Top 10 Best Metal Songs of 2019

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1 Singularity - Devin Townsend
2 The Raven Child - Avantasia

Epic masterpiece. I love Hansi's vocals in this song. In terms of this year, this song is only second to the masterpiece known as Ira Dei.

3 Hexed - Children of Bodom

It's one of their best albums for sure. Some believe it's their best album since 2003's Hate Crew Deathroll or since 2005's Are You Dead Yet?

4 Raise Your Banner - Within Temptation

Resist is definitely a huge departure from what those who are fans of Within Temptation are used to. In fact, I'm fairly certain that most metal fans don't consider it a metal album. And in a way, they're kind of right. But if there's any song on the album that encapsulates Within Temptation as a symphonic metal band, it's "Raise Your Banner." It's the song on the album that feels the most like Within Temptation when compared to their older material, especially with those amazing vocals near the end.

5 Raven's Flight - Amon Amarth

Love the song and can't stop listening to it. Can't wait for the album to come out!

This is a Viking battle anthem if I've ever heard one. Super badass and catchy.

6 Solway Firth - Slipknot

This song is seething with intensity and anger! Unsainted and this one are the best songs off their 2019 album, We Are Not Your Kind.

This album alone is their best album since Iowa. The tracklist and musicianship are insane.

7 Bismarck - Sabaton

This should be higher than anything else on this list. Sabaton is continuing a long tradition of releasing extremely well-put-together songs, as well as catering to fan requests.

8 Rain of Fury - Rhapsody of Fire
9 All Out Life - Slipknot
10 You'll Never Find Me - Korn
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11 Pale Blue Dot - Dream Theater
12 Glass Houses - Children of Bodom

My second favourite song from their 2019 album - I love its speed, melody, chorus, everything.

13 7empest - Tool
14 Cold - Korn
15 Dead Promises - Tarja Turunen
16 Martyrs - Soen
17 Unsainted - Slipknot

This song is a masterpiece, and it's probably one of the most complete songs by Slipknot. It has both aggressive parts and a great melodic refrain. This one deserves the top five.

Pretty cool. I'll definitely give the album a listen. I don't know if it's going to be "Iowa levels of heavy" like Corey said, but so far it sounds good.

That choir in the intro is cool. I think Slipknot just tried something new.

18 No More Room in Hell - Possessed

Death metal pioneers Possessed have released their first studio album since 1986 (thirty-three years).

19 Requiem for a Dream - Avantasia
20 When a Shadow is Forced Into the Light - Swallow the Sun

Swallow the Sun's new record will probably end up as my favourite of the year. It's quite a shame that the band doesn't get any attention at all, as ninety percent of metalheads tend to be huge suckers for mainstream albums. This style of music is quite a departure from the stuff they've done so far - a very original and soulful album.

21 Eden - Battle Beast
22 Belly of the Beast - Diamond Head

With a great new singer - Rasmus Bom Andersen. I love how he slides up like he does on the sample.

23 Vices - Dry Kill Logic
24 Deutschland - Rammstein
25 Wrath of the Universe - Arch / Matheos
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