Most Emotional Film Music

There have been some great film music over the years with some famous composers that make the films they describe so much better, here are the top ten most emotional pieces of film music.

The Top Ten

1 Now We Are Free - Gladiator

Han Zimmer é foda!

I can just visualise him meeting his son and wife at the end, makes you feel so emotional and emotionless at the same time

Han Zimmer's wonderful score for Gladiator is crowned with this heart-warming piece sung by Lisa Gerrard

Just found out the lyrics are hebrew and actually mean something too!

2 Hymn to the Sea - Titanic

This should be number one.

3 Hymn to the Fallen - Saving Private Ryan

exceptional piece by John Williams for Saving Private Ryan, perfect in every way.

4 Tennessee - Pearl Harbour

Haven't heart any of the top 4 - but listening to the this, deeply shocked me from the very beginning

Pearl Harbour teneesse by Hans Zimmer! The best & most emotinal

5 Theme from Schindler's List - Schindler's List

The main soundtrack for Schlindler's list is filled with powerful and emotional sadness which is continued throughout the film

Combined with the final scene, could break the toughest man in the world into tears. Truly a masterpiece! - San_Lakshitha

Thats one freaking sad movie..

Good to see what ever happened to Jews, they deserve this, although it was planned

6 Mufasa's Death - The Lion King

Probably the saddest bit you'll hear it on The Lion King soundtrack. Praise Hans Zimmer for making that music piece come to life in that scene!

7 Marry Me - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

This music is truly genius! Every time I hear the theme when Will was terribly wounded I want to cry! :( It brings the whole scene into my memory. And the part where Will and Elizabeth are fighting for their lives and getting married! Absolutely beautiful!

The music is absolutely great as the whole soundtrack to the movie. The Pirates trilogy has AMAZING music and I can't get enough of it. You can feel every scene of the movie through this music.

8 The Departure - Gattaca


9 Time - Inception

The best track of inception soundtrack and one of the best soundtracks of all time. A truly Masterpiece... So emotional... We don't need lyrics just music... That music touches my heart!

Feel like I had long journey for years...
Love, sadness, hope... Many thing come up from my heart

10 Circle of Life - The Lion King

Circle of life played at the end of the greatest movie of all time. I am 32 and I saw this movie when I was 13... Magical!

The Contenders

11 The White Tree - The Lord of the Rings

Classic from Howard Shore for the final Lord of the Rings film: The return of the king, the violins work fantastically with the brass.

12 Sound the Bugle - Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron

Sound the Bugle. Bryan Adams has a wonderful voice. "Remember who you are."

I cryed so much with "Sound the Buggle".. This list is full of beautiful musics and soundtracks thank you for creating it

13 The Empire State Building - King Kong

Have You heard this soundtrack, its freaking beastly and was written in like two weeks. james newton howard is a musical titan of awesome.

Howard's climax to King Kong filmed with the "beast" looking out over New York

14 Speak Softly Love - The Godfather

Nino Rota's score for the incredible film, "the Godfather" in 1972. Would be hard to do a list which didn't include this.

15 Clair de Lune - Ocean's Eleven

Not technically written for Ocean's eleven but works very well for the final scene.

16 The Grey Havens - Lord of the Rings
17 End Credits - Jurassic Park

the music as the group fly a helicopter over the island and the sea seeing all the dinosaurs below, great music accompanying.

A classic, memorable moment of the movie - MatrixGuy

It makes my heart beat fast

18 Chariots of Fire - Chariots of Fire

The 1981 classic was triumphed with this work of art by Vangelis

19 Dumbledore's Farewell - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince


Undoubtly one of the most emotional music pieces I've ever heard.

20 It Will Be Me - Brother Bear 2

So sad it mad me cry number one sad single

21 La Valse d´Amelie - Amelie

This song from Amelie is so exceptional. Almost everyone knows this song. It isn't the only great piece form this film. I also love Comptine d'un autre l'apres-midi. I don't know anyone, who doesn't like these songs. They just fit into the movie.

22 Colonel Bogey March - The Bridge on the River Kwai
23 Tema d'amore - Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
24 A Small Measure of Peace - Last Samurai

Zimmers masterful piece completes the movie and is beautifully heard in the final sequences of the Last Samurai as Tom Cruises character returns to his loved one. Truly a masterpiece... Connects with your heart... This is not only a beautiful piece but highly important

25 Binary Sunset - Star Wars

This perfectly captures captures the force and Luke’s pull to it and adventure. It is very emotional it the right way.

My favourite part of any Star Wars score. The scene itself to me represents everything the story is about: Luke's future/destiny, father/son, Light/Dark, etc. And this musical theme reminds of that every time I hear it. - truckturner

One of the most memorable tracks of the Star Wars scores by John Williams! So emotional every time I hear it makes me cry a tear!

26 Memories of Green - Blade Runner
27 Gollum's Song - Lord of the Rings
28 Klute - Michael Small
29 Main Theme - Forrest Gump

It's undoubtably the most emotional and motivating soundtrack I've ever heard in my life, every time I listen to it, I imagine someone saying goodbye to his most beloved friend before that same person makes a journey, far and wide, never to be seen again - Livirus

30 Make Way for Tomorrow Today - Avengers Endgame
31 The John Dunbar Theme - Dances With Wolves

John Barry won an academy award for best original score for this peaceful and heart-warming work.

32 Hard Times - My Father and My Son
33 Over the Love - The Great Gatsby

Cry and cry and cry over the love of you!

34 End Titles - My Sister's Keeper
35 Lovers - House of Flying Daggers

Either the soundtrack version by Kathleen Battle, or Jackie Evancho's superb version on her CD "Dream With Me", this is an extremely evocative number.

36 Beautiful Lie - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Say what you want about the film, but this is one of the most wonderfully-made and emotional score I've ever heard in a film.

37 The Ice Dance - Edward Scissorhands

The most beautiful song in the history of the world

38 Oogway Ascends - Kung Fu Panda

Absolutely beautiful score, hitting you right on the emotional bone.

39 Cornfield Chase - Interstellar
40 Rue's Farewell - The Hunger Games
41 Main Theme - The Dam Busters
42 Recapitulation - The Elephant Man
43 Main Theme - Memento
44 Hoist the Colors - Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

The emotional beginning of the boy singing at the beginning and then the joining of a huge amount of vocal sound. The cords sound amazing and the bass singer adds to it and makes it such a moving and powerful song

45 My Sweet Lord - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
46 What Good Would Wishing Do - My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)
47 King of Pride Rock - The Lion King
48 Sugar Plum and Clara - The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.
49 Slipping Through My Fingers - Mamma Mia

I was about three when I first watched this film and before then (when I was a baby) my parents would always play ABBA in the car and I loved and I remember crying so much at a very little age when hearing this song sung by one of the best actresses

50 Bundle of Joy - Inside Out
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