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1 British SAS

I think that most of the other units learnt from the SAS experiances. And adopted their training such as the killing house.

First they are British so they know what they are doing.
Second they have proved in several operations that they are capable of taking down the threat.

The British SAS are the best in the world by far. The navy seals are modeled after them, but their training is not up to SAS standards. As a former vet I have seen the training.

It says best special forces but most on list are spec ops sas sbs delta sets naze as where seal are spec forces think a few need educating seals best special forces sbs best spec op due to aqua training - Smithereens

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2 U.S. Navy SEALs

They have to be the best in the world right now. Not traditionally; but the best in the world at this time. Among all special ops units in the world, training, tactics, and ability is a dead heat where no one has the advantage. But the Navy SEALS do have an advantage over all others because they have the most advanced technology and superior high-tech weaponry available for any scenario.

I am choosing to become a seal in a few years and I would say there training is 75% mental 20% physical and5% skill. I have also done a ton of research and it is the most on top and hardest training. Rather than a bunch of crazy men wanting to feel pain and brake there own bones.

I am not well educated in special forces, but I've read a whole bunch of books including different ones and I'm impressed with the SEALs. They are generally regarded as the USA's best special forces.
Funny, my fifth grade teacher used to go on and on about the Rangers. I ended up disliking him, but not for that. Rangers are cool, but the SEALs seem more highly trained. I mean no offense to anyone.

Toss up between seals and sas for one and two that is if u don't count delta squads

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3 Indonesian Kopassus

Just because all holywood movies talk about US Army, all people knew that US ARMY is the best.. this IndonesiaN KOPASSUS are really well trained army.. they're ready to serve his best country even their lifes must be taken..

I think Kopassus Is The best because he can war not in good equipment weapon,

Master of guerrilla warfare


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4 Indian NSG

Black cats are the best to perform operation during nights... They played a vital role after marcos during 26/11 attack... They could be the best but our politicians don't spend enough...

One of the best special forces in Asia. Proved it's worth in various missions like Black Tornado, Black Thunder etc.

The best deddicated to the nation and will be on peak for you and for me they r always on top

Great force

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5 Russian Spetznaz

The fact that they are trained to enjoy pain, and to never be taken alive puts them in a completely different league then the rest. They literally do not fear death, they do not care if they are shoot or are bleeding or have shrapnel in their body they enjoy that pain and will fight until their blood runs cold. No other military group can match up to their skill, clinical brutality, and sheer will power.

Spetsnaz have the most brutal training in the world

The best spec ops in the world and the best, training

Excellent special forces. All-arms, all environments. Equal or better than US in many fields. Only weaknesses would be the very latest ELINT Cyber-crypt war but rapidly catching up. Would argue US has more emphasis on extreme long-range shooting- but this is also being bridged.
Would also argue CQC & survival-evasion is below KOPASSUS- KOPASSUS MUST have mastery of 2 martial arts- and below KOPASSUS in terms of creating organic insurgents/counter-insurgents (Indonesian ex IJA speciality). Definitely would eat UK SAS SBR SBS for breakfast. UK- Holland-NATO- you cannot even compare- what passes as gentle training in Russia would be banned in Europe as too ferocious & dangerous. - IndoRaya

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6 U.S. Delta Force

The best of the best their operators have the ability to use whatever they want as long as they get the job done these badasses used grease guns in the Iraq war and their only failed mission happened because of mechanical malfunction

"Delta Force" is a rumored tier 1 special operations unit in SOCOM and JSOC. And by rumored, I mean the U.S. Government hasn't ever acknowledged it's existence and, therefore, is technically only a rumor.

Navy SEALs are a tier 2 special operations group in SOCOM. They are acknowledged by the U.S. Government. They're great at what they do but Delta is much better trained.

Delta should've been number one withe DEVGRU and SAS right behind.

They are a elite counter terrorism group. Most of what they do came from the British Special Air Service

They are the best of the best. They take recruits from Seal Team 6. These guys are Gods

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7 U.S. Green Berets

The are many "Special Operation Forces" but there is only ONE SPECIAL FORCE in the World! "US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES". Being a "Special Force" does not mean spectacular hostage rescue or direct action raid on Bin Laden. Special Force is not about being T.V./ Videogame Celebrieties. Special Force means performing tasks (not single mission) that are far beyond capabilities of other units or SOF. Green Berets are masters of "Unconventional Warfare" and "Asimetric Warfare". They are skilled in many fields of craft, they are "Force Multipliers", they are capable of performing long-term unconventional operations deep behind enemy lines. The greatest thing about US Special Forces is that they are "Silent Professionals" they don't push themselves into being Television Celebrities - they focus on doing their job while keeping lowest possible profile.

