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41 Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious - Carcass
42 Beyond - Omnium Gatherum

This should be way higher on the list

Best album of the last two years

V 2 Comments
43 Are You Dead Yet? - Children of Bodom
44 The Red in the Sky is Ours - At the Gates
45 Steelbath Suicide - Soilwork
46 Versus the World - Amon Amarth

The best album from the best death metal band!

47 Something Wild - Children of Bodom

This album is amazing, nothing compares

48 Holographic Universe - Scar Symmetry

Out of this world melodeath! Crushing riffs, brutal growls, melodic cleans, and Per Nilsson... Most brilliant guitarist I've yet had the pleasure to listen to. Look out Sweden... Move over soil work and in flames... Scar Symmetry are here!

49 Dethalbum III - Dethklok

This album is so goog. In all respects, definitely deserves a higher place

50 Shadows of the Dying Sun - Insomnium

This is a great album. Listen to it at least once, I am sure that you'll change your mind before voting for some other album.

51 A Virgin and a Whore - Eternal Tears of Sorrow

The most underrated metal album of the last 15 years! While not every track is brilliant and there are some lows that muddle the flow of the thing, the highs are just spectacularly high. Don't believe me? Go ahead, have a listen to "Aeon".

52 The Arrival - Hypocrisy

Can't get enough of this band seriously. The arrival hits you with the deep, dark and brutal stuff Hypocrisy get us used to and put a touch of catchiness that make this album beyond outstanding."War Within", "Stillborn" or "Eraser" my favorites and they aren't even in the top three from them. Also the lyrics are great, very dark stuff. Another masterpiece from Peter.

53 Virus - Hypocrisy V 1 Comment
54 The Mind's I - Dark Tranquillity
55 Skydancer - Dark Tranquillity
56 Projector - Dark Tranquillity
57 Haven - Dark Tranquillity
58 We Are the Void - Dark Tranquillity

This album is awesome from the vocals to the melodies. guitar solos riffs. and the extended editon of this albums comes with 16 tracks

59 Lunar Strain - In Flames
60 Dreams of Endless War - Norther
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