Top Ten Best Memes in 2021

Vote for the memes YOU think are the most relevant and worthy of attention this year... (Again.)
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1 GrubHub "Delivery Dance" Ad

Not just the best meme of 2021, but is a beautiful masterpiece. I would never forget that man shaking his body while eating a hamburger. The pregnant lady also had a significant role. I hope this wins an Oscar for Best Animated Short.

I think it should be one of the best memes ever becuase there are very funny memes about it even they edit the ad on their own like and it is very funny. You should go to youtube and you even find a lot of videos bullying the ad with movies too.

The GCU(GrubHub Cinematic Universe) is an absolute masterpiece, each and every character is unique and complex. They also get development which makes their character a whole lot better. The animation is P E R F E C T. The story is the best part though nobody would have guessed that Sushi Man was the imposter and that Pregnant Lady would have died. Overall this is the best piece of media I've ever seen since Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Because that commercial is awful for its animation and music, it's pretty fun to mock it for being terrible.

2 Bernie Sanders Inauguration Look

When his rally crowds are empty, and it's him not getting the nomination again.

This is number one easy.

3 Morshu
4 Snotty Boy
5 64 Bits, 32 Bits, 16 Bits

That meme was fun to make back in January. Last winter was great and I was developing my channel. But the bad part is that this meme along with other meme trends I participated on got old quickly, and I ran out of meme ideas. :(

These were funny until they became boring, repetitive, and just plain annoying.

It was popular, but then it just stopped... either way I had to add it.

6 Mr. Incredible Becoming Uncanny

I'm addicted to these videos.

Must be in top 5

7 Oh No! Anyway

This is by far the best

8 Kroger Ad

That fat bearded man dancing, holding his phone. He was such a great guy.

9 Lamar Roasts Franklin

My favourite version of this was when a bunch of random character from different franchises came together to roast Franklin.

Those videos are very funny. I'm glad fans of GTA V are still able to make creative content years after the game released.

10 GameStop vs. Wall Street
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11 Mario Party DS Anti-Piracy Screen

Ever since I saw one it was strangely entertaining, I ended up watching a lot more. The Nintendogs one was the scariest out of all that I've seen.

Remember when these types of videos got all the views?

12 Ruler of Everything
13 Return to Monke
14 The Rock's Eyebrow Raise
15 Joe Biden
16 The Weeknd
17 Sephiroth?!
18 Among Us
19 Godzilla vs. Kong
20 Crash Bandicoot “Woah”
21 Cheems
22 MordeTwi
23 The Return of Sans Undertale
24 Josh Fight
25 Yo Dudes, the Empire is Pretty Chill

I said this in a live stream once. Was banned for self promotion.

Maybe you should, like, join it or something.

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