Most Beautiful Men In Pakistan

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1 Shahid Afridi

Shahid afridi is most innocent he is the lover of Islam

Has a great great fan following all across the world because of his personality and batting style


Hero of pakistan shahid afridi

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2 Imran Khan

Imran khan a hero of Pakistan in every shape of his life

You should change what the world thought about pakistan

Close to age 60 and he still manages to woo the girls. A true hero too, sacrificing everything he has for his people, going through such hardships to make his country a better place to live.

Hope of pakistan

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3 Imran Abbas

He is best good gifted personality I LOVE HIM - 123samia

He has got the charasmatic personality, God gifted, Damn attractive, I love him so much, He is my super star, The smartest man I have ever seen in my life throughout..! No Comparison! You will love him.

Imran Abbas is a prince charm of Pakistan. He is one of the top 5 most beautiful men on earth. His personality, charm and looks have made million of people his lovers.

By far the most handsome man I've ever seen on earth! He is just undescribable!

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4 Fawad Khan

To me he looks like a baboon, if you nincompoops know what it means

He is a very nyc and beautiful men in Pakistan

I like him... I have seen him in movies and his serials he acts well and very good looking...

I love very much fawad are my...

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5 Atif Aslam Atif Aslam Muhammad Atif Aslam is a Pakistani singer and film actor. His movie debut was the 2011 social drama Bol.

Its wrong because I think Atif aslam should be in top one

Atif Aslam Is The Most Handsome Man In Asia... His Looks With Beard Looks Phenomenal.. And His Personality And His Attitude Is His Plus Point... Atif Aslam Has The Ability To Take Hearts Just By His Looks...

Atif Aslam is number one in looks and singing he is cute, attractive, handsome, hot in short perfect

I love atif aslam

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6 Ali Zafar

I personally found him quite UGLY because his toenails were uncut and at least 1 inch in length. ( meet him at a show). Also to my utter dismay I found that he has very BAD BREATH.

He can't even speak properly. With his pigtail he looks like a girl

He is the good person and he really looks cool in every his movie. He is the cool person here in Pakistan

He is humble and polite

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7 Shoaib Akhtar

No from where he looks beautiful? Please use some sense

His face like my buffalo. No my buffalo more beautiful

He is not beautiful but quite odd and ugly. Don't you idiots have a better choice.

Nice critic and loves everyone except Pakistani cricketers

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8 Waheed Murad

I think he real ugly, , look at his yellow teeth

Real hero and great personality

His voice even worst than his looks. He wears a wig and is bald (ganja)

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9 Imran Nazir

His nose too long.. Looks stupid

10 Hamza Ali Abbasi

Damn attractive

Adorable...handsome really love him

He is one of the most handsome guys in the world! without a doubt but my husband is on the list too!

Good boy

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11 Ali Azmat

He look like boiled EGG


He z awesome too

12 Wasim Akram

He is a cross between a crow & a goat

13 Fahad Mustafa

Nice Person, India offer him a movie but he refuse.

He is a nice person

Doctors have adviced him to eat raw garlic all day because he has constipation.

Very nice actor

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14 Ahsan Khan

His acting, his voice. , everything is good enough to take him to top 5

Beautiful eyes..

Should be on top.

15 Humayun Saeed

He has a great personality and attitude.

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16 Ahmed Shahzad

His arms are too long and he never smiles. He very sad man

He is a good cricketer, and has a lovely personality, and and and he is god loving and loving to allah, s humans all over the world,... He also have a per fect personnalittyyy.. Regards syeda
Alina zahra

No comentss...a sad selfie king..

17 Sami Khan
18 Shoaib Malik

Looks and walks like a frog

Very ugly man. How he beautiful. Talk sense please

Nice crickter


19 Junaid Khan

Acts handsomely

20 Nawaz Sharif Nawaz Sharif Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the 12th and current Prime Minister of Pakistan in office since June 2013. A veteran politician and industrialist, he previously served as Prime Minister from November 1990 to July 1993 and from February 1997 to October 1999. Sharif is the president of Pakistan Muslim League, more.

He is Greatest Lion of Pakistan

He is the lion of Pakistan

21 Javed Faeroz

He is like a charming angel

22 Bilal Abbas Khan

Very handsome

23 Mikaal Zulfiqar

Dashing dazzling hero, just superb actor...

24 Farhan Saeed

Farhan you are very good man and good personality

His face LOW quality and bad personality

Farhan you are very good good singer

He got a very beautiful face cut and is a very good singer too!

25 Aladdin
26 Danish Taimoor

He is very cute and very calm person

27 Zain Tariq

I think he keeps passing gas so people stand a little away from him

The most beautiful man I have ever seen

28 Kamran Akmal

He is very good keeper and always talking

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29 Faysal Qureshi

In his acting his immosion are natural and he act very seriously I like fasial qureshi he is my uncle and he cry very sadly his expression are amazing

30 Sarmad Qadeer
31 Imad Wasim
32 Asif Zardari

The question is of looks, not politics or preferences. I think he is about average in looks, below Shahid Afridi, Ali Zafar, Imran and Nawaz. But definitely above Musharraf, Shoaib Akhtar, Wasim Akram, Ali Azmat, Rangeela, Kamran Akmal, etc.

33 Pervez Musharraf

Pervez Musharraf most beautiful man of Pakistan.

34 Tariq Jameel

Molana Tariq jamee is the best scholour of Islam... He is only man in Pakistan which is educated peace

35 Zaid Hamid

He is most popular personality in Pakistan because he speaks against any point and sazash in Pakistan. He is one lover of Pakistan

36 Shehryaar Asif
37 Bilal Saeed
38 Osman Khalid Butt

He's too hot should be on top

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39 Nadeem Aslam
40 Mustafa Ghuman
41 Azfar Rehman
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