This force should be placed above than seals,they are the real special operative units in the US

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8 German KSK
9 Australian Special Air Service Regiment

Should not be considered seriously for any special forces training. They have minimal experience and their soldiers are below par on endurance, survival fitness, marksmanship, evasion, counter-insurgency and many other core skills. Minimal exposure to actual war as they are a political liability for spineless Australian politicians. - IndoRaya

This would share number one with British sas

How is India number 2. anyway how come in almost every mission overseas the sasr is saving americas ass and the brits have not seen battle for a long time but seriously judging from where war is now Australia is the best because of the similar environment they have compared to that of Afghanistan and Iran

Should not be taken seriously. Oz SAS/SAS-R expect to come home alive after a war to live life of abundance and pampered luxury. Major difference between Spetsnaz, KOPASSUS and some US SPECFOR. Training has changed markedly since 1960s- barely exposed to any rigours or brutalities of true warfare in training. No physical abuse allowed anymore. Cannot withstand Indonesian Basic DOPER training (6th week live fire for all arms). Minimal exposure to terrorist & separatist warfare. Minimal exposure to live fire in training. Over-reliance on computer systems and computer simulated combat. Cannot fight without massive US all-encompassing aerial & heavy artillery umbrella. Rifle skills below par. Lose every RIMPAC AASAM to Indonesian (champion 8 years running since inception). CQC average. HALO-LALO good. Amphibious qualities average. Experience in warfare is below average- as rarely deployed and a major political liability. Sorry, but I know first hand. - IndoRaya

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10 Polish GROM

Don't get me wrong, I'm a U.S. citizen, BUT these guys are truly amazing. In my opinion, they're up there with the SEALs. GROM is definitely underrated and overlooked, but maybe you should look again.

GROM has 25 years, 500 special operations around the world. Only one was killed - in Afghanistan

I'm pole but they deserve at least top 5


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11 U.S. Army Rangers

Rangers lead the war, mess with the best die like the rest

How is Al Qaeda better than the U.S. Army Rangers? Rangers go in and hunt them down. They've been kicking ass since the beginning of the United States. They are the elite.

Yes Ranger's are the top and one of the oldest and still the best

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12 UK Royal Marines Commando
13 Shayatet 13

They've proof in every war, even in the 6 day against all arab nations fully equipped still kicked butt..

History shows how lethal and good they are for example with hostages and infiltration

Small country and small group but still performs in top category


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14 Turkish Red Berets

There is a short story about them:

One day soldiers found a writing in a terrorist cave:

-if he is constantly shooting at you when he sees you, wait for reload and then kill him he is a regular soldier.
-if he shoots at you when only he sees you, then he is a commando leave immediately
-if he sees you and suddenly disappears, then he is a maroon beret. don't bother you are already dead.

Commitment is most necessary weapon in military. Berets are born with it.

If there is anything treats motherland they will take it down

Since they won the last Nato special forces competition againts Delta boys they deserve better than 11th...

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15 Canadian Joint Task Force 2

Best in the world the quickest and most stealthy underrated force on the planet enemies had better watch there backs

You'd have a better time invading Russia than Canada, we are the most under rated and over looked country in the world but guess what, we've always been there through thick and thin. Remember when we took vimy ridge? Ya we know you've forgotten, but we haven't. Remember on d-day when you gave us the most treacherous beach to invade and we still made it further inland than anyone else did, we know you don't care, we know you think we're week, but history proves otherwise my friends. You need something done? Call us up when you want some real grit

Watch the quiet ones

JTF2 is one of the most highly trained elite forces in the world, they can practically do anything because Canada has the most advanced military tactics in the world. There are 200 Canadian Special Forces right now in Mosul, they're kicking ass.

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16 Malaysian Grup Gerak Khas

The one who saves the lives of American in Somalia 1993 (black hawk down)

They save American lives during Somalia war but sadly their action don't shown up in Hollywood movie "Black Hawk Down"felt disappointed actually but their action will be remembered by all American soldier that fought during Somalia war

This is the most trained Commando. Well

In the forest. this is the best elite task force.

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17 SAS, Special Air Service Britain

Best in the world

Simply the nr 1

18 Russian Alpha Group
19 SBS Special Boat Service

The SBS are the UK's naval special forces counterparts of the SAS trained to the same standard as the SAS but go onto further training with an emphasis on naval operations these soldiers are the most secretive of the worlds special forces with little facts known about the SBS. All SBS ops are today still top secret!

Having served in the marines I have first hand knowledge of the sbs. Ask 2 para who they rate best sbs or sas.

Like the SAS but with more water.

The best of the best, they are number 1 without a doubt.

20 United States MARSOC

Not as "Hollywood" as Seals or Green Berets, but that's how it should be.

They're US Marines, and will always win!

Untested so far as they were quite recently formed but are quite well trained

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