Top Ten Facts About the HPV Vaccine

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WARNING: this list may scare you.
The Top Ten
1 It Is Also Known As Gardasil

For those who were wondering: What in the world is the HPV vaccine?

2 It Doesn't Prevent Cervical Cancer

One day a girl came up to me and asked me if I was having the vaccination. I said no. She said that I will die and get cancer if I don't have the vaccination.

Gardasil only prevents HPV. NOT cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is easily treatable and isn't life threatening like lung or liver cancer. This is because the part of the body that cervical cancer affects isn't one of the major organs needed in order to live.

3 It's Given To The Wrong Age Group

HPV vaccinations are mostly suitable for people who are old enough to reproduce and leave school. NOT for 9-13 year olds! The companies who made this have messed-up minds!

4 It's Pointless

There is a very small chance that anyone will catch HPV.

5 It Can Kill People

Every other girl at my school got the HPV vaccine except me. I refused because of the horrible things it has done to people. Fortunately it didn't affect anyone at my school, but you've always got to be on the safe side. You don't know for a fact whether you will have a dodgy reaction to something until it's been injected into your body, and then you can't get it out.

Sorry if I'm scaring you, folks.

6 It Can Cause Seizures, Constant Pain, Constant Illness, Difficulty Breathing, And Many More Horrible Things
7 It Can Disable People
8 Gardasil Was Fast-Tracked
9 5,000 Young Girls And Women Have Been Harmed By The Vaccine
10 HPV Stands For Human Pappilomavirus

And yes, it's supposed to be spelt like that.

Pretty sure it's papillomavirus.

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