Top Ten Most Annoying Things About Having Braces

Braces are a great long-term investment, and ultimately the pros far outweigh the cons. But damn, they can be a pain in the... teeth.
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1 Pain

I definitely agree with this one. Pain is the absolute worst thing about wearing braces, especially after you get your wires changed. And I sometimes wake-up around the middle of the night, because of it. At least it goes away after a day or two.

This is the second time I've had braces. Last time I had the top only. Today I went to get another set of top and bottom, And about an hour later the pain kicks in and it's unbearable. In my opinion Pain is DEFINITELY the worst part of having braces.

I recently got the last bracket on a tooth and it feels like my mouth is against me again. Orthodontists say it'll be a little pressure but instead is like your teeth are punching you in the gum.

The orthodontists say, "A little pressure." yeah, right. More like a LOT of pressure, not to mention severe pain, not being able to eat anything, and constant discomfort.

2 Eating at other people's houses

Only a few more months until I don't have to put up with having food stuck in my teeth when I eat at a friend's and can't brush.

Braces must be like hell then.

It hurts so much

3 Being offered food you can't eat

I have braces and I eat whatever I want. My orthodontist did a great job at gluing my brackets to my teeth since I haven't broken a bracket at all during phase 2 of my orthodontic treatment.

One of the biggest problems for my friends with braces is being offered food that they can't eat.

Grandma: Want some gum, dear?
Me: Can't eat it.. Braces...

Yes happens all the time

4 Wearing elastics

Mine are quite tight. Thankfully, I only have to wear them at night, but if I yawn too widely, they snap.

It was so loose! I was trying to put the elastics for 1 hour one day. Luckily, they stopped it.

5 Food restrictions

I have braces and yet I eat whatever I want, including popcorn, gum, chips, skittles, starburst, and corn on the cob. Nothing bad has happened to me since my braces are practically super glued onto my teeth. I also bit an apple at school a few days ago and still nothing happened.

Popcorn, chewing gum, and corn on-the-cob are officially off limits, but nobody bothers. However, sponge toffee is definitely out.

I once walked into a movie theatre with a massive bag of popcorn, only to see my orthodontist. I passed it to my friend and gave the doc a winning smile.

Do you know how SAD this is? You walk into a movie theater and the air is filled with the delicious, buttery aroma of popcorn.. And you WANT to eat it, and you can see and hear others crunching away loudly, and you have to sit and watch, and try not to make pathetic whimpering sounds.

I already live on a diet with so little flexibility, I can't imagine having braces. It's just that some of the things in said diet won't do my teeth justice. So surely, this must be the worst feat of braces.

6 Getting hit in the teeth

This is the definition of pain... A normal slap to the face that hits your teeth does hurt, right? Amplify the pain by five. This is from personal experience of getting hit in the teeth by a soccer ball.

It hasn't happened to me, but friends have told me that it hurts quite a bit more with braces than without.

7 Flossing

NO. It's incredibly difficult, and not to mention hurts if you get a tightening..

I've given up on flossing since it's exhausting to have to wrap it under my wires.

It's infinitely tougher with all that metal in your mouth.

Yep. It also hurts after getting a wire adjustment.

8 Technical difficulties

The orthodontist once placed a wire in such a way that it pokes my lower lip. At that time for 1 week, it hurted when I chewed, it hurted when I smiled, luckily they said to put cotton there for a few days and everything is fine now

9 Getting your wires changed each time you go to the dentist

Sometimes they accidentally made my wire longer than the left one, so when I chew, the gums on the way back are being stabbed nonstop and they are bleeding. thank you dentist for making my gums bleed

That's why I usually just chug some ibuprofen after getting a new wire.

10 Brushing

Takes twice as long and hurts if they've been tightened recently.

The usual amount of time you brush is doubled because you have to get above, below, in between, and not to mention it's kind of uncomfortable

You have to brush twice as longer.

Brushing takes longer

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11 Not being able to eat most of your school lunch

I used to eat everything, but now I can only eat school pizza, but not the crust. The Pizza is like 90% crust.

12 Biting your cheek/lip

Ever wanted to be pinched by a pair of needlenose pliers? Get braces and bite yourself!

I have a sore pare on the inside of my cheek where the skin is torn off, thank braces

13 The amount of canker sores is unbearable

You can't eat anything without metal rubbing up against the already pain infested area. It makes you almost regret fixing your teeth and wish u left them crooked. Trust me, there's no way to escape the canker

14 Poking wire

This is so annoying

Wax is the way to go...

15 You can't eat

It has been about 2 1/2 days now since I got my clear braces on and I literally feel like I can't eat! Protein drinks, soup and bread is about all I can take- it's horrible.

Well this sucks

16 You can only use the brackets as metal teeth since the lower molars are folded inwards

It's so annoying. I feel like my lower teeth is swollen and I can only chew with my metal brackets. It's pure hell.

17 Travelling

You can literally feel the cankers forming on the drive home after dinner.

18 Having ulcers

Ulcers are moderately annoying when you don't have braces, but with braces, they're unbearable. You can't move your mouth without poking it.

19 Getting beat up at school

Yeah most definitely

20 Looking like a nerd

You won't look like a nerd in my opinion, it's actually really cute. At least you won't have a cricken teeth any more, at the very end of braces, it will look perfectly straight.

Especially if you wear glasses, too.

You can't look like a nerd?

21 Can't bite into anything

Eating is so hard. Last night was my first night with braces so I baked cookies to cheer me up and I could hardly eat them!

You literally can not eat ANYTHING it's like only 3 foods you can eat for the first days, 1.Oatmeal 2.Yorgurt 3.Applesauce

22 Trying to kiss with braces

It's especially bad when both people trying to kiss have braces. It's just a mouthful of metal.

It's really not that hard to kiss with braces, the person isn't licking your teeth hopefully

23 You feel ugly

You don't ever dare to smile in public. Especially not after eating. When you get your braces for the first time, you feel like crying in the mirror because you feel different, you look different, and everybody glances at you with a nasty look.

24 Looking weird smiling with your teeth showing

I just got my second set of top braces and now refuse to smile with my mouth open because I feel like I'm back in middle school even though I'm a 10th grader now. Ugh.

When I was in grade 6 and 7, I would always smile with my closed and if I smiled with my teeth showing, I would look weird

25 Teeth pillows

Anyone else get those teeth pillows when you first get your braces, the hard balls of plastic they put on your back teeth so you don't bit down and break off your front lower braces? Yeah. They suck. You can't eat ANYTHING with them in and they take forever to wear out.

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