Top 10 Funniest Misheard Lyrics From Metal Songs

Misheard song lyrics are called mondegreen - it's a result of near-homophony that gives it a new meaning, often funny.
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1 Gimme food, Gimme fries! Gimme salad on the side! - Fuel, Metallica

Haha, I love this one! Gimme food, Gimme fries! Gimme salad on the side!

Actual Lyric: Give me fuel, give me fire, give me that which I desire.

Ha! I bet James probably orders this at fast food restaurants!

Gimme fuel, gimme fire! Gimme me double Charizard!

2 Hamster! A Dentist! Hard porn! Steven Seagal! - Wishmaster, Nightwish
3 You try to take his balls - Symphony of Destruction, Megadeth

At first I thought it was that. I also thought the end of holy wars was "mercy you know they'll take my balls away"

And until reading the actual lyric I thought it was "you try to take his boss"

I know this one

4 Masturbate, masturbate, rub your muscle, don't be late! - Halloween, Helloween

Holy crap, this is funny

Haha that is funny

5 Santa Claus will pee tonight - Neon Knights, Black Sabbath

The dark truth you wouldn't want to know about Santa Claus.

Funnier than the gimme food one!

6 Fear of the duck, fear of the duck - Fear of the Dark, Iron Maiden

PsychoStick did a song based on this called"Quack kills". Pretty funny from a great band

I have a constant fear a "quack" is always near.

7 Raking the lawn! Raking the lawn! - Breaking the Law, Judas Priest

I don't know if it was you, Metal Treasure, or someone else that added the photo, but that is one of the funniest things I've seen on the site in a while!

I would definitely want Rob Halford as a neighbour then.

All I have to say is thank you. Brilliant.

Powder in your ears much?

8 I like juice, finish your juice, feel the vitamin substance - Rational Gaze, Meshuggah

Actual Lyric:
Our light induced, image of truth, filtered blank of its substance.

This lyric hurts my mind of being misheard like that.Wax in your ears much or powder?

This one's a good one

9 I've got B.O., to see the truth - Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden
10 As I watch Jethro Tull - Ride the Lightning, Metallica

James is a Jethro Tull fan?

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11 He's on a man and he moans. She sees the change in him - FullMoon, Sonata Arctica

I love FullMoon by the way. I'm definitely going to listen to some more Sonata Arctica.

12 Anal sex! - Dyer’s Eve, Metallica
13 My name's Tony. I've got some bacon - Die by the Sword, Slayer
14 Harold be thy name - Hallowed Be Thy Name, Iron Maiden
15 Watch me fading, I'm losing, all my lipsticks falling into darkness - These Walls, Dream Theater

How is it possible to mishear 2000s LaBrie?

Actual lyric: Watch me fading, I'm losing, all my instincts falling into darkness

16 There's no bread, lemony cake! - Bastille Day, Rush
17 Next thing you know, they'll take my dogs away - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Megadeth

I just listened to that. I heard "Next thing you know, they'll take my dolls away"..

Didn't know Megadeth were so passionate about the animal control.

Actual lyric: Next thing you know, they'll take my thoughts away.

18 F*** this wh**e - Voices, Dream Theater
19 "Centipede of heaven / God share the eyes of the night" - Stargazers, Nightwish
20 Burning hard, seducing queen! - Fuel, Metallica

Actual lyric: Burning hard, loose and clean! I have no Idea why I thought of that RIGHT when I was just listening to this song. I added this by the way.

Woah, this increased significantly. Should I make a meme about this?

21 Controlling bastard, I'll be your mustard! Mustard! - Master of Puppets, Metallica

Despite being one of my favorite songs of all time, these misheard lyrics are hilarious! I wonder who thought of that and I wonder if that spawned any memes.

James is always there for you when you're having hot dogs and there's no mustard.

Actual Lyric: Come crawling faster, obey your master! Master!

This is what James Hetfield asks for on his burger.

22 I'm baking a lemon inside you! - Glass Shatters, Disturbed

It's hard rock, guys. Chill out

That's just weird

23 Tighten the turkey around your neck - Postmortem, Slayer

Wait, so you're saying these aren't the actual lyrics?

24 Turn off the garden gnomes! - Fuel, Metallica

Actual lyric:
Turn on beyond the bone!
I don't know if I have bad hearing or am just plain foolish, but the first time I heard it, I genuinely thought he was saying "turn off the garden gnomes". Weird.

When I heard Fuel for the first time, I heard "burning hard, seducing queen" instead of "burning hard, loose and clean".

25 Kill Aquaman - Kill on Command, Vio-Lence
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