Top 10 Most Ridiculous COVID-19 Myths

With the rising surge of misinformation, it is easy for people to fall for misleading articles, especially in emergency situations. When it comes to dealing with COVID-19, critical thinking and awareness is important. As misinformation is known to be dangerous and can kill, here are some of the most common myths circulated through social media—which you should avoid.
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1 5G causes coronavirus It is clearly shown in studies that COVID-19 does not transmit through 5G radio waves. Sadly, this misinformation is responsible for the sabotage of multiple 5G towers.

Seriously? That's honestly ludicrous.

2 Children are immune to COVID-19 Although children are typically healthier compared to older aged people, they can still be infected. Fortunately the mortality rates for children are lower compared to elders.

This is ridiculous. Children have higher immunity, but they can still catch the virus and die from it.

If kids were immune to the virus, then how do you explain why the under 18s still get sick from it?

The Swedish government actually believed this for a while.

3 COVID-19 vaccines are unsafe The vaccines undergo intensive evaluation by the FDA to make sure they are safe. While there are vaccines that may cause blood clots, these severe side effects are usually very rare. Don't let this discourage you. Get the vaccine as soon as possible once you have the chance.

My dad still thinks they are unsafe and I'm not allowed to get mine until I'm 18.

4 Drinking bleach can disinfect you from COVID-19 Bleach is widely known to be harmful when either sprayed on skin, consumed, or inhaled. In fact, you shouldn't wash food or drinks with bleach either to prevent getting infected from COVID-19.

If people even believe this, we now have more people dying from COVID-19 for dumb reasons.

5 Drinking alcohol can disinfect you from COVID-19 Rubbing alcohol absolutely does not help you disinfect your body from COVID-19, but only results in your body being harmed from any disinfectants you drink. Do not in any circumstances drink alcohol in an attempt to cleanse your body.

This is so ridiculous. It only causes harm to your body, actually.

6 Coronavirus is just like the cold or flu They share common symptoms, but they are relatively different. Compared to the flu, COVID-19 has a higher mortality rate.
7 The virus was made in a lab One or the other might be true regarding the possibility of a virus created in a lab, and the possibility that it may have been created "naturally". The main issue is we don't know enough about the origins of the virus despite numbers of clues and explanations; there needs to be more investigation in order to get a final conclusion behind the true cause of COVID-19.

Can these people commenting stop making ridiculous comments and acting against every debunking of every myth? "My daddy thinks the virus is made in a lab, so you're the ridiculous one, bruuuuhh," or "Actually, it's scientifically proven that vaccines don't work unless they've been brewed under the midnight sun for 10 years." Come on!

8 Masks prevent you from catching COVID-19 It does not entirely prevent you from catching COVID-19, but it does reduce transmission of the virus and provide a slight protection. You can still get infected if you come close in contact to an infected person and touch your mask, and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth afterwards.
9 You can get poisoned by CO2 from wearing a mask Although some people may find it bothersome to wear a mask, it does not cause or increase the risk of getting CO2 poisoning. People in medical working fields such as surgeons wear masks all the time, but do not get CO2 poisoned.
10 COVID-19 does not exist Believe it or not, these people really think that COVID is either a political movement/agenda or something that simply doesn't exist. On the other hand, it's a really good reminder that skepticism even has its boundaries.

This should be MUCH higher. There are people in this world who actually think this.

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11 Black people are immune to the coronavirus

Isn't that racist?

12 Vitamins can prevent you from catching COVID-19 Vitamins are vital nutrients and they do keep your body healthy and functioning properly. Although they can help fight off the virus when infected, they do not provide immunity from the virus, unfortunately.

No, they really can't.

13 You can catch it from Corona beer An absurd myth that is obviously false, but this might explain why many people decided to switch to another beer brand.
14 Pets can spread COVID-19 While it is a possibility that common house pets in general (cats and dogs) can also get infected, there is no evidence (or at least a lack of evidence) of pets transferring the virus to humans.
15 Scratching yourself can cause coronavirus
16 COVID-19 virus is spread by chemtrails
17 Seasonal influenza is deadlier
18 People who get the vaccine can stick a magnet on their arm
19 COVID-19 started in Corona, California
20 It was caused by someone eating bat soup
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