Top 10 Reasons Why Abortion Should Be Legal

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1 Another woman's body is none of your business

They made it their business by getting pregnant. If someone murders a potential child in front of you is it not your business? Should women not have an opinion on war because the overwhelming amount of death is men? The answer to both of these questions is no. These questions sound stupid but when talking about abortion are posed as normal. Everyone can have an opinion on everything and they should not be silenced because of race or gender.

Randomator is correct. The baby is not part of the woman's body. The reason for the placenta between the mother and the unborn child, is to keep the mother's body from rejecting the genetically separate human being.

Well guess what? That baby is not the woman's body! No living person has 4 eyes, 2 mouths, 4 arms and legs 20 fingers and toes, and 2 sets of DNA.
Also try telling that to the people who decided Roe vs Wade

2 The girl could have been raped

"The only time it's acceptable."
No, and I find it extremely disrespectful that you guys are saying this. You do not in ANY circumstance need to have your body to be violated in order to have access to abortion.
Not wanting to be pregnant is a good enough reason itself. We don't bring a child in this world 'unwanted' or where no one can remotely take care of them.
Please be more mindful

Someone could argue that if the girl is really young she wouldn't be mentally ready for labor.But the baby is even born yet and is mentally ready for death?

I don't care if someone got pregnant unwanted even from a traumatic thing, she should just give birth whenever she is ready to do so and immediately put it up for adoption, because abortion is murder.

3 Sometimes giving birth could kill the woman

My mother and I nearly died when I was born because of her age. I guess pro-choice people think she should have just killed me before that. But guess what? We both wound up living perfectly fine. And she didn't kill me because she loved her child and I did not deserve to die.

If you're going to die giving birth to a baby, it's one of the absolute best ways to go, because you're dying while creating life and doing what's literally the purpose of a human being.

So this really isn't much of a reason. However, my take on abortion as a whole is that if the baby's so undeveloped that it really isn't a living thing, it's fine, but if not, then it isn't.

This is the biggest reason. Some of you claim to be "pro-life", but then don't even consider the fact that women risk their lives by giving birth. It may be rare, but you CAN die. So even if you do think it should be illegal, you really can't argue with this one.

4 Life starts at birth not at conception

Ya know, that's like saying a plant is not alive until it's out of the dirt. If it's dead, how did it grow? If the baby is dead before birth, how did it grow? How come it has a heartbeat? How come the mother can feel it moving inside her? If you get an ultrasound you can see that it's moving on its own and is very much alive.

You can take it back even further than conception, or even fertilization.
Life began with a cell. A singular cell over a billion years ago. The cell created more cells and created more and more life from then on. You can't have living organisms without organ systems, you can't have organ systems without organs, you can't have organs without tissue, you can't have tissue without, you guessed it, cells.

Actually, it starts at conception
Honestly, you think that the baby is dead the day before it's born? That's just stupid. Any scientist knows that life starts at conception.

5 Abortion is a right

Oh for christ's sake, I want people to have a chance to live on this planet, not get murdered when they're not ready to be born yet. Since this is a list about a controversial subject, let's all disrespect each other's opinions about it, shall we?

You don't have the right to kill someone not in self defense: so why should you have the right to kill a defenseless child?

I'm not saying I disagree, but why is this on here, this argument is circular and wouldn't convince anyone.

6 Making it illegal only makes abortions unsafe

This is the main reason that abortion should remain legal, by making abortion illegal you are promoting unsafe and unsanity abortions. The only thing that is accomplished by making it illegal is getting a feel good feeling about making it illegal
At least with it being legal it is safe, the mother is talked to about the consequences of her actions, and the possible steps she could take before going ahead with the procedure

7 Religion shouldn't affect the law

Actually, it already DOES affect the Law.

That is why murder (which is exactly what abortion is) the worst punishable offense, & why stealing is also a highly punishable offense.

We need to start praising God more, because we've come too far in ignoring him and Jesus, plus we've hurt so many of each other and driven ourselves to death with our evil foolish acts, such as abortion.

We should get along more and praise the lord, because he made us and didn't make us to kill each other, even though we have free will.

8 The family might not be able to afford a living for the baby

In that case put the baby up for adoption or I don't know think about the consequences before having sex?

That may be despair, but abortion is killing and that's worse than not affording a place to live.

Why does quality of life quantify living or not?

9 The fetus won't feel any pain

Who cares if it doesn't feel any pain, because living as a human is more important than pain, and abortion's wrong and evil.

Abortion should be legal, but only before 20 weeks because then the fetus won't feel pain.

How do you know? This is literally a mother brutally murdering her own child.

10 Nobody should have the right to use somebody else's body without their consent

Ask someone's permission first because they give you their answer.

