To people who wants to know about Asia

You know all these comments?


These people are really childish and really don't know how to control there temper. Seriously.

I am Japanese and I learned at school that chopsticks and Kanji (Chinese Characters) are from China. We have got so many things from China and we are really thankful to them.

We learn about how we occupied China and Taiwan and how we treated them badly.

There are programs like NHK and other TV programs plus I learned from my family that we had done a really horrible thing to China. Japanese people do regret doing it.

I know some people believe Senkaku (Diaoyu Islands) is part of Japan or China and we are fighting over it but it's really difficult thing. The truth is it's not Japan's Island or China's Island. It's actually Okinawan's Island. Okinawa was once a country in the past and now it's part of Japan (It's a long story) but it's really impossible to give the islands to China because it's not Japan's it's belongs to the people in Okinawa. And people in Okinawa will get really really angry if we Japan give the Island to China so please citizen of China please understand for this complicated history between Okinawa and Japan. And we can not just give it away to you guys since it's really belongs to people of Okinawa. So please don't hate Japan I know Japan has done so many things in the past but we had so many good relationship in the past too so please have in mind that there are good times and bad times. We do care about China. And Japan wants to get along with China and become good partners.

For Korea I never learn that much stuff about Korea at school. I don't know but the relationship between Korea and Japan is really complicated I think. It is true that we do not learn that much stuff about the past about Korea in school. In my opinion I just think Japan doesn't know how to deal things about the history for example if Japan teach things about the past that we have done to Korea and if we don't do as what Korea says than it will be incomplete for Korea and Korea will not forgive us and will be still mad at us right? I just think Japan doesn't know how to communicate with Korea since Japan haven't had that much deep relationship with Korea yet. Same with Korea as well. Japan and Korea is so similar so we just don't know what to do with each other. Whether we should talk or not talk? We've been fighting over Take-Shima (Dokdo) but really why are we fighting over a small island? Is it really necessary?

I just think we need more time to think about each other and how we can change.

I know Japan has done bad things to Korea (I heard allot of things from my Korean friends). But I just wish you guys stop hating us. Hate will never stop war. The war has ended already so I just wish we can talk over things in a nicer way. I have Korean friends and I really care about them allot. I know Korea have so many things between Japan but if we don't go forward and if we keep going backward nothing will change between us. I just wish that Korea-Japan & Japan-Korea will hold each others hands and become friends. Japan does not hate Korea and I promise you that.

In conclusion I would like to say that Japan wishes to be friends with China and Korea. And I wish that someday we will overcome this hatred between us. And have the best relationship in the world.

I wish peace and harmony between us.


Why are the Okinawans still be treated like this - visitor

If there is any chance you come back to this forum, I wonder if we could be friends:) Just ignore the ignorant people. Life is too precious and world is too beautiful to waste it. I want to know more about Japan. Here is my anonymous email if you would like to make a friend:razohux@hush. Com - visitor

Yes, you are right.
I love your opinion. I agree too
Japanese army treat chinese, koreans, and indonesian badly.
This event we can't forget but we must know actually japanese is not bad just because their emperor called hirohito made this holocaust.
They are mastermind of the whole events, not japanese.
By the way, I'm indonesian born chinese. I also study the history too. - visitor

Let me bring the "long history"to simple:You country used millitary force to occupy Okinawa before and dominate them until today. - visitor