mushrooms, and DMT. Weed is an everyday activity. It helps me sleep and it calms my anxiety... Marijuana should be legal, and if not for recreational use, than it should be legal in all 50 states medicinally...

Probably the weakest psychedelic, top dosages will only take you as far as a sub-par mushroom trip.

17 PCP

I had my weed laced with it once. Far more powerful than DXM. It's slightly stronger than acid but it is completely different. I would not recommend taking this substance. If you want a good experience, smoke weed. If you want something stronger, eat some mushrooms or take some acid. This stuff is not fun. It's insane.

I tried it. It was overall fun but very inconsistent. Some trips were great. Some were scary and unpleasant. It never made me take off my clothes and run around on the streets. In fact, I'd be lucky to be able to make it to the bathroom on that stuff. I'm retired from PCP.

Strongest most wild hallucinogenic drug in history. Scary but fun

18 Datura

Don't do this.
It can and will kill you if you don't know the exact dose you are taking (and it's very hard to know the dose).

This is a deliriant, different than a psychedelic/hallucinogenic as you can't differentiate between the hallucinations and what is real.

Incredibly dangerous.

Best deliriant or hallucinogen acc. to me...intense experience... one wouldn't even know he is tripping... talking to strangers thinking these are people you know... talking random to people... FREE will... unstable walking ( my legs was bent like a crab )...balance problems... saying everything truth... you name it... it's the most scariest drug you can have...but overdose can kill you...and there is a very little difference in actual dose and lethal/toxic dose

Take proper dose and have a trip for minimum 3 days. You will not remember what you did, go on trip with tripsitter and cameras. Overdose can kill you literally.

The number of bad trip reports on this one heavily outweigh the number of good ones. No thanks.

19 Ketamine

This one of the only drugs besides nitrous oxide that when done in excess can lead to an out of body experience. Ketamine is designed to induce a state of paralysis for animals about to go through surgery. When one becomes stuck in the K-hole this is when they experience a near-death experience that is literally impossible to describe to anyone or even to yourself. If you have ever fished out off of nitrous then you may have some idea of how potent of an experience this is. If one reaches the hole they can stay there for 3 hours and since it makes it difficult for the user to experience pain or move for that matter it is often used as a drug for date-rape.

I have no idea why this is so low. even when not sent into a k hole through high dosage this stuff even in small doses makes you feel as if you're blanketed by the room around you. very comfortable and relaxing sensation. I understand that most disassociates don't give an actual hallucinogenic experience, however it should definitely be higher than dxm. but this is all based on peoples experiences and I assume more people have done dxm than kat.

Honestly don't know how ketamine hasn't made it on this list. Once someone encounters a 5 true k-hole experience most other hallucinogenics feel quite mild! I kholed on 4 tabs of acid last weekend and the experience was so intensely visual I had an overwhelming feeling that I had spiritually crossed many planes of dimensions.

If you successfully manage to ride through the 'k hole' then this is one of the most powerful psychedelic experiences you can do. How this isn't higher on the list I don't know

20 Marijuana

Marijuana can actually produce a hallucinogenic experience. If you have not experienced this yet, you need either stronger pot or more of it. I'm not saying you have to go for a full trip every time, but if that's what you're after you definitely need to intake a large dose. It's perfectly safe, but can become overwhelming for some.

The most hallucinogenic marijuana experience I've had was after eating two 320mg Sour Diesel sugar cookies (edibles), taking 2-3 dabs, and a few tokes off of a joint. My body was vibrating to the point where it became one with the air around it, it felt like I dissolved into thin air and became total bliss and connection to it all.

Marijuana is harmful and will only ruin your life and not benefit it at all.

I have smoked a lot of weed in my day and I mean A LOT. never once have I ever had a hallucinogenic experience

So, coca leaves, datura, shrooms, salvia etc aren't drugs?

21 Iboga

African root. Crazy trip

22 25I

My first psychedelic. I loved it.

23 Morning Glory Seeds

This one really blows, I have tried near everything on this list, and I like to trip to the point where people think I wont come back. When I heard about this I tried a ridiculous amount(600-700) expecting to blast off. Although I blasted off it was more like a blast off of my stomach rupturing. Imagine Lsd but instead you are sick, queezy and overall body load is about 4 times that of Lsd. I have tried this a few times starting with 600-700 the first, then 500, 400 then 250... even at 250 I became sick and around 300-400 is when you will truly trip, but they will make you very sick. Euphoria feels like the body "forces" you to feel euphoric, which doesn't feel euphoric at all I suppose.

If taken with the RIGHT dose it's almost as good as LSD. Besides LSA can't cause bad trips. It's a mild LSD if you want and less dangerous. Just be sure to take the right dose because an high dose will make you sick.

Best hallucinogen out of all these at least for working towards enlightenment that I know of.

Not for me, Sent me insane for a week, only took 100 seeds..maybe I'm the problem I don't know.. Nice in small doses but anything more sent me wayyy further than I'd have liked.

24 DOM (STP)

Strongest psychedelic I've done. I've done almost all listed. Received it on stamps. I ingested two stamps. I took it with about 10 people at the same time. Everyone blacked out when it hit us and came to when we were walking down the St 5 minutes later. Super intense visually. Strongest hallucinations I've ever seen and I've done everything. I originally thought it was lsd but then after and before and takin lsd a lot and have never found it in the slightest as comparable in magnitude of visuals. We would become so flabbergasted at what we were seeing we would be literally unable to communicate.

Was like combining speed with LSD not my thing. Either way I found out that once you break through you only need a small dose of psychedelics to do it again. Try to meditate in your trip clear your mind while tripping. When your able to do so you can rebuild your ego from the ground up Peace.

25 Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)

My 2nd hallucigen and I though it was great, I did see bugs and had lucid dreams, and also a drunk like feeling, I could not walk straight. The next day I felt so heavy couldn't barley stand at first, but it got better around 3rd period at school, and I could easily pass out in school, all my classes, and even for a few secs. There was a lot of confusion and forgetting this day, and the 3rd day I had a headache. Most didn't like it but I'd do it again...

This is wild Even at pretty low doses, makes feel like a drunk Fat Slug, Kinda like Dxm at high doses but with More Delirium and Body load at least for me, its Fun As hell when smoking weed with it. You get weird ass movie scene hallucinations & You Feel Like Paparazzi is around you with cameras asking questions but its just your mind.

A anti- histamine with no hallucinogenic properties. Only in overdose you can get some hallucinations but it gives you also an oversedative feeling at that moment. I can't concider this as an hallucinogenic drug!

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