Top Ten Important Things That Happen to You While You're Sleeping

Sleeping is a daily thing that we usually devote little to no time thinking about. Yet it's one of the most important things in our lives. Humans can't live without sleep. But what happens to us that is so vital, and so interesting, while we sleep, besides the usual "getting rest" idea? What happens to our body, mind, and senses? Today, I'm going to break down all of the top ten most important things that happen to you during sleep. When you jump into your comfy bed, mash your face into the pillow, pull your sheets and comforter up, grab a Teddy bear and catch a few Zs, every single one of these important things happens, usually simultaneously! Enjoy!
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1 Bone and Muscle Improvement

During sleeping, well, the Non-REM stages, which is when you're in a very deep sleep and usually aren't dreaming or having your eyes go all over the place and all those other side effects that happen during REM sleep, your body strengthens and builds on your bones and muscles. This is actually relating to the growth hormone I mentioned earlier, but I decided to put this as a separate item because not only does the hormone help build on your bone and muscles, but it helps strengthen them. You know how sometimes you pull a muscle or injure it in some way and people tell you "don't worry, get some sleep and it'll be better in the morning", and then it is better in the morning? That's because of this improvement in bone and muscle. Another thing that happens during this stage that I didn't list, as part of the growth hormone thing, is strengthening of your metabolism.

2 Improvement of Resistance to Health Problems

You ever wonder why some people get diabetes, or heart problems, or obesity, or even all three, while others don't? It's partly random or because of the health choices of the person at hand, but another big factor is a good sleep. Being able to get enough sleep strengthens all of your organs and both your immune system and your nervous system and all your other systems, etc. but what else does this help, other than the basic things that happen with said system or organ or muscle? It actually improves your resistance to various health problems. There's many that this will not improve, and while you may fight off an illness during this time, it won't prevent you from getting it, but for health problems, it will help a lot. Lack of sleep helps induce cancer, as well as heart problems, diabetes, and even obesity, which you may think was caused by food choices but is only partly done by that.

3 Physical Growth

Sleeping is an essential part of kids and adult's growth, more so than those veggies and other foods your parents always ask you to eat to help you grow. During the day, you're actually being pulled down by gravity and most people literally end up half an inch shorter by the end of the day, but while sleeping, you end up stretching at least that much again, in a cycle. That's pretty cool, seeing how much our height changes, but that's not really what I mean by growth. During sleep, well, deep sleep, as this process doesn't happen in the other two types of sleep, which I'll talk about later, deep sleep supports growth. The body releases a type of growth hormone for kids and young adults, which obviously makes us grow. Additionally, it increases productions of proteins during this time, which we need to repair damage to our bodies and for cell growth.

4 Improvement of Memory Function

One of the most important things that happens during sleep is that you improve your memory function. This means that it prepares you to be able to remember the events of the next day. I did just list how it processes and helps you remember the day before your sleep's events, but this enables you to help remember the next day. When you wake up the next day, it may be much easier to answer questions because your brain helps your memory the night before, and you slowly use that boost it gave you until by the end of the day, when it helps you fix it again. A huge example from my personal life is with speeches. When you're practicing a speech late at night you can barely keep your cue cards straight. But I noticed that if I go straight from my bed downstairs and practice immediately, I remember practically everything!

5 Strengthening of the Immune System

Your immune system is what helps you fight of sicknesses, in a really complex web of all sorts of things that defend your body. Sleep strengthens them, replaces older white blood cells, and gets it back going really well. Without sleep, you're much more susceptible to getting sick, getting more badly sick than you normally would, and not being able to fight it off for a very long time. It's impressive that the body does this so well, and this is another reason why when you're sick you should always go and get extra rest, and make sure you have a good night's sleep so you can fully fight it off once and for all. We're halfway through the list, and it's hard to believe that there's more important things that the body does, but there are, so let's keep going!

6 Improvement of Ability to Think Clearly

You may have noticed that many people seem to make poor decisions, and while that's sometimes biased and irrelevant, it may be because lack of sleep. You might do really stupid things at sleepovers, or when you've been up all night working, and that's because you haven't had enough sleep. During the nervous system process, which separately improves memory function and sorts and processes the day's information, it also improves your ability to think more clearly and make better decisions. It's really important because you need a quick mind to succeed in life, and this is one of the sole reasons you can do so during the day.

7 Healing and Repairing of the Heart and Blood Vessels

Much like with the healing and repairing of human tissue and bones, your body heals and repairs the heart and blood vessels while you sleep, much more so than during the day. Blood circulation, which is what the circulatory system is all about, is one of the most vital parts of our body and without it we wouldn't be able to live, as there would be no circulation. It's not like your circulatory system would be completely destroyed without this proccess, but with a lack of sleep it would deteriorate over time and you'd end up either moving like a sloth (not too bad), or dead

8 Sorting and Processing of the Day's Information

Without sleep, it's pretty darn hard to remember the events of a day before. You may be wondering "But Sloth, I've pulled all nighters before and I remember the events before really clearly!", but that's probably because you got sleep in the next few hours after that. I remember the few times I pulled all-nighters, but what I don't remember is the day afterward, where I probably acted like a zombie the whole time. Anyways, we're kind of getting off topic here. Your brain sorts everything that happened in the day, and processes it all. Sometimes you may have a dream related to what happened the day before. That may be because it's what's on your mind, or it may be because your body is going through this process. It's very essential.

9 Repairing and Regenerating of Tissues

Again, when you fall into the deeper and deeper stages of sleep, you'll be harder to wake at this time and most likely not dreaming, and while this happens your muscles will have a huge increase in blood flow around them, and when the blood cells go by they bring lots of oxygen and nutrients that help repair the muscles for the next day, as well as regenerating the cells around there. You would not be able to work out very well without this process happening, and if you don't sleep your muscles will be much more tender the next day, and if you hit them on the wall by accident it'll hurt much more than under normal circumstances.

10 Improvement of Mentality and Emotional State

The last item on our list could also possibly considered as first, depending on your ideals. I put it here because to me it's much more important to highlight those other things as important, but that doesn't mean to count it out at all. Anyways, for the mostpart, the more sleep you get, the happier you are, though of course it depends on the person in question. Mentality will also be improved, and some things that seemed impossibly impending in the nighttime seem a bit less bad in the morning, which is thanks to sleeping. You know how your soccer coach is always telling you to improve your mentality? The way to do that would be by sleeping more.

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