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41 A Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free) - United Abominations
42 The Killing Road - Youthanasia

Why is this song in 67th place? I think this song is one of Megadeth's best songs ever! I think it should be in the top 20. The solo is amazing! Also the intro is badass as well. Everything else is awesome! I love everything about this song.

This song should be higher! This is one of my favorite Megadeth songs of all-time. This is also the first Megadeth song I ever heard. The solo in this song is awesome! Please vote!

Really? A hundred and twenty ninth? I get that this song doesn't have the most variations of any riffs or anything, but the lyrics and the solo. Oh my God this is an abomination.

It Should Be In the 20s The Intro Is Cool The Lyrics are Awesome

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43 Captive Honour - Countdown to Extinction

Great build up and arrangement, interesting and on of better songs at the golden era.

Top 10 work. The spoken intro of the song is brilliant!

Awesome megadeth song! Extremely underrated.

How could this be...

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44 Foreclosure of a Dream - Countdown to Extinction

This song is amazing! How can this not be even in the top 60?!? - Kluuz

What the hell is it doing down here?... Their 2nd best song of the album COUNTDOWN TO EXTINCTION no doubt

What is this song doing here at the back? Should be top 10! -and stuff like take no prisoners is better?

What my friends why is Foreclosure all the way down here

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45 Chosen Ones - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! V 1 Comment
46 Looking Down the Cross - Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good

This is my favorite Megadeth song, the fact that it is number 41 (as I'm writing this) proves how good Megadeth truly is.

Best megadeth song completely underrated and should be in the top ten

What, this is easily the best KIMB song. Haunting intro an vocals, great guitar riffs and epic solos! We all know that every single Megadeth song deserves top 10, but it can't be that way.

Amazing song - definitely one of their best

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47 Dread & The Fugitive Mind - Rude Awakening

Insane, godly and seriously one song that deserves to be higher! The drumming is flawless, vocals are maddening and of course the chorus is one of megadeth's best. Putting this song here is an insult to megadeth who consider this song to be one of their best! Vote for it or else the metal gods won't be pleased.

This song should've been in the top 5. I am quite surprised. This song has a very unique intro and good guitar works and has an amazing solo.

I think is the best solo of megadeth after tornado of souls! So nice lyrics and I hear it about 10 times per day!

Extremly good, should be higher!

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48 Into the Lungs of Hell - So Far, So Good... So What?

Needs to be higher, I mean come on. The guitar is just so good in this song

The guitar is awesome and one of the best solos I've ever heard

Awesome song with tons of cool guitar!

49 44 Minutes - Endgame

Rank 37? That's a crime! Oh.. So that must be why its 37 :p

Seriously though, how could a song with such powerful lyrics like "hot blood running cold as ice" not be up the top?

30th?! This is my second favorite Megadeth song! I know I am only 8 and I just started listening to Megadeth but after Peace Sells, this is my favorite song.

This song has the best solo! Why is on no 27... Deserves to be on the top 10

Beautiful song, and still so heavy.

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50 Devil's Island - Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?

Awesome song with some killer riffing at the start followed up by a powerful chorus, wouldn't say this is their best (that is reserved for Hangar 18) however this is up there.

Love this song! Amazing, fast vocals, guitar, base, excellent drumming, and a mind-blowing solo. Why is this rated so low?

What? This great song is No.64? This must be a joke. - ne6tastnika

This is my favorite and deserves at least 10

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51 Kill the King - Rude Awakening

Kill the king! The king is dead, long live the king! I AM THE KING!

Why this song is on 38... I mean come on!

This song intruduced me to Megadeth and it's pretty good. I don't know why it's so down in the list

How DARE This song be so low!

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52 Architecture of Aggression - Countdown to Extinction

this song is one of the most beautiful songs of megadeth but it's horribly underrated! up megadeth for life!

Such an underrated song on Countdown To Extinction. One of the heaviest songs on that album too.

How come this being so low..


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53 Reckoning Day - Youthanasia

Awesome intro to the Youthanasia album! And awesome song! One of my favorite Megadeth songs. SHould be in the top 20's!

Killer killer hard hitting guitar riff that drives the whole song.

Awesome Song Riff and solos Should be in top 15

Awesome song, start liking it more each time I listen to it.

Don't want no revenge
Ain't no payback time
There ain't no getting even
Here comes the reckoning
Here comes the rechoning day

54 FFF - Cryptic Writings

This is an awesome song, people! Quick and powerful riffs, great lyrics, the works!
Even if not top 10, this song should be at least at the top 20, in my opinion.

55 Blood of Heroes - Youthanasia

GREAT song! Seriously its true, it does get stuck in your head, just give it time. And you can tell right away that's it's a great song, definitely should be in the first 3 ranks.

an awesome song that gets stuck in your head and you want to hear it over and over again! -

This song should be in the first 10 ranks my opinion

So underratted!

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56 Death from Within - Dystopia
57 This Day We Fight! - Endgame

Completely mind blowing. You'll break your neck headbanging to it! Still I don't get why this one and Dialectic Chaos are separate tracks though.

This song is freakin sweet, how is this and "Bite the Hand" so low, its Megadeth at it's heaviest - UFasten8Me

It is a crime that this is behind 44 minutes. 44 minutes belongs in Super Collider- enough said

I don't how this is behind 44 minutes. It's second only to Holy Wars

58 Crush 'Em

Crush em is great.

59 The Disintegrators - Cryptic Writings

One of my top 10 Megasongs. Fast and chugging riff, definitely best song Cryptic Writings. The solo not the greatest though...

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60 1,320' - Endgame

Deserves at least top 15, best song by far on endgame, killer drums, killer riffs and of course killer solo. Love the entire song, especially the druns

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