Top Ten Reasons that Smoking Weed is Better Than Drinking

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1 No hangover

This list is wrong. Smoking weed and drinking are equally bad

You don't want a shaved head...Oh no no NO

2 You can be sober in an hour

2-3 hours give or take 2

3 Tastes better
4 Spend less money

Not true, I spend much more money smoking weed than I did egen I was drinking

5 Non-addicting
6 Feels better
7 Head doesn't feel like it's spinning
8 You can eat without vomiting

Not exactly true. There's always a limit.

9 Better conversations

Sure. Just as long as your breath is about 20 miles from my face.

One time, I had this conversation with a girl about the German counterculture movement in the late 60s/early 70s.

Being sober around a bunch drunks is worse

10 Smoking weed doesn't impact your health as much
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11 Less fights
12 You’ll be less aggressive

This is definitely true. Smoking turns you into a pacifist.

13 Drinking dampens your mood while smoking weed makes you happier

Whenever you drink alcohol it'll make you more moody, which is why people who are sad and suff go to bars. Weed makes you chilled. #WeedIsGood

14 Fewer stomach aches
15 No calories
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