People, stop using whatever argument you're using and start using this one, it's the only one that matters. This argument is a direct response to the "it's the murder of an innocent human being" argument from the pro life side. The correct course of action when encountered with that argument is to point out to them that a two year is a human in every sense of the word so personhood is taken out of the equation and if a mother had a two year old and that two year old needed an organ transplant in order to live and the mother is the only one that can deliver that organ she isn't legally forced to deliver that organ. Ask them why the fetus is allowed to have the rights of using the mother's body regardless of the mothers say, but the two year old doesn't have this right? What you will find is various excuses such as "because the mother put the fetus there in the first place" or whatever, none of which are satisfactory. I think the only reason people have such a visceral reaction towards abortion and not refusing to donate organs is because in the case of abortion the default position is the fetus using the mother's body, but in the case of organ transplants the default position is not using the other person's body.

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11 Even animals abort their babies

Using animals as a moral compass? You are morally wrong!

12 Preventative measures don’t always work

May be true, but that doesn't mean there's a right to kill babies.

13 The mother might die if she doesn't have an abortion.

That's SO unlikely, that's 1 in 1,000,000,000. Almost EVERY mother has survived and people are likely to die sooner if they have a disease from living an unhealthy life, or if they were KILLED, which is what abortion's about.

One of the only cases where it is acceptable but these cases are rare.

14 The baby might make the mother's life harder

Doesn't matter, mothers give their lives to their children and risk so much. All for their babies. because children are more important for parents than anything else on Earth aside from God.

Well should've thought about consequences before having sex. Weak reason

That poor mother again has anyone ever heard of putting the baby up for adoption

15 The baby could come out with physical or mental defects

While aborting a baby because it has down syndrome is discrimination, some babies have severe defects that would cause them to die at birth. For those babies, abortion prevents them from experiencing the suffering of death shortly after birth.

Still, humans are precious and we must not use each other the wrong way.
Killing is hurtful and not only hurts ourselves, but others as well.

That's is the most rudest thing I've ever heard! If I'm a mother with a child like that, I'd still love my children NO MATTER WHAT!

16 The pregnant girl could be very young

Teen pregnancy can affect their School years.

Whether young or old, abortion is wrong and an example of muder.

17 Overpopulation

As mentioned in another comment I made, there are already millions of existing children without families, and to tell the truth, most of the reasons I've heard to give birth instead of adopting one of those children have been awfully selfish.

We're causing overpopulation with science experiments and drugs, causing chaos.
Whatever happened to the good old days where there was a balance and everyone decided to respect each other and not cause chaos.

This is a great reason, but mandatory sterilization of everyone not tested to be intelligent enough would be a better solution.

18 Some of us are just too lazy to take care of a baby

Mothers aren't lazy, taking care of a baby's hard and stressful. More so that you'll ever think. but it's also valuable because the child's precious and lives a life as a human being, and we have no right to kill precious people. - LinkKate1

19 If a baby was put up for adoption, it might suffer even more

If I were a mother who was pregnant with an unwanted baby, I'd rather the baby be aborted than have a possibility that it'll suffer in foster care the majority of it's life.

20 Unwanted children are likely to receive a poor upbringing

However that's rare.

21 The baby could be evil

I'm 100% pro-choice (I've said this a million times, but I am so sorry to anyone who sees my old comments from when I claimed to be "pro-life"), but this is a pretty weak argument. That's like saying abortion should be illegal because what if the child grows up to be a saint? Yeah, there's a possibility that they could, but very unlikely.

Only if he/she's raised that way, but many mothers raise their children and keep them motivated, so they don't grow up evil.

I'm pro-choice but how is this a good reason?

22 Because some people hate babies

Guess what? Me and all of you used to be babies yourselves. So what the point of hating babies when we used to be ones ourselves.

That's the dumbest reason ever to make abortion legal. If you hate babies, it's your own damn problem.

Very weak reason. Do you not realize you were once a baby?

23 The woman may not be in the right mental state to have a baby

This is another big one to take into consideration. If you're in a bad mental state, that can have an affect on the child, so if you want children, it's important to think about whether it's even the right time.

Using myself as an example, I have depression and possibly CPTSD. It's been proven that behaviors caused by trauma in adults can be passed down to their kids. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, much less a child.

24 Pro-life is outdated
25 9 months of pregnancy is hard

I would never want to get pregnant. If I end up having kids, it will be an adoption since there are millions of already existing kids without families, so I would honestly go as far as to say it's a little selfish, especially since the only arguments I ever hear from these people are usually about their family bloodline or the child taking their last name.

That's besides the point though. Pregnancy and childbirth sound like nightmares, and they are some of the worst pains a woman could ever even imagine experiencing. Not to mention all of the long lasting effects years after the child is born, so if she doesn't want to put herself through that, it's her choice.

Especially when there's no baby daddy to support you.

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