MusicKidMp3 : Spark (Album) By Conflux

Skullkid755 I have a long story. One day I was curious if jazz and metal could be fused. I went on YouTube and searched up jazz metal. Listened to the first result, Stomping Grounds by Conflux. Liked the song and found their only album Spark on Spotify and listened to it. And I decided to review it, because well, it was either this or ride the lightning for an album review and RTL has been reviewed a thousand times here and Spark has been reviewed zero times. So I'm reviewing this album. Well, the review is starting now.

Luncheons and Wagons - Weird name but doesn't matter since the music makes up for it. There are no vocals, but instead a saxophone. Cause, well, you can't be jazz metal without a sexophone. This is a fast paced song and the first saxophone line is pretty catchy and cool in my opinion. It's pretty dynamic, with a complex instrumental, with the sex being the standout instrument. It is slow and calm in some points and at other points heavy and fast. I rate this song 10/10.

Repent At B - Another pretty good jazz metal song. Like the previous one the sax is the standout instrument. This one is more slow and calm than the previous song. Meaning this one is metal-jazz, not jazz-metal. The second half is less calm though and more heavy. So like Luncheons and Wagons it's dynamic and complex too. The bass in the beginning is great too. A 10/10 song in my opinion.

Fire Garden - Like Repent At B, the song before this one, it's also pretty calm. This time the guitar stands out in my opinion. In the middle of the song it gets pretty fast and heavy and then goes back to being calm. It also changes too like the previous two songs in the album. So it's also a dynamic song. This band has some pretty talented members in my opinion. I mean the first three songs are all complex and dynamic. About a minute before the end it gets speed again and then slows back down. Another 10/10 song. Wow this album is looking great.

Straight Up - Another great song from the album. It starts off calmer than the previous two songs are overall. The drumming is pretty good and stands out from the other instruments in the beginning. Finally I can fully appreciate this bands drummer. It goes between multiple tempos and heaviness/calmness levels like all the songs before. This song isn't simple or basic. I'm not gonna say the exact same sh*t to many times so I said that instead. Another great 10/10 jazz metal song.

Stomping Grounds - This is the last song on the album, and my favorite. No wonder it's the only one with a music video instead of just an album cover with music. Similar to any song before this one, it's not basic or simple. Multiple tempos, levels of heaviness, and riffs/saxophone lines. You all know what I'm gonna say, but I'm gonna say it. 10/10, a great song.

So, now that I've reviewed the songs, I'm gonna double R (Rate and Rank) the instruments.
  1. Drums - 8/10
  2. Bass 8.5/10
  3. Guitar 9/10
  4. Sexophone 10/10

Now I'm gonna rate the album overall.

First individual songs - All of them are 10/10 so no math needed to be explained, the songs of the album are overall rated 100 by me.

Now for individual instruments - Different ratings so I'm gonna have to do some math. 8 + 8.5 + 9 + 10 equals 35.5 divided by 4 equals 8.875 rounds to 8.9 which rounds to 9. So the rating for the instruments is 90.

Now for the albums overall average - 100 plus 90 equals 190 which divided by 2 equals 95 so this album gets a 95/100.

Grade - A. Almost perfect but not perfectly perfect. Amazing album and a high recommendation. It's short (5 songs and lasts 25 minutes) but sweet like a good indie game. I highly recommend it to both jazz fans and metal fans and anybody who wants a good fusion of the genrse and I also recommend it to somebody who wants something unique and different. Plus I recommend it to somebody who wants to listen to an album all the way through but doesn't have enough free time for most albums. Well, I enjoyed making this album review, so fun I did it in less than 2 hours overall and didn't take a break. Well, gonna take a break. I'm saying bye now, I'll be saying hi again when I make a new post.


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