Top Ten Misconceptions About Mental Illness

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1 You have to get over it

"Get over it"?

Funny how people can just say to get over mental disorders when they take the term "mental illness" so seriously. Make up your minds. With the connotations the term "mentally ill" has in society, it's contradictory to just say to get over it. Besides, choosing to ignore someone who needs help is as cold and heartless as directly hurting them - after all, it's the same thing for all practical purposes.

This is like saying "You have asthma? Just get over it and breathe".

If you think about it, it's incredibly messed up!

2 Everyone gets depressed

Only about 1/10 of the population has depression. Sure, that may seem common compared to the 1/68 chance of having autism, 1/162 chance of getting Tourette's, and approximately 1/200 chance of having Downs Syndrome, but it still isn't in everyone

Only 1/10 of people get depressed.

3 People with depression and/or those who commit suicide are weak

Mental illness is not a sign of weakness. These kinds of negative attitudes are what cause suicide in the first place

4 All psychopaths or sociopaths become killers

Of course not. But the probability is off the chart compared to the general population.

Not every psychopath or sociopath become serial killers. Some just don't feel empathy for others

No. Barely any of them do. They just don't feel empathy for others

5 Mental illness is cool

Actually, not all mental disorders are objectively bad. Autism is one of the most widely admired disorders by people who have it (such as me), and while it represents the origin of neurodiversity advocacy, it's not the only disorder to contribute to it, as other disorders also have good sides. I also have ADHD comorbid to said autism, for example, and it has its ups and down in my opinion; it's really not all bad.

Not to say some disorders aren't objectively bad, of course. Depression, OCD, anxiety disorders (which might include OCD anyway depending on the classification system), BPD...all of that is pretty much bad. Not cool for anyone to have at all.

Oh, so you think having panic attacks and killing yourself is COOL?! Wow.

6 Autistic people are retarded

Um, you know the light-bulb? Yeah, the guy who invented it was autistic. Albert Einstein was also autistic. Temple Grandin, Mozart, Bill Gates and probably a lot of people you know. So stop saying that.

That is stupid, wrong and offensive. Albert Einstein himself had Asperger's Syndrome. I'm fairly smart and I have autism too

I'm autistic and smart

7 Mental Illness is untreatable

I do not think so

8 Mentally ill people are crazy violent psychos

The word "psycho" is a slur. Most people who actually have a psychotic disorder, like myself, find this term discriminatory and would rather not hear it. Perfectly mentally healthy folks who wear those "cute but psycho" shirts are not helping the alreay heavy stigma. Its not funny, its not cute, and it hurts people. Stop.

9 Antisocial is the same as asocial

It's stupid how people confuse being asocial with being antisocial. Antisocial is a personality disorder.

10 Mental illness has correlation with intelligence
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11 People who are mentally ill are just attention-seeking

No. Only people who fake it

12 People with mental disorders are evil

I have two mental disorders and I do not wish to do harm on anyone

13 You only have Tourette’s if you curse

I have Tourette syndrome and I don't curse. I just blink my eyes, shrug my shoulders, and clear my throat

14 People with mental illness stab people
15 All bullies are autistic
16 The mentally ill are nasty
17 There is a cure to Autism and/or other mental illnesses
18 Social Anxiety is just shyness
19 People with ADHD can't listen
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